Today’s Poll: The Next Spider-Man

Now that Tobey Maguire is out of Spider-Man 4 and the franchise is apparently headed for a reboot, let’s think about the perfect actor to play the spectacular amazing Spider-Man. Sony’s Columbia Pictures plans to focus on Spidey’s teen years, so the actor should be young and awkward. A lot of people have been throwing Zac Efron’s name around, but he’s too handsome. While I don’t know how athletic he is (all the cool stuff is done in CG anyway), I’m a big Michael Cera fan. He’d bring out the science nerd side of Peter Parker in a way that Maguire never could.

Who’s your choice for Spidey? Let me know in the poll (please)!

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  1. @Spidey

    Michael Cera is way to awkward and low key to be a believeable spidey. He could pull of Peter, but the man behind the mask he is not.

    Zac Effron…. no.

    Daniel Radcliffe could pull it off, but I think he deserves a break from what amounts to a serialized movie where he would be signing on for sequels. He could do it though, he has really grown into those acting chops.

    Anton Yelchin could do it. Did a bang up job in Star Trek and was likeable as Kyle Reese in Terminator, even when McG's editing job wasn't.

    My vote – Mr. I'm a Mac, Justin Long. Good Actor, the comic timing of Gene Wilder, and the ability to ad-lib funny situational lines in a rapid fire back and forth, ala the web slinger. I think he would be perfect for it.

  2. I think they should just let it go. A reboot? Seriously? The damn movies were just made. So now we'll have another 2.5 hour movie where the first 45 minutes are Peter Parker being nerd Peter Parker and then another half hour or more afterward of him discovering he has powers? It has already been done. Move on. New story.

    Seriously, if they release a reboot of this, I won't see it. Ever.

  3. I agree with smartguy. It's too early to reboot this franchise but i think Sony wants to churn out another spidey movie so it doesn't lose the rights back to Marvel/Disney. It's a shame what people do just to keep money in their pockets.

  4. yikes, that has to be one of the fastest reboots I can remember. I don't know why they need to do a reboot at all, why does it have to be Toby Macguire (sp?) to keep the story going?

    Personally, I haven't seen Spidey 3. but as a kid my favorite superhero movies were batman, It didn't matter to me as a kid that Batman's character changed every movie. all I cared about was the superhero not the person. There are plenty of villains they haven't touched on yet if they want a new spiderman, but reboot or not I probably won't see it.

    FYI my vote was for Cera, you need someone who is a pretty big dork if you want them to play Peter Parker

  5. Yes, of course it's too early to reboot the franchise, but if they must, why don't they go with Michael Straczynski, or Brian Bendis, or hell, even Todd McFarlane?


    I would complain if it was Shia. But then again, I complain about everything. Tobey was a good high school Peter Parker, but a lame Spiderman. He was not witty and did not make the fights enjoyable like they have been in the comics. I really think they need to get a lesser-known comedian to play the role of Spiderman.


  6. I dont want Sony to make the movie. The rights should go back to Disney/Marvel to be done right.

  7. I didnt think he was in his 30s… but he is permanently 18, especially if he shaves.

    Of your choices Ray, Anton would probably be best. I still think Cera is way to awkward to be considered, his comedy is low key as is his personality (though I want to see him in the new movie he has coming out).

  8. @LarcenousLaugh Low key is why I think he'd work. Peter Parker was a science nerd that was bullied by Flash Thompson throughout high school. For the Spider-Man stuff, it's all CG anyway, right?

  9. True, but Cera is….wimpy, and Parker really isn't. Parker is just a geek/nerd but fairly average otherwise before he becomes Spidey.

  10. LOL @R-Pad

    He's already Spiderman in the panel, so getting beat up by Flash probably wouldn't hurt to much. I think Clark is a bigger wimp, he just stands there and takes everything.

  11. I too think it's too early for a reboot. I read about this yesterday and was shocked. If it must be done, my vote is for an unknown actor who can rise up and get a shot.

  12. @Sandrock323 Clark has to be the bigger wimp because he has the greater powers. There was a nice panel in one of the Blackest Night issues where Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are discussing Clark's "disguise". Jordan dismissed it as just wearing glasses. Allen added that he also slouches, wears suits two sizes too big, and speaks an octave higher.

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  14. I’m too picky about things like this, my friends think of me as a pessemist because sometimes I hate more things than I like. But of it isn’t Tobey Maguire I don’t want to support a spiderman movie. I don’t like movies where they don’t have the same cast (It’s unrealistic I know). Which is one reason I never watched the third underworld movie, or why I don’t like how Iron man 2 doesn’t have Terrence Howard.

  15. So you never watched the new Batman movies? or really any movie with Batman after Michael Keaton left?

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