Future Apple Products to Use LiquidMetal’s Amorphous Material

I was super excited yesterday when I learned that Apple acquired exclusive rights to LiquidMetal’s technologies. Part of it was that I immediately envisioned using a Terminator T-1000 for this story and part of it was because it gives Apple new trails to blaze.

While most people notice that Apple’s industrial design is miles ahead of most of its competitors, less people realize that its use of materials is also more advanced. Several companies offer aluminum laptops, but the unibody construction of the MacBook Pro is fairly unique and executed better than anyone else. The iPhone 4 is another example; how many other mobile phones are glass sandwiches?

LiquidMetal’s technology should lead to lighter and stronger Apple products in the future. Anyone care to guess what they could be? Do you expect the tech to be used in future generations of MacBook and iPhone products? Or will the LiquidMetal lead to the return of the eMac? Or maybe something new, like the T-1000, is on the horizon.


Author: RPadTV


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