Coffee Talk #196: Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?

My friend and I were talking about comics last week (this is not unusual) and the topic of our favorite heroes came up. Most of my comic-book reading friends are straight up DC/Marvel fans. They’re favorite characters are almost always Batman or Spider-Man. My choice is a little bit different — Nightwing.

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, if Lance Armstrong is a cheater, your thoughts on the Summer Slam 2010 card, or the chances of Brett Favre unretiring (again), Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

My friend and I were talking about comics last week (this is not unusual) and the topic of our favorite heroes came up. Most of my comic-book reading friends are straight up DC/Marvel fans. They’re favorite characters are almost always Batman or Spider-Man. My choice is a little bit different — Nightwing.

I like that I got to grow up with Dick Grayson. From his days as the original Robin to hanging out with the Teen Titans to establishing his own identity as Nightwing, his progression has been just a few steps ahead of mine. I like that he’s no longer the sidekick and (until recently) not quite the adult. In a lot of ways it’s why I enjoyed Friends — it’s that terribly interesting stage of life where you’ve left your family but haven’t started your own. It’s just a magical time.

Now it’s your turn! Who’s your favorite superhero?

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  1. Wow. I never thought Rpad would be a fan of Dick (Grayson that is). ha!

    Since Dick is now Batman you can say you're a fan of Batman then too!

    My favorite superhero i guess would have to be Superman, i know so cliche.

    @Lance Armstrong

    idk if he's a cheater. if he is then he's the best because he's never gotten caught and has America fooled.

    @SummerSlam Card

    i'm very eh on it. nothing is jumping out that i have to see it but it's been like that for me since HBK and HHH aren't around. i haven't been an avid watcher of RAW or Smackdown now.

    @Brett Favre

    i don't really care. i just want the Bears to be good again.

  2. @topic;

    Do you really need to ask me that question? If someone can't figure out my favorite comic book hero, then they need to go back to the second grade and learn how to read.

    @ Chicago Bears;

    Not going to happen this year, Tokz, sorry.


    I don't get it. The game is obviously soaked in metaphors and I've never seen such a brazen homage to Super Mario Brothers, but damn did I have trouble following the story. Is anyone here good at poetry (and have beaten Braid)? I need an intelligent person's interpretation of what the hell I just played through.


    Addendum @Tokz: … you can add the Cubs to that list as well.

  3. @tokz_21 I don't count him as "really" being Batman. It's a temp job until Bruce is done with his ridiculous time-traveling adventure.

    @Iceman LOVE Braid. I might download it again on my Xbox 360 (played it on the work one).

  4. It comes down to two Marvel characters, both who happen to belong to the same comic, both were part of a top secret government experiment, both wear spandex jumpsuits, both wear mask, they both kill people, One get really old eventually and the other one knows he is a comic book character.

    any guesses???


    So in your opinion he is the "coolest" hero around?? eh?

  5. @rpad

    i'm actually enjoying Return of Bruce Wayne and i'm also enjoying Dick's adventures as Batman. i'm really interested what's going to happen when they bring Bruce back.


    thanks for the reminder.

    1. @tokz_21 I greatly prefer Grayson as Nightwing. I can't wait for Bruce to get back just so Dick can don the Nightwing costume again. Also, I'm really not enjoying Bruce's return. Time travel often gets silly.

      On a related note, I'm enjoying Red Robin and Arsenal these days — two more characters that aren't kids anymore, but not quite adults.

  6. I actually wore a Superman costume underneath my clothes to preschool.

    I'm a huge Superman mark.

  7. I grew up on the X-Men comics. You could basically put Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Gambit and Rogue up on a dartboard and I'd be forced to pick whichever one I hit.

  8. @ Topic

    My favorite superhero is def Nightcrawler. I don't know much about his comics but I love his abilities and the colors they chose to make him.

  9. @Ray

    Just curious. More of an anti hero it seems. I've always preferred my content more visceral lol.

  10. @Arguello;

    I think I heard N8 doing a cymbal crash after I read that.

    @Mr. Padilla;

    I liked the game. It was pretty clever and artistic and full of poetry. Therein lies my problem. On the first playthrough, I did not know what to make of the metaphors and the story. What's your interpretation of it?


  11. hmm, when i was reading comic books, i used to love wolverine, colossus…actually all of the new xmen who first appeared in giant size xmen 1

    always kinda been more into villians though, deadpool, omega red, apocalypse, thanos

    but my unequivocal favorite has to be dr doom

  12. and before someone corrects me, yes i know wolverine first appeared on the last page of incredible hulk 180, ive got the got damn thing, so yes, i know

  13. @ Iceman

    No cymbal crash, I seriously am a huge fan of Superman on several levels.

    The dichotomy and internal conflict between him and his alter-ego Clark Kent is classic.

    The logic is there since he's an alien. Superman actually makes sense as opposed to being bitten by a radioactive spider or something completely illogical like that.

    He'd kick the hell out of any other superhero.

    etc. and so on.

    @ Smartguy

    Spawn totally counts, but my issue with Spawn is that if he were to exist in reality… that would mean that the Catholics are right. That's no bueno.

    @ Thundercracker

    Dr. Doom is totally awesome. Ray and I defended his prowess on here one day against someone, I forget who. Maybe tokz?

    Either way, Doom rocks.

  14. Sigh, sometimes I wish I would have gotten big into comic books growing up. But being the black sheep in the family by gaming non stop was enough I suppose. But I'm still a huge Batman fan ever since I was a kid anyway.

  15. @n8r

    it was me (over the doom debate). Also that's the reason i like Superman too! lastly, Clark Kent was my costume last year and people didn't get it. I had to explain it to them and since they are not comic book people they didn't get it. granted all i had to do was wear a tie, a jacket and wear a superman shirt underneath but it was a costume to me.

  16. Me and my friends always have the discussion, who would win in a fight Superman or Wolverine? We always bring up some good points. But for me being a Marvel guy I always try to find a loop hole to make Wolverine win :D

  17. @N8;

    No, man, I wasn't talking about your love of Superman, I meant that I could hear you doing a cymbal crash after Arguello told that Iceman joke in post #5.


    Superman, hands down. I'm not that big of a fan of Superman, but I have to say that it wouldn't be hard for the last son of Krypton to just pick up Wolverine and tear him in half. He'd throw one half into the sun, and the other towards Pluto. I'd doubt he'd regenerate from that. Or, Superman could just drown him or throw him into space. Wolverine can't survive without air. Finally; I'm not exactly sure that Adamnitium would even be able to cut into Superman.


  18. @Iceman

    Wolverine has no weakness, with the exception of giant magnets. Superman does and everybody knows them. Wolverine without a doubt would use that to his advantage. The man is a psychopath.

  19. Couldn't Superman just behead Wolverine with his eye beams? Or move so fast and rip Logan's head off?

  20. @Smartguy

    The Hulk tore wolverine in half and he clawed his way back to his lower half. And I'm pretty sure Dead pool has been beheaded a few times. Him and Logan have the same healing factor, so I would figure beheading wouldn't work. That and adamantium is indestructible. So I figure he can't crush him and the eye beams thing he could deflect them with his claws if need be. No one is taking account for the fact that wolverine may just have some blue kryptonite that he got for Christmas last year as well as a voucher for free magic lessons.

  21. @Arguello

    I just think Logan is outmatched vs Superman. I also think Darth Vader could kill Wolverine.

  22. @ANDROID people

    Anyone here play WordFeud? It like Words With Friends but on Android. If you do play hit me up. Easy enough to find me: SlickyFats

  23. @WordFeud

    Last night I made someone resign about 5 words in. I played FLEXORS and the X landed on a DL and the front and back both landed on TW for a total of 225 points with 1 word.

  24. @ Wordfeud

    How many people can play at a time, Im bored at work and would love some online gaming right now lol.

  25. @BB

    You can play up to 20 games at once (I think) You only get 2 days to play before you auto-resign. It'll take words that I have serious doubts about too.

  26. @ All

    SlickyFats just spelled hallmark on me in Wordfeud for an whomping 63 points, good move my friend.

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