Coffee Talk #52: Holding Out for a (Super) Hero (Videogame)

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As a bunch of you were discussing the Iron Man 2 trailer, the subject of super hero dream games came up. In the spirit of Coffee Talk #6, I thought it would be an excellent idea to talk about the spandex game of your dreams. So let’s do it!

As for me, there are two games DC Comics games that I’d love to see. The one that’s more likely is a Green Lantern title. With the success of the Nintendo Wii and motion controls from Microsoft and Sony coming in 2010, there’s a decent chance that the Green Lantern game of my dreams will be made. It would star Hal Jordan (and hopefully Guy Gardner) and use motion controls to create various power-ring constructs. It could be something unique and imaginative if handled by the right developer.

The second super-hero game I want will never happen. It’s just too late. I want a buddy-action game, similar to Army of Two, starring Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. The JLI era of Justice League was one of my favorite comic-book runs of all time. It was unique and hilarious, but still contained enough action to keep traditionalists happy. My Blue and Gold game would be full of fast-paced action and high-tech gadgets, but the dialogue would be key. The game would be full of witty quips, immature insults, and tons of “bwahahahaha” laughter that Beetle and Booster were famous for back in the day.

As a special shout out to my friend at Marvel — make a frickin’ Quasar game already!!!

Anyway, let me know about the super-hero videogame of your dreams. Kindly list the character and describe your game. Quantum bands for life!!!

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34 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #52: Holding Out for a (Super) Hero (Videogame)”

  1. Herald of Galactus – Open World/Sandbox-esque/Universe Spanning

    You create your own hero (or are given choices of various pre-renders) and are gifted with the power cosmic as the Herald of Galactus. Sent out amoung the stars, you would search for suitable planets for Big Poppa G to feed on, eliminate any resitance he might face, and then signal for his coming.

  2. In reference to the other coffee talk I want either a Spawn or Superman game.

    Spawn: Done in the vein of Arkham Asylum but with a quite destructible environment. Some variation of the Scribblenauts create whatever should be employed in this game so you can have some free reign with the chains and cape. I know it can't be as expansive (or can it?) as Scribblenauts but some free flowing thought would be great. The game would have to be heavy on the gore and not afraid to drop some heavy language.

    Superman: Open world. Metropolis needs to be friggin huge. I"m talking huge like The Barrens and Ashenvale put together huge. Destructible environments are a must. I think regular enemies should put up very little resistance and the game should focus on EPIC boss fights. Brainiac, Lobo, Darkseid, Doomsday, etc. Let me fly, and use all of his powers from the get go. I think a combination of gigantic open world, with heavy emphasis on the boss fights with destructible environments is the way to go here.

    Bonus: American Ninja videogame. You don't need a health can never be touched. No need for voice acting…developers can just shop Dudikoff's face and that is all you need.

  3. I'd like a Love Hina game were you play lady luck and try and get Keitaro in as much trouble as you can. There is no need for a plot, just lots of awkward situations.

  4. @smartguy

    i agree with the superman game…so much untapped potential there

    games id love to see made are a badass predator game. Based on the original predator, but i realize that this might be too difficult to pull off while still being fun.

    A transformers g1 game, obviously

    lobo game, illustrated by simon bisely….whos my favorite artist alive

    and a moon knight game

  5. @Nightshade – 2009 was great. Couldn't have been happier game wise.

    @Smartguy – The weakest link in the Superman games has always been control of the big blue boyscout. The flying in returns was passable, but his ground movement was atrocious. Other games flip it. A game like Dark Void may just be able to show how flying/ground integration should be done, and then I think your idea would be perfect. Especially if we get to stop random criminals from climbing up the sides of buildings. That was the tits.

  6. Thanks for the glowing endorsements of my Superman idea. Seriously…why should common criminals and henchmen be a concern for Superman as far as a fight is concerned?

    Side note: Just finished Venture Bros season 3. I love that show.

  7. @smartguy

    yeah i just worked 11 hours, by the time i get in here nowadays, i cant even formulate a coherent thought. I did like your idea though. I do think that it would be too difficult for those game devs to make superman as powerful as he should be. I mean dude can move the moon

  8. It should be noted that the final score of the NYG-Wash game from last night (45-12) was in actuality much closer than the game itself. Where has that defense been all season long?!?

  9. @thundercracker

    Have you heard about the new AVP game in development? It's a multiplayer gem in the making I think. Marines, Aliens and Predators. I'm glad they were smart enough to only allow 1 or 2 predators per game too. Otherwise, everyone is a damn predator and cloaked. I think that game has alot of potential for next year.

  10. no, i hadnt heard, and that does sound like it could pan out. Someone needs to make that one kickass predator game that ive been waiting for for like 20 years now.

  11. someone should send a memo to the atlanta braves that lets them know that melky cabrera sucks

  12. @Thunder: Melky's a decent defensive CF, and he had a few big hits for the Yankees last year. But with Curtis Granderson coming to town from Detroit, Cabrera is definitely expendable.

  13. @Nightshade – cool. That game is on my radar, and will probably end up being bought on or near release. A mature zelda is kind of how they are billing it, and if that's true, then this could be epic. Art style looks awesome on top of it… and Mark Hamill is the voice of The Watcher… so instant win there.

  14. I agree with Smartguy's Superman game. You should not only be able to fly through buildings, but break through the wall, land in it, and start chucking stuff around. Maybe even incorporate a red kryptonite meter for when you act up too much.

    I want a Preacher game. Make it 3 people co-op between Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy. Tulip has a gun, Cassidy does alcoholic vampire stuff, and Jesse is just a bad ass cowboy type that can only use "the word" so many times. You take on the Grail and a myriad of other people from the books.

    John Constantine… Take on the unholy.

    A decent Blade game. I say decent because if you ever played the one for PS1…. you know that just about anything is better than that.

  15. @N8R – I think it was you that professed a love for Superman 64, but I have to say that the review that gave it a .5 was fantastic. They said the only redeeming feature was that the cartridge booted when you turned on the N64. Everything after that made you wish that it wouldn't.

  16. @ Larcenous

    No, I said I liked Superman Returns. I pre-ordered Superman 64 though… still have the shirt.

  17. @ AvP game – The video for this game looks sick, and I dislike most if not all first person shooting type games. The ripping off of heads with the spine still attached is a nice touch.

    @ Super hero chatter – Now I know they don't have super powers, but I think they need to make a decent G.I. Joe game that doesn't turn out to be a lame ass 3rd person shooter with no real direction. It wouldn't even have to be made into a sandbox game. Could even make as level based objectives with a few select Joe's for you to choose from to complete the mission.

    Could use Scarlett like you would Sam Fisher on Splinter Cell. Gather intelligence and choke hold the enemy. Deep Six or Wet Suit for some underwater operation. Obviously Snake Eyes since he's badass. Roadblock and Heavy Metal for missions aimed more towards mowing people down.

    God I loved that cartoon as a little girl.

  18. Oh hell, could even have it where you can play the villians too. Cept Destro, I think he was a pussy lol.

  19. @ Larcenous

    So did Batman Forever.

    Why do folks call Superman the boy scout when Batman's the one that's always prepared? If I had to choose which one I'd rather go camping with… it would probably be Batman. You know the Bat-tent is WAY more cozy than the portable Fortress of Solitude.

  20. @N8R – They call him the boyscout because of his disposition. Bats is definently more prepared, and between the two they would probably make a full eagle scout.

  21. @ Larcenous

    I could see Superman being able to gather wood and start a fire with his eyes better… but just about all other aspects of camping are in Batman's corner. What does Superman need to know how to tie a knot for?

  22. I like the Superman idea and I would definitely back that up. Superman needs boss fights and maybe save people from natural disasters and crimes, but regular old "foot soldier" criminals can't really stand up to Superman and should have no place in a Superman "beat-‘em-up".

    My original idea would be for a young Nick Fury game. Take Splinter Cell and Thief, merge them together and put a Marvel coat of paint on it and you can have Nick Fury; Special Agent. Working behind enemy lines and infiltrating famous organizations of early Marvel history. Nick Fury will enter S.H.I.E.L.D. as a wet-behind-the-ears recruit and then have to work his way up to a master espionage agent, gathering intelligence, avoid being caught, and tactically fighting a few grunts or bosses. The game should take place when Nick is in his 20's or early 30's.

    It sounds great in my head, but I don't know how well it would translate as a game. I guess that's the imaginary developer's job, huh?


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