PSA: Amazon PS3/Xbox 360 Gold Box Deals All Day

In addition to this nifty Xbox 360 accessory sale, Amazon is having “gold box” deals on PS3/Xbox 360 games and accessories all day today. The all-day deal is BioShock 2. You can check out the rolling deals here. I’ll update this post with the latest goodies. The deals below are listed in Pacific time.

  • 6:00AM — Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for Xbox 360
  • 9:00AM — Mass Effect 2 for Xbox 360
  • 11:00AM — Dragon Age: Origins Awakening for Xbox 360
  • 2:00PM — Rock Band Stratocaster for Xbox 360
  • 4:ooPM — Aliens vs. Predator for Xbox 360
  • 6:00PM — Power Base Charging Dock for Xbox 360
  • 8:00PM — Dragon Ball: Raging Blast for Xbox 360

Thanks to RPadholic tokz_21 for sending this in!

Author: RPadTV

8 thoughts on “PSA: Amazon PS3/Xbox 360 Gold Box Deals All Day”

  1. Wow! Mass Effect 2 was the 9:00AM PST deal! only 10 mins left and it's 37.98. it's going fast.

  2. Dragon Age Origins is next for 28.99 for 360. only 10 mins have passed and it is already at 22% claimed.

  3. @rpad

    Yeah i kinda figured that. I didn't have anything to do at work at the time. anything to help out when i can.

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