Coffee Talk #179: Your Apple iPhone 4 Presser Predictions

Apple is holding a press conference on Friday morning regarding the iPhone 4. The company has already sold millions of iPhone 4 units, but it can’t escape the negative attention it has been getting due to the phone’s reception issues. Earlier in the week Consumer Reports rescinded its iPhone 4 recommendation based off of the reception problems and Apple killed any discussion of the findings in its official forums. The issue has become so mainstream that it has been discussed in shows like Countdown with Keith Olbermann and the Late Show with David Letterman.

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Apple is holding a press conference on Friday morning regarding the iPhone 4. The company has already sold millions of iPhone 4 units, but it can’t escape the negative attention it has been getting due to the phone’s reception issues. Earlier in the week Consumer Reports rescinded its iPhone 4 recommendation based off of the reception problems and Apple killed any discussion of the findings in its official forums. The issue has become so mainstream that it has been discussed on shows like Countdown with Keith Olbermann and the Late Show with David Letterman.

Most tech writers have guessed that Apple will address the issue once and for all at Friday’s presser, but what exactly will the company do? A recall would incredibly damaging and expensive. Giving Apple Store credit for a free bumper would cost a helluva lot less, but still an admission of guilt. Perhaps the reception problem will be addressed and followed up with a big announcement that will help people overlook the situation. Before I get to your predictions, I want to leave you with the hilarious words of Fake Steve Jobs:

We will never, ever, ever do a recall. No way. The stain of a few gripers we can deal with. The stain of a recall is something that takes years — years — to overcome. In our business it would be fatal. We would never recover.

So, no. We’ll keep shipping the f***ed-up phones, and we’ll continue to insist that they are the best phones in the world with the best antenna that has ever been invented for any mobile device. We’ll keep running syrupy ads showing deaf mutes waving at each other over FaceTime.

That last line killed me. I had to share it with you.

Anyway, what do you think Apple will do this Friday? Do you think its reputation will take a long-term hit? How about its stock price? Predict away (please)!

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53 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #179: Your Apple iPhone 4 Presser Predictions”

  1. Wow I wasn't expecting this so early, nice move Rpad. At this point its an image issue in my book because the phone already sold millions and people are still going to buy them. Sure Apple is going to lose potential customers but thats all part of the game.

  2. I think Apple is already working on a hardware fix. I haven't met anyone who has been able to buy a phone outside of the initial first come first serve day in late June. I know quite a few people who want to get their hands on one to. It would seem they halted shipping them. At least in my area. Very unscientific data I know.

    I think the presser will just be to explain the new bar display on the phone. I think the bumper issue while the least expensive of the two options won't happen. Apple would prefer someone to just have and use their hardware as is. I can't see them endorsing an add=on that makes it essential to use the phone. I could see them doing swaps of first run units with the new units they are producing now if they have indeed found a hardware fix. Whether it be a clearcoat near the deadspot or whatever.

  3. I answer phones at work to make appoints and I also do some light counseling, however our Cisco Network is on the fritz so I'm just chilling and getting paid! And I'm going to the White Mountains for a camping trip tomorrow through Sunday, what a way to to get my mind on party mode. THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY!!!

  4. @Big Blak

    i have that issue all the time here at work. our company's computers are connected to another in Virigina and if they have issues we're down! have a great time camping.

  5. @ Tokz

    Thanks man I will, Im thinking of bringing my RPAD.TV tee shirt and taking some pics in the mountains, kind of like RPAD.TV was here lmao.

  6. @Big Blak

    you should make a flag and then when you climb the mountain claim it in the name of RPAD.TV lol.

  7. @ TOKZ

    OHHHHHHHH SNAP!!! I'll use the shirt as a flag and I'll digitally claim New Hampshire as a province of

  8. I think what Smartguy said about the clear coat is a pretty good call. The same Consumer Report even said the problem is non-existent if you just put something like duct tape over the problem area.

    Doing the swap would even be pretty inexpensive then too given that they could just take the old phones they get, clear coat them, and repackage them.

  9. @N8R It would still be cheaper to offer $29 Apple Store credit. Those things probably cost a little over $1 to make and not everyone would claim the credit.

    Btw, you bummed about 1 vs. 100?

  10. @ Ray

    But like Smartguy also said, unless it's an official Apple case, that's just not how they like to roll. If it's something on the outside of the phone that's visible to the public, they are gonna want to make sure it shows off what they want to show off. Unless of course it's a clear bumper. That I could see a little better.

    What about 1 vs 100?

  11. @N8R The Apple bumper is pretty obvious. I make a point to make fun of all my friends that bought one instead of a real case that's a much better value.

    1 vs. 100 is over.

  12. @Ray

    That bumper might cost a dime to make, package and ship.

    I think they will replace the devices. It's a better move on their end instead of handing out bumpers. It's more consumer conscious on their part.

  13. @ Ray

    Ya know, I had trouble finding people to play 1 vs 100 with this last season. All my friends would get bored of it fast and get mad that they never even made the mob (which was an unlikely thing to do unless you spent a week or so playing the extended play which was pretty boring). I made the mob exactly 3 times. The first time was the very first game ever (in beta). I was 1 of 7 people who beat the one but didn't win anything because it was beta. The second time, it got to about 3 questions in when the server dropped everyone from the game (I was pissed). The third time was pretty soon after that, and I crapped out on a question about whoever invented the dining car or something like that.

    Needless to say, I can understand why they sent it toward the way of the dodo. I hope they come up with more primetime games though. preferably not just ones for intellectual types like us though. Maybe games kids have somewhat of a chance at as well.

  14. @N8R

    That would be underhanded. The device has a warranty if you have AppleCare or not. I think they will replace the serial numbers they sold initially only and only to those who want to exchange it. I might do it just because I think I want a white one now. So perhaps I'm a bit biased.

  15. @EVERYONE (with a 360)

    I bought a Black controller. When using it, it will start off fine, but then it gets 2 alternating lights "circling" around it. I thought it was the batteries so I replaced them. Nope. So I bought the Plug-Charge kit. Nope. I thought it was reception so I sat 1 foot away and it still does it. Sometimes it even disconnects the controller entirely. Anyone else have this problem????

  16. As much as I think a recall or replacement program should be in order. However, I think Tokz is more on track with suggesting iOS 4.1 as a software update that they tell people will fix the problem since they claimed before that that was the issue.

    I realize I obviously do not have an iPhone 4, and it has been stated before that most of the complaints for the iPhone 4 are coming from people who do not have one over-blowing the problems on the internet. Of course I could fall under that category, however, if the problem is as minor as some would make it seem by making the claims I just mentioned then a recall should not be that big of an issue. If it is a as big of an issue as people are making it out to be, then a recall is in order to fix the issue.

  17. @Slicky

    I have never had that problem that badly. But I do sometimes have the lights alternate like that. I don't really know why it does that either. I would guess that there is something wrong with the controller if it is really that bad.

  18. @All

    Is anyone else mad that they got rid of 1 vs 100? I really liked playing that before and they just officially canceled it.

  19. @bsu

    When i said they would come out with an iphone 4.1 i was referring to a brand new iphone not the iOS update. They will come up with a phone every month and everytime people complain about the phone.

  20. @N8R

    yeah its synced. It works most of the light but it keeps giving me the intermittent lights. Online and people say its the batteries but I know it isn't

  21. @Tokz

    Haha, I took it to mean just the iOS would be updated. But a new phone would be some thing Apple could do as well.

  22. @ Slicky

    Then it's probably defective in the battery connection area. Meaning, the batteries are good, bot the way it connects and/or draws the power is not.

    Take it back. The next one you get will work fine.

  23. @N8R

    I would take it back but I don't remember where or when I got it. I just used it for the first time the other day. Its been sitting there for at least a year I know. I'll be pissed if it just defective.

  24. @ Slicky

    Buy another one somewhere just like it (Target or Walmart works well for this). Open the new one, make sure it works. After that, put the old one in the case the new one came in, go back to where you got the new one, and get your money back saying "it was defective".

  25. oh also gamestop is having a buy 2 used games, get 1 free online and at stores. sorry @rpad for promoting non-amazon things.

  26. @N8R

    I did that for two of my plug n' plays before, and they still don't all work that well all the time.

  27. @ray

    watch this for like a few seconds

    it takes two recent coffee talk subjects and brings them together in the most stupid of dont have to watch the whole


  28. today is the day I assume we find out some information. I'm curious what the solution is, I really like the clear coat idea that has been tossed around in here. A bumper might make some people happy but I prefer my phone to look as it did from the factory.

    That being said I haven't had any real signal issues, so I'm not in a hurry to get a replacement phone or whatever.

  29. presser starting in a bit. My friend went to the at&t store this morning around 930 CT. I told him why?? if they're having a presser he didn't know. I asked what happened, at&t told him whatever apple announces to it will apply to him. i think it has to be a free bumper. He also mentioned that if he has issues he can get a new phone.

  30. I'm back at super secret project and won't have time for a full post on today's Apple press conference, but I will be able to chat with you guys about it here if you're so inclined.

  31. @ray

    do you work for apple now with all this secret stuff? if so get me a job.

  32. I really like how Jobs pretty much told everyone, including Schumer, to blow it out their ass. lol.

  33. Free cases for all iPhone 4 users and a refund if you already bought one of those overpriced pieces of rubber.

    @smartguy I wish. A job at Apple would be sweet.

  34. @Ray

    The bumper has metal buttons and a hard plastic outer shell. It's actually kinda nice, but it is def marked up 3000%.

  35. haha. Jobs said he was on vacation in Hawaii but thought he really needed to be here because it was important. He's probably like you freaking a-holes! if you would've just bought a case; i wouldn't have to be giving them out for free and could still be in Hawaii.

  36. @smartguy I think the silver/silver will look great on the white iPhone 4. I'm very tempted to get a white Canadian (iPhone, not woman) for game/app reviews. Since it's unlocked, I'd use it as my international phone.

  37. @Ray

    Yeah that would look nice. I'm trying to convince my gf to get the white one and then swap hers for my black iPhone. No luck so far.

  38. What I took from the conference (haven't watched it yet, just followed MacWorld's liveblog):

    1) I find it a reasonable argument that Apple hasn't had a whole lot of time to obtain data on the reception/antennae issues. (I'm sure they knew it was a potential risk in development, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that they didn't intentionally go for an untested or poorly-tested build.) That said, it's that AppleCare number that sticks out to me the most. 0.55% of users have reported issues with reception or antennae concerns. I'm sure some people are holding out since Apple previously promised a fix forthcoming, but I can't imagine that number ballooning to the catastrophic amounts some sites would lead us to believe. Not to mention, people I've talked to that own it (and I've been asking everybody before I decide to get one or not) haven't had so many issues with the reception; it's the proximity sensor, if anything.

    2) It's definite that Apple is experiencing some growing pains, and are having to deal with a number of issues they didn't have when they were smaller. I think most companies should be given the benefit of the doubt (especially with a track record such as Apple's) when they're growing, but I would have liked to hear more of an empathetic tone in the quotes I read. I don't know much about marketing, but I think that would have resonated a little better with people.

    In other news, the end of 1 vs. 100 makes me sad (I was once #1 until the first stat break during the live show, then plummeted on the next question, but there was my 15 seconds of fame), and if/when I wind up getting the iPhone 4, I think I like that Element case much more as well.

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