TMNT Reboot Proof?

The following image might be part of a costume from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie due on 2011. Latino Review received the image and did some (intelligent) speculating. The movie is supposed to be a dark and gritty reboot that’s much close to the original Eastman and Laird comics.

I love the look of the costume (if that’s what it really is), but I’m hoping that this reboot really is dark. I loved the Eastman and Laird comics; they were edgy, fun, and ridiculous. I was appalled by the kiddie cartoons and mildly offended by the movies. While it would be tough to go with an R-rated TMNT, it would be much closer to the original vision. I’m (cautiously) hoping that’s what will come in 2011.

Are any of you excited for a TMNT reboot? Have any of you read the original comics? Or are the Turtles synonymous with the term “cowabunga!” to you?


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10 thoughts on “TMNT Reboot Proof?”

  1. This franchise did need a reboot. I think it would be better as a rated-R movie but maybe a hard PG-13 like The Dark Knight, might work too. I've never read the TMNT comic, well i've picked it up and browse through it but it never latched on to me like the cartoon. As corny as the cartoon might've been it was entertaining.

  2. i actually met one of those guys…Peter laird at a comics convention in bethesda md. It was the year after TMNT blew up, like 91' or something, and i asked him how much money he made off of tmnt so im 12 years old or so here, and i wasnt really expecting him to answer. Anyways, everyone laughed at my blunt question, and so did peter. He told me to come behind his autograph table and whispered in my ear "92 million, kid"

    i dont know if he was joking or not, who knows, but that was one of the 2 coolest dudes i ever met when i used to work comic conventions

    the other was jim byrne

  3. I had no idea there was anything more to it than the lame movies (which I grew up on and love) and the Saturday morning cartoon.

  4. @thundercracker Excellent story. Thanks for sharing!

    @SlickyFats Oh wow. The comics were excellent and very different for the time — very violent and edgy, but with ridiculous twists.

  5. Grew up with the cartoons and movies and loved them. Really want to read the old comics, I'm hoping this new movie is more like them.

  6. If you ask me, an "R" rating is just what they need. Think about it; all of their traditional fans are all well over 18, so adapting to thier audience is not a strech of the imagination by any means. Marvel and DC do it all the time.


  7. @iceman

    I see your point but i think you're forgetting the new batch of kids that watches the new TMNT cartoon on Saturday/Sunday and also probably watched the CGI movie that came out a couple of years ago. I would love to see this with a strong R rating but i don't see it happening.

  8. wow, i am shocked no one corrected me…

    its JOHN byrne

    jim byrne is a dude i work with…lol

    memory loss from sleep deprivation is real, people

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