RIM Shows Off BlackBerry OS 6 with “Boom Boom Pow”

RIM has released a sizzle reel of its upcoming BlackBerry OS 6 using the Black Eyed Peas’ hit song “Boom Boom Pow”. Normally, I’d make fun of any company that uses an annoying song to promote its goods, but I have to support BEP for having one of the most prominent Filipino-Americans in entertainment today (go Apl!!!).

Seriously though, some of the features look interesting and some of them scream, “Johnny Come Lately”. As I mentioned yesterday, BlackBerry OS 6 is due out in Q3 2010. At a glance, it does not look more intuitive, interesting, or functional than Android, iPhone OS, or WebOS. The initial screens and videos of Windows Phone 7 are also more impressive. For the sake of competition, I’m hoping RIM will have more cool and exciting features to show off. If it doesn’t, it will become the North American version of Symbian (at least in the consumer market).

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12 thoughts on “RIM Shows Off BlackBerry OS 6 with “Boom Boom Pow””

  1. Okay so I had a very hard time checking out the features of the new OS, mainly because I really wanted to reach into the screen and punch each and every one of those people. I was waiting for someone to run in from the side and tackle them. I can't stress enough how annoyed I am by them. Michael J Fox in the background would have been less distracting (ooo maybe that was in bad taste) But the features look great for a BB but not so great comparatively.

    So I guess they are also implying full touchscreens on the new phones. That'd be nice to have any kind of touch screen.

  2. I find it funny that they're using this song with one of lines being," I'm so 2008 and you're so 2000 and late." I think it fits the BB OS appropriately.

  3. I think Droid is the best overal phone/mini computer… and this is comming from an Apple fan. I have an iPhone, but after sitting with my company's head IT guy (who is also a friend of mine), he convinced/brainwashed me into thinking that way about Droid. His arguments were very compelling.


  4. @Iceman The HTC Incredible is better than the Droid. Right now the only reason to pick the Droid over the Incredible is if you must have a physical keyboard or you have an irrational love for Motorola.

  5. @ Mr. Padilla;

    My brother-in-law and his brother both used to work for Motorola's mobile networking department for the company's wireless handset division, but they both left (because Motorola was tanking after the Razer) and one went to go work for Research In Motion (working on Blackberry phones) and the other went to California to work for Apple (working with the iPhone and future iterations of it). So, no, I don't have any irrational love for Motorola, but I do dig the physical keyboard.

    You need to talk with my friend, the head IT guy here at our company. I'm pretty sure that he can convince you and all the rest of us weak minds susceptible to the ways of the Force.


  6. @smartguy I spent enough time with it to know that a few of the interface quirks bother me. I also don't like that the phone's future with Meego — the Maemo/Moblin merger — is uncertain.

  7. @Ray

    yeah a colleague bit the bullet and bought one. The resistive screen is really the killer for me. Still a killer device in my opinion. If I could run Android on top of the linux and have the screen be capacitive, I'd buy it now.

  8. @smartguy It's a really powerful device, but too "homebrew" for me. The resistive screen doesn't bother me as much as the inconsistent UI.

    I've been watching videos of the Nokia N8. I'll post them later. I'm guessing it'll perform like other recent high-end phones from Nokia — popular everywhere in the world…except America.

  9. @Ray

    Please do.

    My colleague is a software engineer…he has no problem with the coding part of it. Unfortunately not for me. I'm glad I didn't impulse buy that a few months ago.

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