Sony Shows of the Realism of MLB 10: The Show

Sony’s MLB: The Show series has been trouncing the competition for the last few years. In MLB 10: The Show, the developers aim to bring back the excellent gameplay and add several layers of realism. The video above illustrates some of the game’s new features. Designer Greg Batalucco noted:

Beginning with last year’s version of The Show, we wanted to make the game even more accurate. In MLB 10: The Show, we have taken it further and added more to your gaming experience. New for this year’s edition are real-time players in the dugouts and bullpens, fireworks, rally towels, thundersticks, working digital and analog clocks, and much more. All these realistic enhancements to the game make MLB 10: The Show feel and sound like you are actually at the ballpark.

With MLB spring training kicking off, I’m itching for some baseball excitement. Are any of you guys and dolls looking for to MLB 10: The Show?


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  1. seems pretty realistic, even the virtual fans have a hard time reaching for those foul ball grounders.

  2. Actual conversation I had with my 3 year old son last week.

    Me: Drew, Spring Training starts soon. Do you want to go to a baseball game with Daddy this year?

    Him: Yeah!

    Me: You do?

    Him: Yeah! In a rocket-ship!

    Me: You want to go to a baseball game in a rocket-ship?

    Him: Yeah!

    Me: Oooooookaaaaaay…..

  3. @nightshade

    As a cubs fan i agree. I never have a hard time seeing games when i'm traveling. They're usually good seats at either below or above face value but if i try to see a good game at wrigley, i have to plan those out in advance, before the dates get closer or before the cubs are in 1st place in the division.

  4. @Ray: you mean how like there were no Red Sox fans until they became what they despised and bought a couple of World Championships? Evil Empire my ass.

    GO Yankees!!

  5. @nightshade

    I can imagine how upset those fans would've been if the Cubs had moved to Naples FL.

  6. tey actually want to put a tax on ALL of the spring training games out here to pay for the Cubs new Spring Training stadium. I get it if you wanna do that for Cubs games, but why should Angels, Brewers and D'Backs fans pay for the Cubs to get a new stadium when Hohokam Park is just fine?

  7. @Ray: half of my family are Red Sox fans. I'm generally not the type to rub it in when my team wins because I remember the lean years. But when they win it's like they feel like they've got to rub it in constantly. I find it amusing when they bash the way the Yankees do things without acknowledging that the Red Sox are basically almost as bad about throwing money around. It's total hypocrisy.

  8. @Nightshade386 I was actually arguing with Pete Wanat from Universal (Riddick, Scarface, The Thing). He's a big Red Sox fans and was complaining about Yankee money. I said, "Hey, just because the YES Network is successful and allows us to spend money, don't complain. You guys would spend just as much if you had it."

  9. @Ray, here's a good one for you. My brother in law is a huge Pirates fan. He's also a die hard Republican. But when talking about how "unfair" baseball is with the "big money teams allowed to spend whatever they wanted and the small money teams having to play the "talent lottery," he sounds like a first class socialist. When I pointed this out to him one day he got really quiet, and never talked baseball with me again.

  10. @ Nightshade;

    Tell your kid that the rocket ship is overrated. The best way to get to a spring training game is via fire-breathing unicorn.


  11. I completely agree with you nightshade but you have to blame the government for agreeing to that when the Cubs decided to stay in Mesa.

  12. @Nightshade386 I actually like Red Sox fans (at least the ones that supported the team before they won World Series rings). I was happy for them when they finally won. I would like to see the Cubs win a World Series in my lifetime.

  13. It’s actually a pretty absurd deal. $84 million for a Spring Training facility. Voters in Mesa can still block it this November, but it’s expected to pass.

  14. @rpad
    Thank you for your support. I would love to see the Cubs win one in my lifetime too!

    It is an absurd deal for a team that’s only there for 1.5 months out of the 12.

  15. one thing about the show 09 that i HATED

    i mean i HATED……the god damn horrible horrible music that you HAD to listen to, PLEASE sony, change the music genre and give us at least one band that weve heard of

    other than that, it was awesome

  16. @ Thundercracker

    Can you turn the TV volume down and listen to the stereo instead?

    The real question is, can you at least PRETEND to make the Pirates any better? That might be worth the purchase of a PS3 right there.

  17. Lol @ pirates. I might get this near end of march when I'm sure it will be on sale eventually. I will do my damndest to beat a friend by using the pirates.

  18. @n8r

    didnt the pirates win the world series the year we were born?

    the orioles last won in 83, but we may have to wait till 2083 for the next one…

  19. this is why i hate yankee fans

    they have no idea what it is to have to sit through mediocrity for an extended period of time

  20. @ Thundercracker

    Yes, 1979 was our last pennant. We made the playoffs a few times in the early 90's when we had Bonds, Bonilla, Drabek, Van Slyke, etc…. but we our currently celebrating our 17th season in a row with a win percentage below .500.

    17 straight losing seasons.

  21. weve got 12 in a row!!

    better watch out…..if you slip up and finish at 500, we are gonna catch you

  22. Oh, we've BEEN slippin' up.

    Last season I think actually made us the worst team in the history of professional baseball. I think it was the Cubs before us (tokz).

  23. @ Smartguy

    See, I liked the black flat ones, but I didn't like the yellow ones.

    However, I really like the hats now and I think the Expos had worse hats than us while they existed. But that might just be because I didn't understand the logo.

  24. There's also a bit of a hierarchy based on how funny looking your hat is. Think about it:


    The Army

    The Catholic Church

    Kings and other royalty


    The funnier your hat, the higher up on the totem pole you are.

  25. @Thundercracker: Trust me, the mid 80's to mid 90's were pretty lean if you were a Yankees fan. A lot of people jumped on the bandwagon in the late 90's when they finally got good again, but for someone like me who grew up a Yankees fan, we remember what it was like to be the 2nd best baseball team in NY for quite a while. I mean at one point our outfield was Mell Hall, Jessie Barfield and Roberto Kelly. Steve Sax coming to town was a big deal.

  26. @n8r

    The Cubs can still be considered the worst baseball team in history. going on year 102 and year 65 without a penant. oh and 5 outs away from the W.S. thanks a lot for making me conjure up bad memories.

  27. @N8R

    at least the pope hat is traditional. The flats were just horrible. Wasn't there a flat that had stripes?

  28. @ Smartguy

    The only flat ones I can think of both had 3 horizontal stripes.

    @ tokz

    Whereas the Cubbies might be the unluckiest team in baseball history, the Buccos have the biggest overall loss percentage out of any other team. The Cubs used to (I think), but we took it from ya'll last season.

  29. @ the hats

    The traditional ones are the silliest of all of them:

    The Navy


    Native Americans

    Russian military

    the Aztecs

    Once again, the rule holds true. The sillier your hat, the more important you are.

    Humans are f#%kin' crazy (Google "traditional headdress" and see what I mean).

  30. Pope hat is harmless. So are those little Jewish beanies. Flat top hats though are hurtful.


    yeah, that's what I was thinking. I had a Bonds and Bonilla pirates card when I was a kid and that is what they were wearing. Hideous.

  31. @ Nightshade

    Phillies were in the series last year and the year before. Pirates however, were in the doghouse with our best players on the trading block.

  32. Yeah, I know that. But I was still sure that the Phillies set some record in the last year or so for being incredibly bad over the history of their franchise. So I just looked it up on Wikipedia. They lost their 10,000th game in '07.

  33. @ Nightshade

    This is straight from Wikipedia:

    -"The Pirates became the first team in MLB history (as well as all professional sports) to have 17 consecutive losing seasons with their loss to the Chicago Cubs on September 7, 2009."-

    I hate this conversation.

  34. @n8r/nightshade

    The Phillies are the first to 10,000 losses and according to wiki they are up to 10207 with a overall win/loss percentage of .417; believe it or not the Pirates are at 9540 total losses with a .506 percentage and the Cubs are at 9733 total losses with .513 percentage. those great seasons in the early 20th century are carrying them.

  35. @N8R: There's literally no excuse for the Pirates to have been as bad as they've been for the past two decades. They're getting millions of dollars in revenue sharing every year. They've had some good players come through. But the ownership is cheap. They're basically fielding a team this year with a lower payroll than they'll get from MLB revenue sharing. That's insulting to the fans.

  36. @ Nightshade

    Don't even get me started on what a rat bastard Bob Nutting is. The fans absolutely hate that guy. The Park is absolutely great. There really isn't a bad seat in that place. You can get $9 seats right behind the left field wall and $30 all you can eat seats in center.

    But the team is a mess because the owner is a pompous dick. Any talent we've had gets traded as soon as they start showing signs of strength. Andrew McCutcheon is like the only good thing about that team.

  37. @Nightshade

    George Steinbrenner pays good money for those homecoming game type of teams lol. Amazing that some teams cry about not being able to compete financially…but they sure as hell don't cry when ole George sends them a check because of the luxury penalty he incurs.

  38. @Smartguy: Keep in mind that the Twins and Royals have two of the richest owners in sports and they both choose not to spend any money on the product while collecting the revenue tax money from the Yankees. It's the worst kind of hypocrisy when these teams cry poor.

  39. @Smartguy: Keep in mind that some of these teams tat constantly cry poor and take the Yankees luxury tax revenue money are some of the richest owners in professional sports (ie: the Twins and Royals).

  40. @nightshade

    I think the Twins shouldn't be considered one of the teams that cry poor and that's why we cant afford talent. They've shown the ability of still being able to compete with their limited payroll.

  41. @tokz

    I need to watch it again I think. Jack's parallel life makes me question the validity of the Oceanic 6 story. Perhaps it was the fake one and the parallel is the real life. As far as Hugo is concerned, I'm not sold on him being the replacement. He isn't cryptic enough lol.

    I really hope Kate gets killed by Claire, and then Sawyer kills Claire. I can't stand to hear Claire say "baybee" in that damn accent anymore.

  42. @smartguy

    I'm sticking that whatever happens at the end, will explain why they begin the series again with Jack on the plane, in the island-two time line. I'm still sticking with my re-incarnation story. once the island-prime story ends Jacob/Smokey/or whomever is in charge, will give our Losties a new chance on life.

    I hope Kate gets killed too, yesterday proved that her storyline is proved. Maybe someone should tell Claire that "A dingo ate her baybee" in an australian accent. (ah Seinfeld, still funny to me after all these years)

  43. @n8r

    I actually like Claire-ssou as well. It helps my re-incarnation theory even more. I'm waiting for Comcast to load up Lost On Demand. I watched it yesterday but my gf complained and kind of distracted me from the ending and a couple of things. It will help me narrow down my theory even more. My friend was texting me and he wasn't impressed by this episode and i was like how can you not be? Jack has a son! Dogen is off the island! The numbers and people are on wheel not only the cave walls!

  44. @ R Pad

    It's an amalgamation of Claire and Rousseau (I probably bastardized the "ssou" part at first). It fits since Claire is all rouge in the jungle talking about "where's my baby, they took my baby".

    I like the "dingo ate it" theory myself.

  45. @N8R



    Dogen was also the name of a character in Psychonauts lol. I believe he was half retarded and blew stuff up with his mind.

  46. @the music

    you could kill the music, but it would play during batting practice, and i like to hear the crack of the bat, im a dork

    also i tend to play games in the middle of the night on weekends, cause thats when im up, so the stereo is not an option

    pirates, nope…
    cry me a river pittsburgh sports fan…

  47. First off, worst hats of all time is a bold statement. If we can beat the Pope, Napoleon, Green Bay Cheeseheads, and Disneyland tourists in thae field… at least we’re beating somebody at something.

    Secondly, which one? The pimp 3 stripe 70’s flat top? or the bright yellow ’60’s hats?

    Or the Captain Jack Sparrow hats.

  48. @n8r
    Bonds was never traded. he signed with the Giants for like a 5 year $45 million contract.
    yeah they do have some pretty lame hats. The color scheme doesn’t help either.

  49. @N8R: I thought that was the Phillies, not the Pirates? Or did they set the record for most franchise losses. I know they set some really absurdly bad record recently.

  50. @ Lost

    I think Claire-ssou is cool as hell. Right now they are factioning off the sides. I think there will be people in the middle as well.

    The lighthouse answered nothing for me. You got the numbers posted as degrees for key people, but those numbers have been mentioned for longer than some of the lives of the people listed. All I could figure was that that was how Jacob found people but it seems like there’s an even larger force at work.

  51. @rpad
    you’re on fire with your jokes today. I love that movie by the way. Way underrated in my mind.

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