Coffee Talk #204: Mobile Gaming is About to Erupt

Mobile gaming is about to get huge. Yeah, I know it’s a pretty big deal now and one of the fastest growing segments of the entire gaming industry, but it’s going to get super huge. More importantly, it’s going get super huge in a way that you care about. Why do I say this? Two reasons: Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and id Software’s id Tech 5.

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, the three hottest MILFs you can think of, why Christina Aguilera did/didn’t make your MILF list, or that crazy red stuff my Chinese clients made me drink last night, Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

Mobile gaming is about to get huge. Yeah, I know it’s a pretty big deal now and one of the fastest growing segments of the entire gaming industry, but it’s going to get super huge. More importantly, it’s going get super huge in a way that you care about. Why do I say this? Two reasons: Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and id Software’s id Tech 5.

At the end of last year, Epic was showing off Unreal Engine for iPhone. At the recent QuakeCon event, id showed off an iPhone engine that uses some of same technology as id Tech 5. In both cases the demos were extremely impressive — way better graphics than what you see in the vast majority of mobile games. Developers are already doing a much better job of making fun games that utilize a touch interface. With tools like Unreal Engine and id Tech, mobile games are going to get even better.

What do you think of the mobile gaming market? Do you think it’s set for a huge boom in 2011? Do you think Epic and id can kickstart a graphics race on the iOS and Android platforms? I know that a few of you just aren’t into mobile gaming at all. Will sharper graphics change your mind?

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  1. John Carmack is an amazing talent in the industry. I will trust anything he does. I was very impressed with his RAGE demo for Iphone.


    1. Elle McPherson (damn fine for the age)

    2. Salma Hayek

    3. Angelina Jolie

    4. Jennifer Connelly

    5. Jenny McCarthy

    Sorry…had to do a top 5.

  2. I agree with you, mobile gaming is on the rise. I played my iphone for about a week straight more than my ps3! i was determined to beat SW: Battle for Hoth. Now i'm hooked on Amateur Surgeon.


    Sofia Vergara

    Ninel Conde

    Jessica Alba

    @why didn't she crack my top 3

    do a google search on the top 2 and you'll see. I've actually showed a link on my number one before. I lke Jessica Alba a little bit more than Chrisitina but she would make my top 5 of MILFs.

    @red stuff you drank

    i don't know what it could be. was it shot form?? do you have superpowers now??

  3. @tokz_21 It was a shot. I think it had superpowers, not me. Perhaps I'm dehydrated from travel, but I've never had that bad of headache from being mildly drunk.

  4. @rpad

    i had a red shot before when I was in Korea. It was called Buffalo Sweat i think. It was a shot with tabasco sauce and it was either tequila or rum. i had many of those during my year tour. i wonder if that was one of the cause for my ulcer??

  5. Nah, Tabasco is good for ya. I prefer the local NOLA hot sauce Crystal but Tabasco gets used as well. I really think my stomach is made of iron.

  6. Couple months ago I played with an iPhone for the first time and one of the things I made sure to do was check the marketplace. I found maybe four or five good games and the only reason I found them was because I already knew what genre to look in and which devs/pubs to look for. I'm not saying there are only four or five good games on the iPhone though. The marketplace is to hard to navigate in the context of finding real games and good games from my newbie perspective. Look at the Xbox Live Marketplace, I look in the arcade section if I want to find real games from major devs/pubs and the indie section is where are the small devs are. Microsoft actual does a good job of sorting good games to the arcade section, so looking through the indie section is almost pointless. (emphasis on almost) So far, the mobile market is still to jumbled to go anywhere just yet and not even better games/graphics can save that. Hopefully they can put it on the right track where it will change though.

  7. Thanks to everyone that made Amazon purchases recently. I was worried about not making the monthly minimum to get into the higher percentage bracket. I was under the minimum when I got on the plane and over it when I finally settled in with my laptop. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  8. Gee, I wonder who ordered the adapter for an Alesis nanocompressor?

    Had to be a bass player of a sort, right?

  9. @N8;

    I'm "sort of" a bass player in the same sense that I'm "sort of" a pillow. Hey, maybe it was me who ordered that Apeture Science adapter for an Alesis nanocompressor-thingy that I do not know what it does, but I'm sure it'll look good on my bookshelf.


  10. So I had a long post that didn't make it on here. chrome has been messing up for me lately so I blame google.


    I should be pre-ordering the Halo: Reach 360 slim bundle here soon. If it would help if I did that a little sooner let me know and I can do that. Otherwise I will probably be ordering closer to release time.


    Mobile gaming is big, but I think it will be bigger when the windows 7 phone comes out later this year. Those games seem like they have more depth than what has been bred by the iPhone. This idea of "mobile gaming is about to erupt" also supports story over graphics in the classic which is more necessary debate. Story is much more important. I think there are plenty of arguments to be made in favor of story, but for the sake of this topic mobile gaming as the platform works for right now. If graphics were the only thing that made games great then we wouldn't be having this discussion now, mobile gaming would have already erupted because the graphics are already extremely good. Yes we will continue to progress, and the unreal engine and idTech 5 engine being used on the iPhone is very impressive, but the graphics were impressive before then as well. I am hoping that when the windows 7 phone comes out later that the games they develop will be of better game play and story quality than what is currently had on a mobile phone. When good stories and good writing are used in the games we play on our phones, then mobile gaming will have erupted.

  11. @ Nanocompressor

    Bass sound can be temperamental. The old school method is to watch how you hit the strings because typically, the harder you hit them, the louder the sound. The softer you hit them, the quieter the sound.

    A nanocompressor compresses the signal down to the nanohertz so that every note no matter how hard you hit the strings ends up coming out the same volume.

    I can then adjust the volume with an expression pedal for far better accuracy.

    And I lost the adapter to my nanocompressor.

  12. @N8

    So now I'm curious, why exactly do you want to make all of the notes come out with equal volume? I would think that you would want to be in control of that yourself, and that a good enough bass player would know how to/have been taught that from the start.

  13. @ bsu

    I can control the volume with an expression pedal. It's far more accurate. The only time it makes a difference is when the guitar hits a solo or the whole band is softening.

    Other than that, I want everything to be clean and concise with no room for error. Especially when recording.

  14. @N8

    That makes sense then. Is this something that is fairly common then in a band, I'm assuming?

  15. @ Bsu

    Sorry for my late reply. I just got done with my second 14 hour day in a row and I'm probably looking at another one tomorrow. My office moved locations and I had to break down, move, and set back up the entire network plus everything else in the office.

    Not really a common thing, but it's pro level for sure. I couldn't imagine playing something like an arena without one. It would sound like ass to me now that I know what I'm looking for. It just gives you an overall cleaner sound. In fact, for funk and slap bass… it makes a WORLD of difference. Once again, especially in the studio.

    I'll never record without one, ever.

  16. @smartguy You know, I've always wanted to beat the crap out of someone with a Tonka truck. It's probably #3 on the list of objects I want to beat the crap out of someone with. #1 is, of course, a Mag-Lite.

  17. @rpad

    hey! i never said i was getting you a Mag-Lite! i was just saying. Also, i was never aware that you would use that Mag-Lite as a weapon

  18. @rpad

    touche but if i hear of a verbal entertainer going off on someone with a Mag lite that would be my queue to head to Mexico.

  19. @Comment #9;

    Thanks for reminding me: I just bought Halo Wars and a box of garbage bags through your Amazon links. I know there's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm not feeling creative enough now to think of it. Maybe someone else here can help out with that.


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