Coffee Talk #206: Story More Important Than Graphics?!?

A few days ago, Rpadholic bsukenyan made some interesting statements on the importance of story over graphics in videogames. He wrote:

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A few days ago, Rpadholic bsukenyan made some interesting statements on the importance of story over graphics in videogames. He wrote:

This idea of “mobile gaming is about to erupt” also supports story over graphics in the classic which is more necessary debate. Story is much more important. I think there are plenty of arguments to be made in favor of story, but for the sake of this topic mobile gaming as the platform works for right now. If graphics were the only thing that made games great then we wouldn’t be having this discussion now, mobile gaming would have already erupted because the graphics are already extremely good.

While story is more important to me as a verbal entertainer and an avid reader of nerd things (comics, R.A. Salvatore, etc.), I completely disagree it’s more important than graphics in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it made me shout out a Brian Fellow, “That’s crazy!!!” Graphics are sexy. Graphics sell consoles. Casual gamers are wowed by the hottest graphics and rarely care about the latest compelling story. The vast majority of people are into visuals, whether it’s games, movies, or members of the opposite sex.

Hopefully bsukenyan forgives me for calling him out (I swear I’m not picking on you), but it’s an interesting debate (even though I know I’m right :P). What’s your stance on videogame graphics vs. story?

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  1. theres absolutely no excuse for a game on any major console to not look good at this point. I remember buying "sword of sodan" for the sega genesis cause it looked great, but wow, the gameplay sucked. I think i may be with bsu on this one, i couldnt buy a ps3 game that didnt look great, im spoiled.

  2. Yeah I expect a game these days to have good visuals with the story. Good example would be Starcraft 2. The visuals in the game aren't the most cutting edge on the market for a new PC game, however they do look good while at the same time telling a great story. I don't think you have to have great graphics, but it they should at least be on par with current titles if they are on a new platform.

    Then again, I was able to overlook God of War 1 and 2 gfx while playing them on my PS3. I had never played them up until about 2 years ago.

  3. @Ray: You say "That's Crazy," but you love Dragon Age: Origins, a game that completely supports bsukenyan's argument. I'm not saying that you're wrong, but that's ironic to say the least.

    I tend to think we've come to EXPECT a higher quality of graphics due to the fact that most systems can deliver them. As such, it's harder to get wowed by graphics than it used to be. This makes a game's other elements stand out more, whether it be gameplay, story, or something else.

    Also, if people cared about graphics as much as we think they do, how do you explain the Wii's sales as compared to the PS3 and 360's? It's clearly the inferior system from a purely visual standpoint.

  4. On side note, I haven't slept yet for some unknown reason, and I only got two hours of sleep the night before. When you don't sleep at all, you see a lot of weird shit on TV. Like that commercial where they turned the Macarana into a jingle for the Snuggie, or the e-diets video with a bunch of tone def middle aged white women trying to rap. You just can't un-see that kind of horribleness.

  5. The Wii was targeted at non traditional gamers who think they are getting healthy playing Wii Sports Bowling. There are lots of old folks, big folks, and kids who got wiis. Most parents get their child a Wii because of the safer content it seems.

  6. @Smartguy: All that is true. But then that means that all of those things TRUMP graphics in the eyes of the average consumer. If the argument is that "Graphics are sexy, graphics sell consoles," the Wii disproves that point.

  7. @Nightshade

    Granted that is a valid argument but the Wii was and is seen as a "healthy" console. I think there are too many differences to adequately compare gfx vs fun. I find that most Wii games suck. Perhaps the average consumer values price vs gfx? Lots of mini game shovelware that is cheap.

    Best gfx vs fun is PSP and DS

  8. For $60 a pop I expect a great story AND great graphics. They both are important. A great story is amplified by great graphics. Graphics are what really helps to pull you into the story. Try playing Heavy Rain with Super Nintendo graphics if you don't believe me. Stories in video games are told by cut scenes and the better those cut scenes look the better the story will be told.

  9. @Nightshade

    The Wii crowd don't care about graphics nor do the care about a good story either. Why do you think they are happy with mini games and saving Peach over and over again for a story?

  10. Ha! In strategic mgmt (my last mgmt class ever) I am the "CEO" of my group and we have been assigned 2 companies to research and use this semester. Gamestop and Verizon. This will be fun.

  11. I also want both graphics and story. But depending on the game I am playing sometimes I don't want any story at all and its all about gameplay.

    Mobile games don't seem like a good place to tell a story. When I play a mobile game it is because I have a few minutes of free time to play. I don't want to get stuck in a cut-scene watching a story rather than getting some gaming in. that is why I quit playing GoW Chains of Olympus, it didn't save often enough for me because I would have to put it down before I reached a stopping point.

    I have been spoiled by graphics. I love a beautiful looking game. Uncharted 2 and GoW 3 both had excellent graphics and wonderful story lines.


    I grew up on a farm, not that big of a deal. A bit violent, but it is food.

  12. @RRoD: By saying "the Wii crowd," it seems like you seek to minimize their impact. But fact is, there have been almost as many Wii's sold as 360's and PS3's combined. So quoting Ray's argument directly:

    "Graphics are sexy. Graphics sell consoles. Casual gamers are wowed by the hottest graphics and rarely care about the latest compelling story. The vast majority of people are into visuals, whether it’s games, movies, or members of the opposite sex."

    Who is the prototypical casual gamer if NOT the Wii owner? Thus the Wii's sales numbers disprove the argument.

    Also, Heavy Rain was all about the graphics and a handful of "moments." The story as a whole was paper thin.

    I would disagree that "Stories in video games are told by cut scenes and the better those cut scenes look the better the story will be told." This statement is far too blanket. There are many different ways to tell a story in a video game. Take Bioshock as the perfect example that disproves the need for cutscense to tell your story.

  13. @nightshade

    it's a long discussion for sure. I hit on that last thought in post 7. DS vs PSP, GB vs GameGear and Lynx, etc.

  14. @Nightshade

    You may disagree but I think you can't compare "hardcore" gamers to "casual" gamers. Gamers like you and I don't like playing mini games, except maybe with ours kids but that's it. The casual crowd is much bigger than the hardcore crowd, the Wii has proven this. All I'm saying is that casual gamers don't care about neither story or graphics.

  15. @Smartguy: We're pretty much in agreement on "why." But then that still disproves the original point that "graphics sell consoles." Graphics certainly factor in there somehow, but they're not the determining factor.

    @RRoD: The original argument specifically targets casual gamers. That's why I'm focusing on it in my argument. I'm personally not a fan of the Wii. But I can look at the sales numbers, look at what the system "can" do graphically as compared to the other two systems and make a determination that the average consumer (aka: casual gamer) doesn't care about graphics as much as we might believe.

    This console generation has seen the two least graphically powered systems as the overall leaders in their respective categories (home console vs handheld). In fact, the most graphically powerful of the 3 home consoles (PS3) is still in 3rd place. So while some hardcore gamers might have snatched up the PS3 at launch for that ridiculous $600 price tag, most people said, "you know what, I'll pass for now until you become reasonable with your pricing structure."

  16. Also, as a big fan of both "story" in games, and pretty things in general, I'd argue that for the hardcore gamer that gameplay trumps all. Most of us are more likely to tolerate sub-par graphics or ludicrous story than a broken control scheme.

  17. @Nightshade

    I think price was the differentiator as well as the stigma that if you play games you get fat but now with the Wii. I'd hazard to guess that the Wii would have had less than what it has sold from start to now if it were priced in line with the other machines in the segment as well as its games and accessories being similarly priced.

    I do agree though, gfx don't determine the end…but I think price is more is more of a factor. If PSP and DS were the same price would the DS still outsell the PSP? No clue. It could just be the reputation that Nintendo has gained as family friendly.

  18. @Smartguy: There are a number of different factors that go into the decision of which console to buy. All I'm saying is that based on sales numbers, Graphics is probably a lot farther down the list than we think it probably should be.

  19. There are arcade games that look crappy, but have good stories and I still play them. Graphics are nice when you can get them, but the story and gameplay are always the most important aspects of a game. Yes, I opted for the PC version of DA:O because my PC can handle it with max settings, but I would have played it on a console if I had to. That said, there are many people who are "too" bedazzled by pretty graphics and buy games for that reason.


    I played Indigo Prophecy on my 360 and never stopped to say, "this game sucks because of its graphics".

  20. I concur that gameplay trumps both.

    I mean, where's the story in Madden? Or other sports titles for that matter? The graphics are decent enough, but the games would be just as fun with "good enough" graphics.

    My most recent experience in this field is when I tried to play the new Castlevania on XBL Arcade. Everything was so small, I couldn't see what I was doing. Story and gameplay aside… I couldn't do it.

  21. Has anyone played Limbo?

    There is NO story and the graphics are typically just black with shades of gray. But its a a really good game (so far)

  22. Would you ever tell some one not to play Ocarina of Time because the graphics are terrible?? How about Metal gear solid?? There are plenty of games with terrible graphics that I would still play. I would say that game play is the most important thing however.

    @PS Move

    I got some hands on time with a move yesterday. It was pretty wicked.

  23. @tokz

    Actually I was in gamestop( the video game black market), and saw the Sony rep and asked him a few questions. He was kinda caught off guard by the fact I knew a lot about it. He eventually was just asked me if I wanted to try it. It responded pretty well. Had a little bit of shakiness but not as close to as bad as the Wii. One thing I didn't like was the nun chuck like controller. From what I played, I can see myself forking over the cash for that 320gb system.

  24. @arguello

    ah, i see. have you tried the wii now with the motion plus? isn't that supposed to take away from the shakiness.

  25. @tokz

    Yes and no. The Wii still needs to see the IR bar for some precise movements and aiming. The advantage the Move has is that the top of the controller replaces the IR bar. Theoretically that should give it better precision.

  26. @Nate

    Click in the right thumb stick to change views. The default is that zoomed out view that does nothing for you most of the time. Under "Main Menu", you can go to screen settings and change it so it doesn't start off in that view also. Hopefully that helps you because I've been enjoying it a lot.

  27. @smartguy

    thanks. i still haven't mustered up the courage to buy wii motion plus yet. maybe when thed red steel 2 bundle goes down more.

  28. @Nightshade

    As far as console sales goes, the cheapest console usually sells the most. The Wii is the cheapest and they still fly off the shelves. Look at what happens when the Xbox and PS3 gets price cuts. The spike in sales. Price is the biggest deciding factor in consoles sales for casuals. If the Wii was $400-$600 like the others it would not have sold as good as it did.

  29. @Sandrock

    I never said a game sucks because of bad graphics. I'm saying that games benefit more from great graphics.

  30. @Ray

    Nah I don't mind, I think it's a good debate.

    You are probably right, graphics sell consoles, but story sells games. Would Bioshock 2 have been made, and Bioshock Infinite be announced to be made, if they were only for the graphics? They sold well and are highly talked about games due to their story and the way it is told. I'm pretty sure Cliff B has even stated something along the lines of commending the Bioshock games for their amazing storytelling method and how they were great inspiration for the storytelling in Gears 3. Like others above me have mentioned already, good graphics are pretty much expected these days. The expectation of good graphics does not sell a game, maybe for some people- but I do not think they are the majority.

    The Legend of Zelda is a great series, and very well known for the story that the games present. Not take a look at the GameCube, a separate debate all of its own, but still a good console that is not considered one of the greatest especially when a game like Wind Waker was released and criticized for its graphics. Yet this game still did very well, and I believe was one of the highest selling games for the GameCube with just above 3 million units sold. Despite having an odd style of graphics that many Zelda fans did not understand, like, or appreciate, the game did well.

    Alan Wake is another example I will use because I am about to play this game probably next week based on Smartguy and Iceman mentioning how great the story is. I have seen the footage of that game for a while now, and it looks good, but the motivation to play comes from the story and knowing that there will be something to look forward to during the gameplay.

    I'm sure there are people who could say the same about Heavy Rain. While the graphics are good, the selling point was the new storytelling method and how different it was from other storytelling methods used in the past. This game also sold quite well.

    Look at the past that the video game industry has, how many people can attribute their involvement in the industry to all the time they spent with text based games on the PC and RPG's. The graphics have not always been great, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the main selling points of an RPG the great story? Story is something that RPG's have been working on for a long time now, and something that continues to draw people in to that style of game.

    Graphics are nice to have, pretty to look at, but they are everywhere now. We have come such a long way with what we can do with graphics that the story is what differentiates between games. A good story will always be more enthralling than good graphics, because good graphics will be there no matter what. A good story, now that is another issue.

  31. @Bsukenyan;

    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Back up. Any comment that I made about Alan Wake was premature since I was halfway done with it. Now, however, I am done with it and on my second play through. I've also downloaded the first DLC episode and played through that as well. As Smartguy mentioned, the single gameplay mechanic that the game depends on is far too repetitive for this game to really be great. The only reason you'd want to play this game is to see what happens next in the story. In that regard, I was pretty addicted to keep on playing just to see how it all turns out. Unfortunately, the story left at least one glaringly open question that was not answered at the conclusion, presumably left for the DLC to tell. The first DLC content "The Signal" really didn't clarify anything and just kept dragging on. It had that "Halo 2, Finish the Fight" vibe to it at the end. I'm assuming that we'll get some answers in the next DLC (I hope). Anyway, if you like Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, Twin Peaks, X-Files, and/or Twilight Zone, you may very well like this game. I would probably recommend that people rent it since the whole game can be finished in a weekend (or less) and once you're done with the story, there is really no reason to go back. The game is not scary at all and was more reminiscent of a psychological thriller than a horror game.


  32. @topic;

    I can't really add anything to the conversation (which I enjoyed reading, by the way) that hasn't already been said. It is true that we have been spoiled by the graphical arms race between Microsoft and Sony (that Nintendo wisely decided to sit out this gen), and it is also true that you don't need stellar graphics to have a good game. RROD also rightly mentioned that there are some games we wouldn't play because of their looks (much like we wouldn't date a particular person because of her looks).

    Gaming is about playing the games and more specifically, having fun with them or having them elicit an emotional response from us that makes us enjoy them. That means that controller inputs, graphics, story, music/sound and all other ancillary features of a game come second to how the game plays. Nintendo proved this with a broad audience and we hate them for it because we feel that it is taking gaming overall in the opposite direction based on our assumptions of how gaming should progress. Game controllers, graphics, music and story are all supposed to get better as games evolve. The problem is that "better" is defined differently by everybody. And so we continue to debate…


  33. @BigBlak – you say that… and yet your avatar is Lord Zed from the Power Rangers – Kings of the Bad Graphics/Poor Storyline crowd. Entertaining for sure… if only for the surreal nature of it all.

    @topic – Story over graphics any day. Graphics do help push everything along, and they can turn a great story to a truly epic one, but without the story behind it, I have no reason to enjoy the graphics/gameplay.

  34. ZING! Good one, Larcenous, although I would have gone with cheesy costumes/props/puppets over "graphics", but yeah; it was kind of lame when the show would splice ridiculously obvious footage from the Japanese show with that of the American version and hope that the kiddies wouldn't realize the blatant mismatch of the "fireworks" action scenes with the live actors scenes.

    I always found it funny that the five "kids" that played the Power Rangers were of all shapes and sizes, but when they morphed, they all seemed to look like 140-pound slim-built men of pretty much the same height.


  35. @Iceman

    I just wrote a reply and accidentally reloaded the page instead of posting what I wrote. So I will try to re-write part of my main point. Even with a glaring hole in the story near the end, the entirety of the game kept you coming back because you wanted more. You wanted to know what happened next, therefore you played the game. Isn't that the point? A good writer should be able to captivate the audience with the story and the plot in an attempt to keep the reader (in this case, player) coming back until the end, to reach the end of the story. As long as this is achieved, the writer should be considered successful in their attempts. Just because you were not finished with the game when you made some of your comments does not mean that they should be dismissed, if something is good enough to captivate someone and make them talk about it to others when they have not even finished the story themselves, I would consider that worthy of paying attention to because the game's story obviously captivated you well enough, early enough. That and I like both Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King. That being said, the graphics look good in this game and there is a flaw that Smartguy mentioned and you brought back up again concerning the gameplay mechanics, but you both still played it for the story in spite of everything/anything else. Despite the glaring hole in the plot near the end you were "pretty addicted to keep on playing just to see how it all turns out." which I would consider a success for the story over anything else.

    1. Sorry guys! It was crazy busy yesterday and I totally crashed last night due to jet lag. Thanks for keeping this great conversation growing.

      @Nightshade You missed the point I made. The Dragon Age example doesn't work because I'm atypical and, like I said, story matters way more to me than most because I write.

      @bsukenyan There a lot of cases of story having little or less to do with a game's sales. I think the vast majority of Halo and Gears sales had nothing to do with story.

  36. @R-Pad: You said (paraphrasing) Graphics sell systems to casual gamers. I said the Wii's numbers disprove that. You may disagree with that assertion, but that doesn't mean I missed your point.

    Also, just going back and looking at some of the responses in this thread again, it's really clear to me that we as "hardcore" gamers need to lay off the casual crowd. We view them as somewhat lesser, and generally fear what their influence will do to the hobby we love. But the assertion that they're all grandmas and health nuts is absurd. Sure, my mom bought a Wii for fitness reasons. But a lot of parents bought the Wii for their kids as well. These are the people who will grow up to be the hardcore gamers the industry needs in the long term. It's getting more and more expensive to make the big AAA titles we all love and want to play. We need the casual gamers to stick around and become the hardcore if we want to see more of these types of games getting made.

  37. Story and gameplay are the stronger points in a game purchase for me, graphics come in at a close second but it's more like an added bonus.

    I lol'd at the Dragon Age comment a little. I did love the story, but man…being outside of castles and such hurt my eyes to look at the bad scenery.

    I don't think even putting the Wii out there is a stellar example. We all know people purchasing the Wii aren't looking for on par graphics, but a lot of games people buy for it isn't exactly good story material either…. With only a few exceptions mind you. Yes I know people whine and moan saying don't forget Zelda or Mario. But what about others like Madworld that didn't sell?

  38. @Nightshade

    I will not lay off of the fringe of casual gaming. They will hurt the market/hobby we all enjoy in the long run. Games will be shorter and quality will suffer. In a few years new business models will be made that show that the customers are willing to accept less quality for similar price.

    However I am smart enough to see that most hardcore gamers confuse kiddie gaming and adult gaming. Adults are playing more games and their content should be more visceral and mature. It's their choice to avoid that. Kids' games however shouldn't be a visceral or mature. So while I will never bash on a person who only buys Nintendo to play Mario and Zelda, I can only frown upon those who buy the Wii to do yoga at home or to buy the $20 mini game collection while at Walgreens.

    You are over simplifying the whole picture. All kinds of people bought the Wii. You just cant lose sight of the fact that the Wii was gobbled up by a large number, I'd wager nearly half, of consumers who saw it as the antivideogame machine. It made you move as opposed to being on a couch and zombielike. The games didn't involve stealing cars and robbing prostitutes. Grandma and grandpa can play it because there aren't that many buttons to use to bowl in their living room. Two huge pieces of evidence to consider are the fact that the Wii has a very low attachment rate. In other words a lot of these folks were thrilled with Wii sports and had no desire to buy anything else. The other would be the sales of Wii play. That sold because of the extra controller. If your number 2 is on the list because of the controller packed in, that's a problem. Yeah, so I think the lack of sales beyond Nintendo first party is indicative of the kind of buyers for the machine.

  39. Wow. Screw my Final Fantasy debate, I want to see Nightshade and Smartguy go at it over the future implications of the sudden growth of the video game industry.


    Yes, the story made me keep playing, but that's probably because I was possessed by the darkness since I've only played the game at night. (Inside game joke).


  40. @ LarcenousLaugh

    I have this pic up because it was the most ridiculous thing I could think of lol.

  41. @ other note

    I finally signed up for Netflix. So if anyone wants to have a viewing party for American Ninja or Gone The Way Of Flesh… Let me know, we'll organize it.

  42. @ N8R

    Im down for that party! I've never tried a party on Netflix so thats kind of exciting.

  43. I got the iPhone app as well, but I don't know if you can do a party on it. We may have to make it an XBL thing.

    Let's plan for either Sunday evening or sometime next week. (not Monday).


  44. ha! i never knew you could that with XBL. i may have to dust off my 360 and activate XBL for a month to join up. I'll be in for the next one.

  45. LOL I remember when I watched that movie, I was pretty shocked at the scene with the hookers. Did not expect that.

    The band in the Pizza parlor is good though.

  46. @N8

    What app specifically did you get on your iPhone for Netflix?? I have tried looking for the official Netflix app before but the only ones I found that had instant stream where iPad only and I can't even find available searching from my iPod touch.

  47. @ big blak

    My old band made Gone The Way Of Flesh. I'm the bass player in that movie.


    The official app was just released this week. Search Netflix and it will come up.

  48. i need to add more movies to dvd queue it's pretty low. anyone have suggestions? i'm not into any genresl; i am an equal opportunity movie watcher. i just like movies.

  49. @ Tokz

    Dude you have to add Dexter to your queue, its a Showtime show and its effing great! Also the remake of Day of the Dead (2008 or 2009) with Nick Cannon and the chick from American Pie with the huge forehead (the lacrosse players girl friend).

  50. @redtailman

    thanks for the advice. There are so many tv shows on there there's like a couple like Smallville and Supernatural that they have. I'm pretty picky with my tv shows, any suggestions?

    @Big Blak

    I'm going to add Dexter. When i worked for Comcast they were hyping this show but no one i know watches it and i don't want to be the first. I'll watch it cuz you suggested it. I saw Day of the Dead and i thought it was kind of meh. I think it's because i hate Mena Suvari (big forehead chick) her activing is terrible. Any other suggestions.

  51. @ Tokz

    Yea Mena Suvari lmao. Trust me dude you want to be the first one out of your crew to watch Dexter, that show is really bad ass. I would also recommend Arrested Development and 24.

  52. @big blak

    i loved Arrested Development, i don't think that movie is ever going to come out.

    24??? REally??? never would've pegged you as a 24 fan. i just hate the premise of the show. all that shyte cannot happen in one hour! Oh and i meant her acting is terrible not activing…if that's even a word??? : /

  53. @ Tokz

    Thats why I love it now, me and my gf just finished season one a couple days ago and we talked about how that can not happen in a day, but that is what tv is made for, bs lol.

  54. @big blak

    i will watch it from the beginning. Also i wasn't aware arrested development was available for instant streaming. Thanks!

  55. @n8

    i've watched the first 10 minutes of Gone the way of the Flesh. It's pretty kool so far. good idea to keep people's attention for the credits. The music is awesome too reminds me of 50s rock music for some reason.

  56. @Tokz

    Beavis and Butthead

    El Superbeasto (rob zombie cartoon)

    Die Hard 2



    Penn & Teller

  57. @smartguy

    yeah i saw B & B. El Superbeasto was okay. Die Hard 2? is available for instant stream? if so consider it added. I will try the other 3, Californication, Weeds, is Penn & Teller a reality show? or is it like a sit com/reality show?

  58. @Big Blak

    yeah i saw that earlier. I didn't think anyone else would've been interested. how sad, right?

  59. @ Tokz

    P&T show is called bs and they just tell you both sides of the story like cryptozoology and why its real or not, which is bs.

    I honestly hate Weeds. I watched about 4 episodes and thought it was shit. I guess I'm jaded because I don't care about a suburban mom selling bud, I did that and have friends that do it, not interesting to me.

    Californication makes me wanna bone my girl every time we watch it lol.

    Starz Play has the most current movies to stream and on 9/1 Netflix will have Paramount and Lions Gates films to add on the instant queue.

  60. @ Tokz

    I like watching that whole posse back in the day, I felt bad for them cuz they were the rejects lol.

  61. @Big Blak

    yeah Starz Play is kool if you don't have Starz already. It only helps me when i'm at my gf's house and she doesn't have it. I think you're referring to that whole Oddities angle Luna was in. I hated that angle.

  62. @Tokz

    P and T is an interesting show. I find them to be pragmatic. The dolphin episode is great.


    I like Weeds cause of the girl. Lame I know

  63. @tokz

    I'd be lying if I said 50's rock wasn't a huge influence on our sound. That, 60's soul, rockabilly, and punk was where we drew most of our influences from with a dash of Springsteen.

    Thanks for the kind words (so far) but just wait.

    @ Blak

    Please do not judge me by the movie you will soon witness.

    If you get the DVD, there's a documentary on it called "Sluts for the Slaughter" that explains how the movie came to be better than I could ever explain.

  64. @ N8R

    Don't worry about it I already judge you on a constant basis. Total lie man I try not to judge its hard though lol.

    Dude I cant wait to see the young N8R on bass!

  65. Shows I recommend for Netflix


    arrested development

    Prison break

    South park

    Friday night lights


    Family Guy

    American dad

  66. @ Tokz

    I was rereading what you said about 24 and the show takes place in "real time." Each episode in an hour long and there are (obviously) 24 episodes to a season. It really is an awesome show and Elisha Cuthbert is smoking hot!

  67. Okay, since Ray is busy in Asia… I'll go ahead and ask:

    What are you playing this weekend?

  68. Ha. Good job taking up the initiative, N8.

    I'm finishing up getting the remaining achievements on Alan Wake, then I am going to attempt the seemingly impossible; I am going to try to start and finish Halo Wars BEFORE Reach comes out. I ordered it from Amazon, so I should be getting it next week.

    While there are some people who think that this feat is easily done, I would like to remind you that I have a job, a wife, and a house that keeps me occupied for most of the day (and night if you know what I’m saying).

    @Sandrock and Bsukenyan;

    How long does it take to finish Halo Wars from start to finish?


  69. @Iceman

    Are you saying your house has a demon or poltergeist you are filming at night?

  70. LOL! Way to take my sentence literally, Smartguy. So many ways to respond to that comment, but I think I should have switched the order of the words "wife" and "house" for the proper contextual effect.

    Response #2; Yes, there are demons and poltergeists in my house, but it's O.K. since I have a seemingly endless supply of batteries and a flashlight with a "boost" function.

    Response #3; You know, I'm not really sure if footage of my possessed 116-lb wife in lingerie flinging me violently across the room with one hand would be constituted as demonic evidence or a new genre of pornography. Either way…


  71. @Iceman

    If you just play through on normal it took me maybe 1 1/2 days of play time after school and work. Legendary or Heroic would take a while depending on your skill level with an RTS. I found the controls to be very discouraging and simply found myself wanting to play an RTS on a computer from playing Halo Wars. The controls are very simplistic which I found discouraging since I liked using all the hotkeys on a desktop keyboard for AoE. I haven't done any of the co-op playing on this game, but I might be able to sometime this coming week if you would like. Really not sure how good I would be at that though since I was mostly playing this just to play it and not really trying to get more than the story out of it to see what it was like.


    I will also try to be there for the party viewing of your movie. If it ends up being after Halo: Reach is released then I will for sure be there since I should have a new xbox then.

  72. @Redtailman

    I would also recommend Prison Break on instant Que. I also have a lot of documentaries on my que, but I love watching stuff like that and I know plenty of people don't. Also, Firefly and Serenity. There is some good comedy as well (Louis C.K.), and I believe Futurama was recently added to the instant que if you like that show.

  73. I don't really have anything planned, I'll see whos online and then I'll choose a game. Its like chat roulette minus all the penis and random people plus a friends list and games. Thats my weekend lol.

  74. @This weekend's playlist

    This weekend I'm playing the RPG "Fiance: The Merrillville Diaries" about to visit the Baker's Square, Verizon Wireless, and Albanese Candy Factory sections of the map. *roll of the dice* +2 Gluttony, -150 money, +1 new phone for fiance, +20 sugar high. Maybe some co-op L4D later tonight as well, but possibly a UFC fight tonight at Bdubs, miniature golf, or a movie. Those dice haven't been rolled yet.

  75. I was raiding ICC 10 and our raid healer decided he had to leave right after we killed Sindragosa. We went 11/12 and could have done 12/12 if not for some lame ass PUG.

  76. @Weekend

    I got a seven hour trail for Starcraft 2 and played that a little bit. Definitely not a RTS I will buy after the trail ends. More C:HD, RE5, Crysis, and MW2 are likely as well. Also, I would be lying if I said I could resist playing Dawn of War 2 after playing SC2. Need me some WAAHHH!!


    There is an achievement for playing the entire game in co-op, so feel free to hit me up anytime.

  77. @Sandrock

    Where did you get the trial from? Through Blizzard? I might have to try that out.

  78. @bsu

    it is a code that comes in the physical copy of the game.


    It's a great game, however the RTS element is different than a deliberate RTS.

  79. @smartguy

    It makes me feel like I'm playing C&C again and that series never did hold my interest for long. Definitely a good RTS though, just not my RTS.

  80. @sandrock

    Indeed. Dawn of War is good game, I just didn't like some of the mechanics in it. Reinforcing the squad was an interesting idea though. I honestly don't do the multiplayer in SC2 hardly at all. I bought that game for the story and wasn't disappointed.

  81. Yawn*

    So, how's everyone doing today?

    NHL 11 comes out this week. I want it pretty bad too.

  82. @n8

    I will get it too but eventually. i'm still working on FF13. chapter 7! 6 more to go, *ugh*



    CASTLE CRASHERS finally comes over to the PSN








    Valkyria Chronicles 2

  84. Doing well. I have my candy from Albanese Candy Factory to munch on right now. Might play something this afternoon but I'm not sure what I feel like playing right now, although I really wanna replay Mirror's Edge again. Hopefully I will start playing Army of Two (the first one) with one of my friends tomorrow in co-op. Waiting (im)patiently to get the Halo: Reach Xbox 360 bundle. Cannot wait for classes to be done today though so I can finally go to sleep and end my Sunday.

  85. @slicky

    Why did I think NHL 11 came out this week?

    My Internet at work is getting tuned on later today. Until then, I've been stuck to browsing on my phone.

    Sorry for the misinformation.

  86. @n8r

    i thought nhl came out this week too…its cause ray said that the wii version was coming out on this week's videogame releases article

  87. Doing good. This past weekend I started playing inFamous. Hope to finish it this week. I also reordered NBA2k11 off of amazon Saturday night during my fantasy draft. I was on my 6th Sierra Nevada and saw the new trailer with Snoop Dogg. I can't wait for this game. The Jordan stuff alone is worth it

  88. @smartguy


    its been awhile since ive been so amped for a basketball game, even though im mad at the hornets for trading darren collison for trevor fucking ariza

  89. @Tokz;

    You just ruined my already bad Monday. I guess people are going to start stockpiling XBL cards now at $50, and then sell them later for a discount. I agree with what a lot of people are saying on the message boards about Microsoft adopting a 3-tiered payment method. Since a lot of XBL users don't seem to use all of that extra content on their 360's, then it makes sense to have a Silver, Gold and Platinum level depending on how many and what kind of services you use XBL for.

    … but it still sucks.


    Good. I had three fantasy football drafts all weekend long. I've had so much beer and junk food this weekend I that I'm afraid my doctor may find blood in my alcohol stream.


  90. The people on the comments section of what Tokz posted are probably right. It is most likely because they feel they "added value" to XBL with Last FM, Facebook and Twitter.

    It seems to me they are trying to drive people over to Sony that is still free. I still can't find the value in XBL when I can play online of the PS3 or PC for free.

  91. @Smartguy @Tokz @XBL price increase

    If you look at the email they claim the increase in price comes from the ESPN content that was discussed at E3 earlier in the year as well as Hulu+. In addition they also offer current Gold members to lock in the current prices for a little while longer before having to upgrade to the new pricing. I believe that they also mention more content to come that will be exclusive to XBL Gold. I will have to go back to my email and check that out again. I am not surprised to see this happen, and I still feel that XBL is just fine. I don't want to pay more, but I will probably lock in to a lower price for a while before the increase actually goes in to effect.

  92. @tokz

    So messed up that MS has to charge you extra to use a paid service on their network. Hello net neutraiity, where are you?

    Added value huh? I can use FB, Twitter, and on my computer or smartphone for free. I can watch Netflix on my tv w/o paying MS a fee and can watch Hulu on my computer if I choose to do so. I don't see the added value here. MS and ATT sure have a distorted view on value. This is akin to the $20 tethering charge.

  93. @tokz

    what about those who don't have access to ESPN 360? That is determined by your ISP, not MS. There needs to be a 3 tiered system. Free, Gold (pay for MP bullshite!) and then Platinum (media and multiplayer).

  94. Im not against a price increase as long as there is value involved but I disagree with perceived value price increases. These increases aren't offering me anything extra. I don't know if my ISP even has access to ESPN 360. Hell, I don't even watch TV.

  95. @Smartguy

    I can understand that for sure, I do not watch much tv at all unless I have a tv show on Netflix that I decide to try out, or get recommended from someone else. Most tv is crap.

  96. @ XBL

    I feel all your pain and I also agree with you all, but as a smoker in Taxachusetts the new deal is like getting six packs of cigs so I would be spending that money anyway, might as well be on something that isn't killing me as fast as cigs.

  97. Man! what did i start this morning! I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news today.


    I agree all the services especially espn 360 are accessible for free or in the case of ESPN360 as an added bonus by your ISP. i don't think you should have to pay additionally for added content that's already made free by other devices just because it's convenient. You know there are some people/gamers to blame here. If we wouldn't want convenience MS or PSN or Nintendo wouldn't add on these service to their networks and thus feeling we have to pay extra for the contracts/exclusive agreements made.

  98. @redtailman

    oh i agree with you. I haven't activated my XBL for about a year and a half now. i was thinking about re-activating it because of everyone on this site that plays but i may have to re-think that now.

  99. @ Tokz

    In the words of the great governator, DO IT NOW! while its still reasonable lol.

  100. @Big Blak

    oh i will. i'll buy like 2, 1-year cards. I thought i saw them at 38.54 on amazon earlier. that should last me for a bit.

  101. @big blak

    how much are cigarettes up there?

    i get a carton of marlboros here for 30 bucks…not to rub it

    prolly cause i live literally 15 minutes from philip morris

  102. @ Thunder

    The cheapest pack of Newports (you know it lol I started on Reds though) is about $8.50. In the tourist traps I've seen em as high as $9.50!

  103. @big Blak

    Wow! Cigarette prices are like that in chicago! I'm glad i quit before prices sky rocketed like that.


    People were hustling like you alluded too but now indiana has a tw carton limit per person.

  104. The cigarettes I buy are imported from Paraguay and called Palermos. Their pretty good for only costing $3.50 a pack.

  105. @ Thunder

    When there is a will there is a way and….( does not endorse nor does it support smuggling)

    @ Tokz

    I stopped for about 8 months recently but a friend of mine said in NY they are like $11!!!

  106. Even if I was a smoker I don't know how I could ever afford it, I have all kinds of other places I would spend that kind of money! Fortunately I only like to chew on cigarillos or play some soccer and kick kick pass every now and then. Much cheaper in the long run.

  107. @Big Blak

    dude, i can't tell you how i did it but i did. I have a cig here and there but it's only when i'm with my friends who always have them. I don't buy any packs for myself. It's an expensive habit but i already have drinking, gaming, comics, and netflix. I couldn't afford a possible $40 week one.

  108. @Cigarettes

    My little brother lived in Chicago and always had me mail him cartons of his Marlboro 27s. He said the price was crazy. A pack here cost $4-5. I get my Camel Blues (lights or whatever they call them this week) for $4.25/pack. I don't buy by the carton because I only smoke when I drink on the weekends. I couldn't imagine paying more than that, though at the bar they sell packs for $8.50 for whoever is drunk and desperate enough to pay it.

  109. @slicky

    my chainsmoking friend i mentioned earlier would be desperate to pay that price. They no longer sell cigarettes in bars anymore because of these 2nd hand smoke laws.

  110. @ Slicky

    My gf smokes the Camel Blue lights (lmao I totally get your joke) and they are about $8 and some change.

  111. I used to only smoke Turkish Royals, then a year or two ago we had that $1 tax increase so I went back to regular old Camel Lights because I refuse to pay over $5 a pack.

    Also "recently" they made all cigarettes around here those safety cigarettes, that go out if you don't smoke them. So annoying.

  112. @Cigarette Colors

    So they get rid of the names Light & Ultra Light because they sounded like they were healthier but are just as bad for you. Anyone dumb enough to think one type of inhaled smoke is better for you than another needs to die anyway.

    They decide then to change all of the names to COLORS. Great idea. Lets turn it into one of the first things that kids learn, primary colors.

  113. @ Smokers of Cigs

    I'd be more than willing to send some $$$ for some smokes if it is cheaper for me. I could also potentially compensate you for your troubles.

  114. @ Slicky

    I hate the FSC cigs. But I didn't pick up on the color scheme like that like until right now, those devious bastards.

  115. @BB

    What do you smoke? I can check the prices at Sam's Club and let you know if it would save you some money.

  116. Oh yeah. I also am planning on buying Castle Crashers tomorrow. I like everything about it on XBL except for the whole costing MS points and being on my Xbox, so now that it actually cost real money and is on PSN I am buying it.

  117. @slicky

    im pretty sure the cheapest cigarette prices in the country are here in virginia…ill look into it

  118. quitting wasn't hard for me. I smoked for quite a while to and heavily. Just takes some strong will. It was difficult to be around friends who did afterward for about 2 months. My amount of drinking declined quite a bit as well. Save money all around.

  119. So if any of you saw my twitter recently you might have seen that I just bought my fiance a new phone, a blackberry bold 9650 to be exact. I know I have been waiting patiently to get a new phone, and have been leaning heavily towards a Windows Mobile 7 phone. The OS I am still very excited about, I really can't wait to see more and the XBL integration is awesome as well. The downside to Windows Mobile 7 came out recently though when cnet released photos of different phones that will probably come with the Windows OS. Only two of them seem to be for Verizon, and out of those two one is touchscreen only and the other is the same model only with a keyboard. Either way both of the phones look horrible and not at all like what I was hoping for (I was hoping closer to the X10, sleek type looking phone. a hot new phone for a hot new OS.) But it looks like a regular phone that will just have a good OS on it. Not exactly what I have been hoping for.

    Couple all of that information with my fiance's new phone which is very nice and I am suddenly finding myself wanting a blackberry more and more. The keys are the only thing that I do not like completely, but they are much better on the bold 9650 than other blackberry devices I have tried. Also, with the new blackberry OS coming out soon there is a chance that one of the new phones that will be released with that OS could be even a little bigger which would be perfect for me. But even if that is not the case, the bold 9650 would still be an awesome choice, and is one that I am considering more and more.

  120. @Tokz

    Talent, and a program which compresses paragraphs into words. haha. But mostly talent.

    1. Sorry I've been silent for a bit. I got really sick over the weekend and haven't been able to get on the Internet. Hopefully I'll have more energy soon. Right now I have to finish up this gig and get healthy.

  121. does not endorse nor does it support smuggling

    I need to stop smoking, but in the mean time I need to get cheaper smokes. I used to roll my own cigarettes and I really don’t know why I stopped, guess I got lazy…..know i got lazy

  122. @ Ray

    I blame the mystery red stuff the chinamen made you drink.

    Get well soon, bro. We need you healthy. Football season starts VERY soon and we have to pick our embarrassing avatars.

    My team and RROD's team is Week 1.

  123. I guess am walking right into a stereotype here, but I do smoke cigars on occasions. Hate cigarrettes, though. Never tried them, but they smell like ass. The best “mass produced” cigars are Arturo Fuentes if anyone is curious.


    We sell Palermos in almost all of our c-stores. They are pretty common down here (go figure), but the most popular brand has to be “Broncos”. They are Marlboro knock-offs from Colombia that look almost identical to Marlboros, but are always $1 cheaper. A lot of people tell me they are better, too. Well, I’m sure if they were a buck cheaper than the leading brand, people will find a reason to like them, you know what I’m saying?


  124. @BB

    If you or anyone else does and we have enough ppl for a league, let me know. We can try and do a live draft one day this week if we get it organized fast enough.

  125. I'm down too! i know redtail man was in too. i thought only him and i were interested when i brought it up two weeks ago. So we have 4 so far. what do you guys think an 8 or 10 team league?

  126. @ FF (not Final Fantasy)

    This would be my second time doing it so it doesn't matter to me. My friend said yahoo but he doesn't care either.

  127. alright, we're up to 6! well i've found that espn is the easiest one but we'll see if anyone else has a preference.

  128. @ Fantasy Football

    Sunday would be the best day I think, does anyone have to work on Sundays?

  129. no work Sunday or Monday. it is Labor day after all. Also the last day we can actually draft before the season starts is next Wednesday.

  130. Ok, so we need two more people and Sunday works for us all right? I am ok with Espn. Now we just need a set time. Don't forget about time zones lol.

  131. yeah idk where redtailman lives. we have Eastern and Central time zones so far. Also, i counted retailman twice so we have 5. ha!

  132. @Big Blak;

    I'm hesitant to join, since I'm already in three other FF Leagues on Yahoo, but what the hell, you can count me in if you need another guy to even things out.


  133. sounds good to me. or we should let rpad name it, when he's better, even though he's not a fan of FF.

  134. @ fantasy football

    I'm in. You all know my email.

    @ other news

    My 42 year old brother had a heart attack today. He's okay though because my other brother saved his life with aspirin.

    I'm still a little shaken.

  135. @BB
    I'll send you my email via xbox live later today.

    Aspirin ftw. BTW, quality was great.

  136. @ All in the FF

    bbjbbj12@gmail is my cool people email address so you can send me your email there if you want.

  137. @big blak

    well we're up 7. umm make it 10 for right now and you can always delete the other two remaining teams if they don't get filled. we still have people missing like bsu, larecenous, sandrock, maybe cami, etc..etc..


    good to read that your brother is doing well. i use to laugh at the part in Step Brothers when Will Ferrell's character mentions to John C. Reilly's character that he's taking baby aspirin to prevent heart attacks, now it won't be as funny.

  138. @ Tokz

    Yea thats what I did its set to 10 now you should be getting an invite within the hour.

  139. Im just making everything double points so we can have awesome scores but I get calls every two minutes so its taking a lot longer.

  140. @n8r

    it could be announced randomly an hour before the draft. I believe there is an option for this on ESPN.

  141. So if you can keep a team under 100 yards total you can get 50 points, obviously the odds of that happening on a professional level are slim to none but it can happen.

  142. @Big Blak

    Unless most of your team members are playing the Rams, the Lions, the Niners, and the Raiders.

  143. @n8r

    there is an app for rankings but no FFL app as of yet. they had one last year and it was 4.99. who knows if they will have one this year and how much it would be.

  144. @N8

    Hope your brother has a quick recovery and gets well soon!

    @Fantasy football

    Despite my lack of being a hardcore football fan or anything, online leagues are always fun so count me in too if there is still room. @Big Blak I will send you an xbl message with an email address (let me know if we are doing one through yahoo because I think I have done leagues through there before and might still have an account).

  145. lol

    how many teams you got? is it an even or odd number right now?

    in the off chance you still need one more team, im in

  146. I'm gonna have to sign up when I get home. Internet is still not on at work and the iPhone is getting errors (flash related).

    Gimme a few hours.

  147. @thundercracker

    at the present time the league has 6. if you and n8 sign up that would make it 8. idk if bsu is in there or not but if he's not that will make it 9.


    i'm surprised you're having issues i can view the site with no problems on my iphone.

  148. ill wait to see if we can get one more before i join, i dont wanna be the ninth wheel since i got here late…someone get hold of shockwave

  149. @thundercracker

    9th wheel! ha! yeah i forgot about shockwave. We still haven't heard from slicky or arguello, as well.

  150. @thundercracker

    i'm afraid to take Chris Johnson after all those touches. he's due for an injury. a lot RBs get hurt after posting monster numbers the previous year. Also, i can't take CJ spiller that high!

  151. Nvm… I got it. I was trying to sign up in the wrong place.

    I'm in the west and I'm the Cybertron Shake Weights.

  152. the league is up to 8 now!


    i like the pic. it feels like something needs to be photoshopped the way that girl is holding that shake weight.

    @big blak

    hilarious pic of Ahnold! that's when he's telling them kids to Shut up right?

  153. @n8

    first off, sorry about your brother dude, that kinda scares me, but im glad hes ok

    secondly, "cybertron"?…..impressive

  154. @ Fantasy Football

    One spot left (don't worry thunder your in).

    If more people want in I can always increase the number of teams.

  155. i guess 12p Central it is. we just need to get 3 more people now. what should we call our cool league?!?!?

  156. The leauge names are full of win:

    "Im Detective John Kimble" (with matching photo)

    "NOLA Paladins"

    "Cybertron Shake Weights"

    Actually, that brings up a good point; what kind of robot would the shake weight transform into?


  157. im the drunk namaths…but thatll change at least 3 times this year

    already thinking about "uncle rico"

  158. @Thunder

    Mine too, I couldn't think of anything good today so I will most likely change that whenever my brain decides to function creatively again.

  159. @ FF

    If more of you want in I can adjust the settings to add more teams, no one gets left behind.

  160. @ Tokz

    Thats gonna be hard unless your great with photoshop lol. I think thunders pic is priceless. I also moved you to the west coast homie :)

  161. @big blak

    Yeah i saw that. Now we arent like the nfl anymore. I'm looking for the perfect pic.

  162. @big blak

    no we don't have to be. i just like making fun of the NFL for having teams in divisions that don't make any sense.

  163. @BB: Somehow I missed out on this whole fantasy Football thing this weekend. Got room for one more regular?

  164. @ Fantasy Football

    Im going to make it 12 teams no more after that or we will have some shitty picks lol. One spot left open (nightshade your good).

  165. I tried last to forge a picture of a Transformer with a Shake Weight, but none of my efforts came out looking right.

    I'll probably end up using the pic I have and just through a decepticon logo on the Shake Weight.

  166. @BB: yes, clearly I have not gotten enough sleep and am a little bit punchy this morning…..

  167. So Apple's presser is an hour and a half away. if you use a safari browser, haven an ipad, ipod touch running OS 3.0, an iphone, or MAC OS X system you'll be able to live stream the event on, i think.

    does anyone want to specualate on what apple has up their sleeve? or share whatever rumors are going around that apple is supposed to be announcing today?

  168. @ tokz

    Apple TV update?
    The Verizon rumors?
    The smaller iPad?

    More than likely:

    The new iPod Touches.

  169. @big blak

    yeah i read about that on cnet. If it comes bundled with Apple TV it will sure help and give you an alternative to Roku products for Apple-philes but i don't think that will be the main selling point for Apple TV. You can find Netflix on all 3 gaming consoles, blu-ray wifi enables devices, your iphone, ipad (just use a video out device), and some wifi enabled Tvs already come with the Netflix app available. what else can this Apple Tv do to wow the crowd into thinking they need this in their home, cuz if that's it and it's $99 that's $99 too much.

  170. @n8r

    apple tv, is kind of meh for me with the rumors i've heard going around.

    a smaller iPad with the retina display would be sweet, that one will probably be the Verizon rumor more than hearing a iphone one today.

    my gf and bsu will love new ipod touches w/retina display and two cameras (front & back) w/flash of course.

  171. @tokz

    That LED flash is useful as hell. I've used it as a flashlight on multiple occasions already.

  172. @ FF

    I claimed my spot a little bit ago. Just realized I may or may not have work that day. But auto picks usually do me well. >.> pause. Do well for me.

  173. @n8r

    yeah i use my sister's iphone 4 just for the flash. my friend is bashing the flash because he doesn't see the difference and bashing facetime because it didn't work and claims to have had good wifi service on both ends. i really can't wait to get my phone in october for my bday.


    i saw your team the REAL TEXAS RANGERS, lol.

  174. for the record, that wasnt my best, obviously. The weight needed to be resized and shifted, but you get the idea :P

  175. @ Tokz

    I have another one of my buddies joining. Nightshade made #11 so I had to find some one asap.

  176. @Thundercracker

    That's not bad.

    I kept struggling to find source pictures that had the right angles. Granted, I was also looking for the 2 handed grip aiming at the face pose.

    Yours is awesome though.

  177. @big blak

    you shouldve waited. we still are missing slicky, shockwave and sandrock. Our draft isn't until sunday.

  178. @bsu

    new ipod touch's will have the retina display and two cameras. no mention of flash. oh and it will support facetime on ipod touch's and iphone's

  179. @ Tokz

    I talked to Slicky and he has no interest in FF. And I honestly forgot about shockwave and sandrock. Damn I'm a horrible manager :(

  180. @Big Blak

    don't worry about it. i know the excitement of being a LM just got to you. I love the trophies you created! i also love that team manager for the 12th team has already earned a trophy even though there's no manager. ha!

    1. Thanks for keeping the site going guys! I super appreciate it. I can't wait to get back home. I'm also disappointed in the ipod touch camera. It was nearly perfect for what I'd want it for. Still tempting though…but an unlocked iphone would still be better.

  181. @smartguy

    i had to go back to lunch after the ipod touch announcements, what did Jobs share about apple tv.


    what's going on with itunes 10?

  182. @ tokz

    iTunes 10 is out today with a new social network feature called Ping.

    Apple TV is a box a quarter of the size it was, costs $99 bucks, streams Netflix and everything from your computer, and is pretty much 100% HD.

  183. @N8R

    the itunes feature seems cool. i'll download that on Friday. i can imagine the servers being overloaded for the next couple of days. As for Apple tv i have an ps3 where i can do that right now. seems like a waste of money to me.

  184. @tokz
    No release embargo on rentals, cheap tv rents, the ability to stream media from your Mac/PC and iPad. Worth it for me.

    Will do.

  185. I can't take anyone who says that "humanity is filth" seriously unless they've shot themselves in the head. Otherwise, they're not fully committed to their cause.

    f'n crazy people….I swear this world gets nuttier every day.

  186. @smartguy

    .99 cent per episode tv rentals is a lot. i'd rather wait for the dvd season to come out. it's about the same price. i guess you can't stream media from a MAC to your ps3 or xbox. idlk i'm not a MAC user. which leads me to a MAC question. my friend can't updated their OS it keeps stalling out. we've disabled the screen and energy saver but it keeps stalling any ideas?

  187. @nightshade

    i hear ya on post 310. it reminds me of people announcing their suicides like on fb or out on a balcony. if you really wanted to do it, you would just do it. you just want to be a drama queen and get attention.

    I think this post should have an asterik next to it, if it tops Coffee Talk# 124. This post might beat the 333 posts only because rpad is sick.

  188. I got sick last night which is why I have been MIA all day. They probably aren't too happy with me at work I don't think since I had to call in for this morning and will do the same for tomorrow morning.


    I will have to look in to the new iPod touch then, I didn't even realize today was the presser until I saw a tweet from Nightshade a little while ago. I am pretty sold on a blackberry bold right now though, and if I get that then I'm not sure if I would still be as interested in the new iPod touch. I swear this phone is stirring things up for me! lol.

  189. @tokz
    It's close to a la carte tv which I want. I will support this for that reason. I watch very little tv and if I have the choice between netflix or paying .99 I'll use netflix. If it is current and I'm interested I'll pay .99. I use medialink to stream to my ps3 but it looks bad. That is in my cave though. Our living room has my gf's Wii and 360. She's not buying xbox live to use netflix and I'm not interested in making my 360 talk to my Mac since I'm sure the decoding quality will be bad. AppleTV solves the issue. I might buy 2 of them. Living room and man cave.

  190. @Redtailmen

    99 cents was also supposed to be too much for a single song purchase before from what I remember.

    @itunes 10

    is this supposed to be available today? I tried checking to see if it was available but my itunes said that 9.2.1 is the newest version.

  191. @bsu

    Bb OS still sucks to me. You have an ipod touch you'll see what i'm talking about. .99 cents is too much for a single song and a show but people happily pay that price so we cant do anything if the majority just accepts it.

  192. @Tokz

    Oh I agree 99 cents still feels like too much, but it obviously isn't too much for people to agree to pay that amount, so that is what we are stuck with. They push the boundaries even more by charging $1.29 for singles and newer songs, etc. I would be curious to find out how much that price adjustment has affected sales, I can't remember the last thing I bought from itunes.

    I didn't mind the blackberry OS at all. The ipod touch interface is very nice, and I do like it, but I could definitely see myself using the blackberry OS on a constant basis. I would like to mess around with more apps and features (like editing and saving word documents), but from as much as I messed around with a blackberry OS and android OS I definitely loved using the blackberry.

  193. @redtailman and tokz

    99 cents is just right for someone like me. I don't pay for cable tv. There is no TV service in my house. If I watch something it is through my OTA HD antennae (football only) or I netflix it. So having the option to pay just 99 cents for a tv show if I want to see it is a good deal. Think about it, if I buy a show that comes on once per week for 99 cents I'm spending less than $5 per month on broadcast entertainment in my living room on a big screen tv. A hell of a deal compared to forking over $40 per month for channels and shows I do not want.

    You also have to see that the device is useful beyond the tv rentals. Streaming of your devices, netflix without a gold sub or disc. Not too mention this could open the way for true a la carte tv. Apple might encourage competition and propose letting consumers subscribe to their channel for a fee set by the station itself. Of course asinine prices will be laughed at, but it could get real competitive here. I'm sold.

  194. @Smartguy

    Now if only I could convince my fiance to not get cable next year after the wedding. I only really like a couple channels, and everything that they show I can buy on dvd or watch through netflix (illegal downloading would never be an option, HA). I would be perfectly content not paying for cable.

    With a la carte television I am curious to see how much more advertising will change. Much of current advertising is sold based on appointment television being the norm, so a la carte television in cases like Netflix takes away advertisements, but things like Hulu have advertisements built in to them and could be very specific if there is a halfway decent media planner buying the spots. Advertising is a plague, so I am interested to see how it will change to adapt to this style of entertainment.

  195. @bsu

    Dunno man. I like to subscribe to the thought that if I am paying you for a service, I don't get ads. Like HBO. Once my program starts, no ads. If Netflix felt the need to have ads on the borders while i'm searching for content, I could handle that as long as it isn't animated or pop up over the buttons I want to use. I do not want ads in my viewing though :)

  196. @Sandrock: it's ok, I think I'm the only one on here who wasn't following the Apple Presser as it happened. I guess everyone's got something that everyone else is into that they don't care about.

  197. @Nightshade

    LOL I didn't even know there was an Apple presser till I read your comment on twitter a couple hours ago.


    I missed the opportunity last time, but this time it was waiting on me when I got home today.

  198. @ Smartguy or anyone else having trouble updating iTunes

    I just downloaded it from and it updated the old app instead of creating a new one.

    Software update didn't work though.

  199. @N8

    I added you on Ping. I downloaded itunes 10 from the website because I got tired of waiting for the update to go through.

    Also, I liked the old icon better. Definitely was not expecting to see a new icon this time around.

  200. @Ray

    I haven't looked into it since I read this, but I believe the camera is also very small compared to the one they put in the iPhone.

    1. @bsukenyan Yeah, the sensor is small and super low res. Megapixels aren't everything, but we're talking less than one here. This Chinese phone I'm using is better than that (it's essentially a Chinese burner).

  201. @Ray

    I would agree, megapixles aren't everything, but I would think that they could put something a little bigger inside than less than 1 megapixel. I'm pretty sure my 2 year old phone has more than that.

  202. @Nightshade;

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Hope you're feeling better, Mr. Padilla. This place isn't the same without you.

    Also, mold is starting to grow on everything in your refrigerator. Anybody want to start a penicillin manufacturing plant?


    Do you know if I can I stream ANYTHING on my MacBook through the new Apple TV and have it show up on my TV screen?


  203. @ Iceman

    Absolutely you can. All of your movies, music, and photos.

    However, you can also get a $20 application called Connect360 and stream all the same stuff show up on your tv.

    Now, if I misread the "ANYTHING" part… As in you want to use your tv as a monitor over the network…. Than no, but there are other ways to do exactly that as well.

  204. @ Ray

    For real, get better soon. We wish you the best.

    And for future reference, we don't need reviews on the taste of Chinese children's toys. It may seem like a good idea, but the health risks just aren't worth it.

  205. @redtailman: Yeah, my thoughts are that if we don't stop drilling for oil in this country and find a viable alternative, this shit's gonna keep on happening.

  206. @N8;

    You misread correctly. I did intend to use my TV as a monitor to use over my wireless network. If I can't use Apple TV to do that, what do you recommend?

    Also, did you make any crazy weapons in Dead Rising 2? The only other one I made (besides the nail bat) is the I.E.D. which is a propane tank with nails. I want to combine other weapons, but I need some suggestions.

    @Oil Rig;

    I haven't heard anything about this yet (news link, anyone?), but considering I'm a very tiny part of the "oil industry", I would probably be biased in any discussion pertaining to oil, refined oil products, and the energy future of this country.


  207. Actually, we have mostly solar energy here in AZ. And the AC works just fine. There really isn't one solution, it's going to have to be piecemeal and dependent on the part of the country. Solar won't work in Maine, but it works fins in AZ, NM, etc.

  208. @Smartguy: Quite a bit actually. We have solar arrays in different parts of the valley. We actually have enough that we sell some overflow energy to other states.

  209. @ Smartguy

    I don't know, my videos tuen out fine and the music is what I use it for the most. It comes out really well.

    @ Iceman

    I just know it can be done. Google it.

    As for DR2:C0… I made quite a few. My favorite so far is the electric rake. It's a battery (in an alley across from the hardware store) and a rake (in the hardware store. It's pretty cool.

    Newspapers and whiskey makes molotovs. A shotgun and a pitchfork males a boomstick. A power drill and a bucket makes the drill bucket. And I think that's all I found so far besides the 2 you mentioned. I was gonna mess with it more when I get home today.

  210. @nightshade
    I read about the 1900 acre solar plant. It is rated for 70k homes. Pretty large footprint for a power plant.

  211. @Smartguy: Yeah. Between the solar and the wind energy out here, they're hoping to have most of the Phoenix area using 100% sustainable energy by 2025, and the rest of the state should follow suit over time.

    Obviously that's not an answer for everyone though. Most parts of the country don't get 300+ days of direct sunshine every year.

  212. Kotaku is reporting that GameStop is pulling Medal of honor from all of it's stores located on military bases due to the inclusion of playable Taliban.

  213. @tokz: I don't know. I think pulling it from just those stores allows them to remain "sensitive" to our men and women who are currently at war with the Taliban, but still allows them to direct those who are interested in the game to the nearest off base store.

  214. @nightshade

    i see how it can be viewed this way but it's an option to play as them. it's not like you are playing this game in it's entirety from the POV of the Taliban. i'm just tired of people overreacting. our soldiers are smart enough to know the difference. as a former soldier this would piss me off. I didn't drive at all because mostly everything is on base. this means i'd have to bug someone for a ride which i hated by the way because it's not a go there and come back mission. it's one that takes all day possibly.

  215. I have a strategic management course this semester and my group has been assigned Verizon and Gamestop. Our first company to analyze and offer an economic impact is gamestop. My group voted me CEO (awesome) so I'm going to propose we make ourselves very attractive to a buyout by purchasing expensive real estate for expansion while also making very conservative earnings estimates every quarter.

  216. @nightshade

    see my point. it's like choosing factions. so you can choose the Taliban big deal! people love picking the villains or being the bad guys. i know i do but i'm not going to join the Taliban.

  217. I understand them removing that title from shelves on a military base based on the Ft. Hood happenings. They aren't not selling the game, just not in those locations.

  218. @tokz: While there's a legitimate argument to be made about freedom to choose sides, etc….when you look at the situation from a purely corporate perspective, it's a smart move by GS. By pulling the game from those stores, they're saving themselves from a bit of the angry backlash that EA's currently under fire for. Sure, it's all PR, but PR means a lot in the business world.

  219. @big blak

    there should be on asterisk on this coffe talk post. like Maris 61.

    bonus points if anyone, that's not rpad, can tell us why there was an asterisk on his 61*.

  220. Because the sports writers wanted Mantle to break the record and not Marris. So they concocted the asterisk to account for the extra games in the season that Marris had to break the record that Ruth did not. It is widely believe d that had Mantle broken the record, there would have been no asterisk.

  221. *ding* *ding* you are correct Nightshade.

    you didn't have to go all conspiracy theory like that but yeah the asterisk is to notate that Maris only broke it because of the extra games.

  222. It's hardly a conspiracy theory. Marris was not well liked by most fans or reporters at the time. Mantle on the other hand, was the face of the Yankees and beloved by all. Most people resigned themselves to the fact Marris was going to break the record late in the season (1961) because Mantle was hurt and couldn't play.

    Like R-Pad, I'm a huge Yankees fan.

    1. @Nightshade386 It's funny, all the old people I drank with in NY pubs said that Maris was a surly dick. From my perspective, which is all from retellings of history, I look up to Maris more than Mantle.

  223. @Medal of Honor being pulled from certain stores

    This makes me curious, did they do this for MW2? I don't remember anything like this being done anywhere in the nation. So why Medal of Honor and not Modern Warfare 2? NOw I understand I do not know the details of what is actually done in MoH, but I wouldn't think that killing civilians in an airport as part of the campaign would be something that our men and women in uniform would want to be around either…just a thought.

  224. @BSU: not sure about whether they pulled MW2.

    BUT in MW2's terrorist scene, regardless of what you thought of it conceptually, you were not playing as an actual militant group we were currently at war with. So there is a difference there and a bit more cover for retailers to hide behind in that case.

  225. Aren't you using the Taliban in the campaign of MoH? That would seem to be a prudent move to remove such a title from a military base brick and mortar store.


    I don't think it is close minded or sensitive. The taliban is a despised political/fanatic group. From what I read about them, I don't care for them at all.

  226. The terrorist scene could also be skipped.

    I'm not against either of the games. Hell, I played MW2 a bunch initially and played the airport scene. It didn't bother me. Being the Taliban in a campaign setting would be relative in all honesty. It would depend on the context. In multiplayer if I'm on the taliban then so be it. Next round will be different. Cowboys and Indians…..

  227. @Smartguy: According to the email GS sent to all it's employees, they at least are under the impression that the Taliban is one off the 2 multiplayer teams. I still would have to play the game to have full context either way.

  228. @Nightshade

    True, but you were still slaughtering innocent civilians in the name of a terrorist organization. I understand that there are differences between a fictional organization that we are at war with in a video game and a real terrorist organization that we are actually at war with. However, I would still think that they should both be held to the same standard and either both be pulled in those areas or both be kept. Perhaps I just need to know more about MoH, but for now that is my stance.

  229. there should also be an asterisk next to eric dickersons name…he got his 2130 yards in 16 games

    OJ ran for 2003 yards in 14 games

    Oj is one the best running backs, if not the absolute best in the history of the NFL, you dont believe me?, go back and look at his numbers in his prime from 72-76…7699 yards in 70 games…over a 16 game schedule, you are looking at about 1760 yards per season…on a HORRIBLE team

  230. @Thundercraker: there never ACTUALLY was an asterisk in the MLB record books next to Maris's record. It's actually a bit of an urban legend. MLB Commissioner Ford Frick had declared there would be two seperate records, one for 154 games and one for 162 games "If" Maris couldn't break the record in 154 games (he had 59 through 154). They actually never did such a thing and gave the record to Maris. It was the NY sportswriters who came up with the "asterisk" idea, which never actually happened but was mentioned enough that a lot of people believe that it did.

  231. One last note on Maris: he actually started the season really cold batting 4th behind Mantle. It was the decision to have him hit 3rd and put Mantle behind him in 4th that allowed Maris to see more good pitches to hit throughout the season and really upped his numbers.

  232. @nightshade

    yeah, i know all this, im somewhat of an amateur baseball historian…for instance, did you know that when ruth broke the hr record, the player he passed was rogers hornsby, who had around 220. ( i could wikipedia it, but that would be a douche move)

    Ruth also had the record for most consecutive scoreless innings pitched in the world series

  233. Lol yeah most ppl don't recall or even know that Ruth was on the mound.

    Favorite player still has to be Ty Cobb. Perhaps best ever. :P

  234. @smartguy

    its a joke cause he was a racist asshole?

    ty cobb really might have been the best overall player ever…most hits, most runs and most steals when he retired….and highest career batting average at 367. I still gotta give my vote to Ted williams. The man had 541 homeruns and he missed 3 and a half seasons to ww2.Ted williams was the epitome of the word "dude"

  235. I remember ruth on the mound because of the movie with john goodman. The babe.


    Dont forget about jim brown. He retired in the prime of his career like another future great barry sanders.

  236. @tokz

    jim brown is the other guy in the best running back mix, but i lean towards oj cause hes a bill, and because he played in a more modern era…barry is the best ive ever seen with my own two eyes

  237. And Thundercracker with the steal from Nightshade…haha. At least Sandrock got his post this time around, I doubt I will ever get that opportunity.

  238. I am not very fond of Jim Brown. He seems to be a dick with the way he treats the NFL now. He is celebrated as one of the greatest but acts as if he is too good for the league or the fans these days.

    Best ever is Barry Sanders. He's all they had and everyone knew it.

  239. @Ray: I'm wondering if Maris was actually a surly dick or just acted that way because of how he was treated by the fans and media at the time. Without having actually been there, it's hard to really know.

  240. @smartguy

    the 70s bills were worse than the 90's lions

    barry had better numbers over the course of his career, but oj had a 5 year period there in the middle 70s that will never be reproduced…unless chris johnson decides to do it

  241. A game can survive on having a great story and decent graphics, and a game with amazing graphics and a decent story could survive as well. However, a game these days doesn't survive without at least decent levels of both. No game can afford to have amazing graphics and a poor story; the same goes for games with sucky graphics and a great story. Neither can really survive without the other in modern gaming.

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