Meet Your Three PlayStation Move Bundles

Sony has revealed the packaging for its three flavors from PlayStation Move. Starting at $49.99 and hitting $399.99, these bundles should take care of anyone that wants to be moved (*snicker*) by Sony’s motion controller. Here are the bundles:

At $399.99 the PlayStation 3 Champion Move bundle has everything for the person that has nothing.

Next is the $99.99 bundle for gamers that already have systems, but don’t have any of the required peripherals.

Finally there’s the $49.99 motion controller for gamers that already have the camera.

Anyone planning to get their PlayStation Move on later this year? If so, which bundle are you going to pick up?

Author: RPadTV

20 thoughts on “Meet Your Three PlayStation Move Bundles”

  1. I'll be getting it for sure. I only need to pick up the 4 move remotes and 2 "nunchucks". I almost guarantee I'll buy them all at once also. I hate not having controllers when I want them or others need them. Just got my 6th PS3 controller.

  2. I'm sure I'll get it eventually. You know, it's funny, I was telling my brother the other day, who owns a PS3, about the move.

    He wishes he got a wii instead, I said, 'don't worry, in a few months your playstation will be a wii" to which he said 'ya, but it won't have any of the games i want, like mario or mario kart."

    I think he has a good point. the only software i buy for the wii is first party stuff, which is amazing. and those are the games you can't get on any other system, motion or not. I'll pause on Kinect and Move until I see multiple titles worth playing.

  3. has anyone bought iphone earbuds w/mic from amazon. I lost mine and well i want to get the oem type earbuds but don't want to buy at Apple's mark up.

  4. @rpad

    Well since it's helping you out. I wouldn't mind getting something better. if you recommend those two i'm for it.

  5. @rpad

    do they have any earphones that don't go into your ear canals. i hate those type of headphones. I like the Apple one because of the mic. Oh and also the over the ear headphones, these i use for when i'm on a plane.

  6. I go through a pair of earbuds every 3 months. I keep buying the Apple ones because I like the mic as well the skip track feature of the mic.

  7. @smartguy

    wow! i had the same ones from when i purchased it last year. i even accidentally washed and dryed them too but they still worked. I left them at a friends house and he claims to know where they are but i have yet to receive them back.

  8. @tokz_21 They have models with mics, but they're all in-ear I believer. Those are the best for airplanes — much, much better than anything with active noise cancellation. As for regular headphones, I highly recommend Grado. A $60 pair of Grados sound better than most $200 sets.

  9. @rpad thanks. I'll look into those Grados ones. The reason i don't like in ear buds is they feel weird when my have to pop my ears and also when i sleep if i turn my head it feels like i'm stabbing my ear drum.

  10. @tokz

    I use them daily. At work when I have my door shut and at the gym. I listen to my music too loudly I guess. I also use my iPhone and the headset for my Skype mic when playing WoW.

    One day I will get unlazy and sync my Sony Bluetooth headset to my iMac.

  11. Question, does anyone listen to certain kinds of music on specific days? Me personally I listen to a lot of old school gangsta rap on Fridays.

  12. @smartguy

    I see. I use mine for maybe a couple of hours a week. I listen to music on my iphone but mostly in my car with the FM transmitter. Also use it for a hands free for when i get a call of course. I don't dedicate days for certain types of music. It's funny you mention music preferences. I got an e-mail from Amazon and i have $5 of music to spend that came with an order.

    I'm taking suggestions for musicians or music.

  13. @rpad

    I was never aware they made foam tips for in-ear buds. you're so reek of awesomeness! I'll look into those other ones if i can get foam tips for those. one of your ads at the top, took me to a link with 133 reviews saying those were authentic ear buds so i'll get those for now and use my upcoming amazon cards for those ear buds. thank you!

  14. You know, I've always thought about that same idea. I would love to day dream that Nintendo would make their first-party games availible for the 360 and PS3, but of course we all know why that doesn't happen…

    (Mr. Padilla, please pay attention as this next part adds another argument in my favor to a previous post…)

    It won't happen for the same reason God of War is not on the Xbox and Halo is not on the PS3; because the companies that make those titles want to have their software sales drive their hardware sales. Nintendo makes Pokemon to sell more DS units, Microsoft makes Gears of War 3 to sell their new Xbox 360 S, and Sony makes Infamous 2 to sell the PS3 Slim. Of course, if any one of these three companies lost money on hardware sales for, say, three years, it would then make more sense for them just to make games for other consoles (a-la Sega). After all, why would any company bother to make such expensive hardware that is going to lose money for years and years when they could just cut that expense right out and make money right out of the gate by developing software AND being a major publisher at the same time. If a company’s main goal is to make money off of their products, wouldn’t it be logical to assume that they make money on the sale of the hardware, software, licensing agreements and publishing? Of course it is normal to take a financial hit when creating some of these products initially, but the money is usually recovered in weeks or months, not years. If something doesn’t make money in years, it is a failure and scrapped before the company loses any more money. Case in point: The Kin phone from Microsoft.


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