Batman: The Brave & the Bold Coming to DS and Wii

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has launched the official web site for the upcoming Batman: The Brave & the Bold videogame for Nintendo DS and Wii. I’m a huge fan of the cartoon since it utilizes DC’s second- and third-tier heroes like Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Doctor Fate, and so many more. The cover of the game features Blue Beetle and Plastic Man!

On the development side, WayForward has been tasked with creating this upcoming Batman adventure. The company’s history is mixed, with strong games like Shantae on its roster accompanied by a vast assortment of licensed games that most of you don’t care about. Hopefully this game gets a Shantae-like effort instead of a Justice League Heroes: The Flash effort.

Batman: The Brave & the Bold is slated for a September 2010 release. As a huge super-hero nerd, I’m excited for this game. How about you?

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7 thoughts on “Batman: The Brave & the Bold Coming to DS and Wii”

  1. @rpad

    i'm really looking forward to the Arkham Asylum GOTY edition. I read somewhere that WB bought out Rocksteady Studios. Do you think this will lead to more Superhero games with the success of B:AA?

  2. @tokz_21 WBIE bought a majority stake in Rocksteady. Good for them. They deserve it.

    And yes, I believe DC games will be getting better as a result of WBIE being proactive.

  3. I think that Batman;t B&tB and Marvel’s Super Hero Squad series are great introductory cartoons for kids to get into the world of comics. Now if we can just get the early 90’s X-men cartoons on DVD…


  4. I want a game based off of the old '60's Batman. You hit a guy and it says "BOFF!!!" and stuff like that.

    You know Adam West would do voice work for it.

  5. Oooh I have some of the early 90s Xmen on DVD Iceman ^^

    I love Batman, he's my favorite since I was a kid.

  6. @cami

    I've liked the Batman cartoon from the 90s as well. This actually took me away from collecting comics, since it was on like everyday. Along with the Spiderman and Xmen series.

    I also have the Xmen 90s serial cartoons. They don't look as good on my HDTV. Let's hope disney/marvel will get these out asap.

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