EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich Talks Nintendo 3DS vs. Sony NGP

EEDAR vice president Jesse Divnich was kind enough to chat with me about the upcoming console war between the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony NGP. As the #1 analyst in the videogame business, IMHO, Jesse’s opinion is meaningful and powerful. He also answered one of RPadholic bsukenyan’s excellent questions. Naturally, I threw a playful jab a Wedbush Morgan’s Michael Pachter…but it was all in jest. Check it out (please)!

Author: RPadTV

11 thoughts on “EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich Talks Nintendo 3DS vs. Sony NGP”

  1. I just paused Battlestat Gallactica so I could watch this video. I, of course, thought it was very interesting, and I got called very astute—so I can't turn away from a compliment like that.

    I am not really too surprised to hear that there will be shortages of both systems, but I think it would be very interesting to see what would happen if a system came out and had plenty of systems available at launch. I think whatever system did that would need to have a low price point, but I wonder what the outcome would be for that system and it's competitors in the long run.

      1. Oh I definitely am.

        I love everything research related in the video game industry. I follow EEDAR on facebook and twitter (although there isn't much there), and I even have read some of their industry reports that they have had on their main site in the past. Simply research related I also had a brief email correspondence with one of the guys who works at Q2L in NYC, and even have seen some of the research that helped establish Q2L in the first place. I did that back when I was writing a short research paper for a psychology class on whether or not video games were useful in the learning process.

        I would love to actually meet Mr. Divnich someday, but in the mean time definitely think it is cool that N8R got to meet him.

      2. Divnich seems like the type of guy who's pretty hard NOT to get along with. I mean, the way he plays up Pachter is a class act just for one example.

        He's just a down to earth dude.

      3. That is one thing I like about him too. He is always a very humble guy and seems very easy to get along with.

  2. Great interview. Hope you don't get any hate mail from Pachter.

    Well, even if you did, I guess it would be publicity for the site, anyway.


  3. @n8r

    ive obviously never met you , so i dont know the answer to this question…do you think you could do any work in front of a camera? I mean, you seem like a smart, charasmatic guy…i was kinda hoping to see you at dice too

    also, dont be too hard on yourself, i want your honest opinion.

  4. Although I really did believe the 3DS would sell like hotcakes in the US, it would seem otherwise; while Japan did run out quickly, it's not very difficult to find one here. I walked into a Gamestop, which is the only store in the US that most people know about, and even they had at least 1 3DS everywhere I went. In Japan, people are starting to find used 3DS systems all over the place, and those who thought to make a quick buck by selling them online for a profit are probably scratching their heads right now, wondering why it isn't working. I'm shocked to hear all this, and it makes me wonder; why aren't many US stores running out of 3DS? Can anybody answer that?

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