Coffee Talk #207: While You Were Out

The title of this edition of Coffee Talk should really be “While I Was Out”, but then it wouldn’t fit in with one of my favorite Mr. Majestic trade paperbacks. Majestros is cool and underrated. You should read his books. Anyway, today’s question is really simple: what was the biggest gaming news while I was away from the site?

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, Kaval winning NXT season two, that giant woman from NXT season three, or if you’re buying a new iPod Touch, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

The title of this edition of Coffee Talk should really be “While I Was Out”, but then it wouldn’t fit in with one of my favorite Mr. Majestic trade paperbacks. Majestros is cool and underrated. You should read his books. Anyway, today’s question is really simple: what was the biggest gaming news while I was away from the site?

I’m still in Asia catching up on the industry from afar, but I heard a lot of buzz on the new Xbox 360 controller, Epic’s iPhone game, and Steve Jobs claiming that iOS was bigger than Jesus the PSP/Nintendo DS as a gaming platform. So what happened in the last week that was super huge in your opinion?!? I really want to know…because…well, I missed you all!

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  1. I think that EPIC and iD are making titles optimized for the Iphone says a lot of about the way the mobile gaming industry is headed. I pulled down Citadel and found that it looks very nice, but I need them to implement an inverse Y axis for me. The point and move was done well, but I prefer dual sticks and one has to be inverse.

    That to me was the biggest gaming news while you were "away".

  2. I am not too sure about what was the biggest news, I was absent a couple days due to being sick myself. I thought the news about Medal of Honor being pulled from Gamestop's close to military bases was the most interesting news I heard over the past week, though. The news about the new iPod touches having cameras was exciting news, but I have been getting myself convinced for the blackberry bold 9650 while you have been gone, which would make my previous needs/wants for the cameras on an iPod touch not so necessary. We will see how I end up spending my money on new gadgets though, I am still not sure myself.

  3. I'm going to say it's the new 360 controller for 2 reasons (neither of which matter in the grand scheme of things):

    1) I don't care about Apple one way or the other.

    2) I got in a heated argument with a guy on N4G over the fact that he was claiming that the MSRP of the new 360 controller was out of whack with all the other 360 controllers, but the idiot was using pricing he found on as his baseline when in fact ALL 360 controllers with the play & charge kit are $64.99.

    Now, if he wanted to argue THAT was overpriced, that would be a legitimate argument. But that wasn't his argument. His argument was that it was overpriced compared to all the other 360 controllers. But you cannot call yourself a journalist and compare pricing with the MSRP and be taken seriously. My 3 year old knows that's BS.

  4. I don't think there was much gaming news that hasn't been covered. Have you heard that Bob Arum's son is missing though??? i think that's the biggest news for me.


    how much are these new 360 controllers going for on Amazon??

  5. @tokz_21 Yeah, that's pretty nuts about Arum's son. They found two of his bags, but no sign of him yet. The good news is that the primary hiking gear should still be with him. Hopefully he's alive.

  6. @tokz: I don't know. But the guy was using pricing he found of the old launch white ones w/o the P&C kits to make his argument.

  7. @rpad

    i hope they find him too. did you also see that ESPN's dan rafael was bashing the WBC's decision to make Chavez Jr a mandatory mathc at 160 against Sergio Martinez. i don't see what his problem is at times.


    i found it on cnet. it is 64.99. i searched through amazon and all the 360 controllers i saw through 5 pages don't mention plug & charge with them and are less than the 64.99 price but MS' website lists their p & c controllers at that price. what a douche!

  8. @tokz_21 I didn't read the article, but I agree with the sentiment. Chavez, Jr. sucks and isn't even in the top 10 in his weight class. He's not worthy to be a mandatory contender. That said, nothing the WBC does surprises me. Jose Sulaiman is ridiculous.

  9. @nightshade

    i hate when people can't admit they're wrong. it makes me mad that douche's like that around.

  10. @rpad

    he does suck. i've always said that Omar is the better boxer of the two. He might not deserve a title shot but if he loses big maybe this will keep Arum from trying to keep pushing him.

  11. 1. Kaval won NXT season 2 over Alex Riley. Really?

    2. XBL price increase. As if $50 a year wasn't enough to use you own P2P connection and other free features.

    3. The Last Guardian will be shown at TGS.

  12. Damn, Sandrock, you beat me to it.

    Does this mean I can't use Duke Nukem for my Fantasy Football avatar like I did with Ms. Palin?


  13. ray…since you are in asia, can you get me one of those ps3 jailbreak usb dongles?

    hahah im kidding (shhhh, no im not)

    thats the biggest news of the week for me…i dont wanna pirate games, i just want to back them up on my hard drive, cause thats bad ass

  14. You know what I'm interested in most at this point with Duke Nukem Forever (this goes back to a hobby that N8R and I share in common)…there was a Duke Nukem Forever deck of promo playing cards that were given out as prizes at E3 in 1998 before this game got cancelled and I would love to have this deck in my collection. However, I have never even been able to find one for sale and there is not usually too much mention of this deck online. I wonder how much something like that would even cost nowadays.

  15. You know what would be hysterical? If a bunch of you guys all followed that Killzone 3 link and posted "FEBRUARY 22ND!!!!!" in the comments section. It would be just like old times at the old hangout (g4) again.

  16. Alrighty then! My last business dinner just finished and my clients want to go out drinking. I'll join them for a few, but have an early flight tomorrow. It was excellent hopping around Asia, meeting new people, and catching up with a pair of old friends. In my dreams, I can make a decent enough living from, living in Phuket or Krabi. *sigh*

    While I'm going to miss the weather and food out here, I'm really looking forward to mixing it up with y'all every day. I really did miss you guys. I wish I could have shared more of my adventures out here with you, but some of it was under NDA and some of it should not be named (like Voldemort).

  17. @rpad

    Have a safe trip back. Did you see arum's son was found dead! Apparently he fell 300 feet, that's one reason why i dont want be a mountain or rock climber.

  18. I used to love rock climbing. I had a buddy who had all the gear when I used to live in PA. It's actually a lot of fun. But I tended to stick to smaller climbs where we could top knot and belay. Much safer.

    Now I have too much extra weight and a bulging disc in my neck, so I couldn't go climbing if I wanted to.

  19. @Sandrock: Seriously, I appreciate it.

    I also appreciate everyone who posted comments over there yesterday. We usually get most of our feedback in the comments sections of other sites where they see our stuff. Nice to get some on or own site for a change.

  20. I was actually the only member of the rock climbing team in the entire history of my high school. I would miss a whole day of classes once every 6 weeks to go and climb rocks while helping younger kids do team oriented exercises based around rock climbing. I suppose you could call it "extreme trust falls".

    The funny part is, I got all my practice in at a graveyard by my house. It's an old cemetery with a bunch of rich people buried in mausoleums. It's also where the original Night Of The Living Dead was filmed (and part of Gone The Way Of Flesh as well). Me and a buddy would sneak out of his dad's house at night, go to the cemetery, get high as hell, and climb the mausoleums.

    Scroll through here, and you'll start to see some pretty big one I used to climb:

    and here's a list of historical bigwigs who are entombed there:

    For school though, we would go to a place called McConnell's Mill:

  21. I have never wanted to rock climb. It just has never been something I have ever considered.

    That could be because there are no rocks here.

  22. Side note:

    Everybody needs to see Machete. Like right now. It's basically a Robert Rodriguez Mexican B-Movie version of Inglorious Basterds (only not as "Oscar worthy") set against the backdrop of U.S. immigration reform.

    Some of you may not think it's worth $10 to see, and you may be right, but at the very least, those of you with Netflix, do yourself a favor and bump it up to the top of your queue. This movie is full of win.

    Oh, and don't watch it with your significant other. It needs to be watched with a bunch of your guy friends.


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