Coffee Talk #6: What’s Your Dream Game?

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Drizzt 2Is there a movie, comic book, or novel that you think would make a fantastic game? I’m sure there is. All of us have “dream games” that have yet to be made. Some of our visions are outlandish and unrealistic. Others seem so obvious that it’s dumbfounding as to why they haven’t been made.

One of my dream games has been teased, but never fully delivered. I want to play an action-adventure as Drizzt Do’Urden from R.A. Salvatore’s novels. Drizzt has made cameos in Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, and Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. You could play as him in the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance series, but he was merely a bonus character set in an adventure that had nothing to do with his storied exploits.

I want the full-on Drizzt treatment. I want an adventure that takes advantage of his history in Menzoberranzan and his adventures with the Companions of the Hall. I want cameos by Jarlaxle and Artemis Entreri. I want dynamic action that’s full of twirling scimitars and impossible acrobatics. Just for the hell of it, I want a “dog button” like the one in Dead to Rights, but instead of some lame-ass canine, Drizzt’s magical panther, Guenhwyvar, appears. reader Ieyke recently wrote about one of the games he wishes for, saying, “Assassin’s Creed+MGS4-guns-white robes=awesome stealthy ninja.” Let’s use his formula to talk about our dream games. I guess mine would be:

Drizzt Do’Urden + Prince of Persia – Gimmicky Time Shifting = Awesome Drow Ranger Action-Adventure.

Using the Ieyke formula, tell me about your dream game. (Hit the break for some inspirational music that will help you write about your dreams.)

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177 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #6: What’s Your Dream Game?”

  1. 1) GTA+An Irish Vampire+A Vatican Conspiracy-gangs-drug runs= Garth Ennis' "Preacher"

    2) Fallout 3+Arkham Asylum-Stealth-leveling up+complete invulnerabilty+flight= Superman

    3) Sketch Comedy Show Show Tycoon (preferably written by Aaron Sorkin. Studio 60 FTW)

    4) An MMORPG+thousands of AI bots that look like everyone playing+a particular power+a system that won't allow you to call too much attention to yourself= "Heroes"

    5) A stalker/serial killer simulator

    I got a few more, but I'll spare you guys

  2. SSB:B + Halo + more MGS + FF + DOA + SC + SF + every single Pokémon as individual playable characters + celebrity death match = the greatest fighting game ever

  3. @ RROD, that was one of the craziest games I've seen last night. the fumbles, the penalties, especially in the second half. definitely exciting to watch I'm glad you guys edged out the Bears

  4. I really don't know what my dream game is. I will say I finished Uncharted 2 this weekend. definitely an epic game and as someone mentioned a dream come true. I will say the boss battles on both 1 & 2 were less than exciting. but overall a superb game. I've already started my hard run.

  5. @Raymond: It feels like Tim Schafer picked my brain and made Brutal Legend just for me!

    @RROD: I'm a Giants fan and I KNEW they were losing that game. Giants were missing 4 defensive starters and the Saints were coming off a bye and playing at home. Recipe for disaster. Giants get Aaron Ross, Chris Canty & Michael Boley back and they matchup much better on Defense. The specifically brought in Boley from the Falcons to match up with RB's out of the backfield like Brian Westbrook & Reggie Bush. Unfortunately Kenny Phillips is done for the year at safety because his replacement CC Brown is the guy you saw getting burnt all across the field yesterday. But with all those guys missing I have no idea why the offense tried to get into a shootout. They should have tried to grind out the clock more early on to keep the Saints off the field.

  6. @Nightshade

    They didn't grind it out because you don't run against the Saints. No team has been able to. Also having guys hurt in the secondary isn't a good excuse to why so many guys were open. The Saints have their long list of injuries as well…part of the game.

  7. I guess one of my first dream games to be fulfilled was GTA3.. it was everything I wanted in a game at the time and yet so much more

  8. AHA!

    Dream Game = DIABLO 3! Also it releases tomorrow since we are in fantasy land talking about dream games.

  9. @Shockwave

    Ha, we made Matt Forte fumble on back to back plays. Uncharted 2 has not come out of my PS3 since I bought it last week and it won't come out this week either because I'm starting my hard play through too. You must play co-op if you haven't already.


    I was really hoping the Giants knocked off the Saints for us.


    What happened to the Titans?

  10. @Smartguy: Just calling it like I saw it. CC Brown, Chase Balckburn & Kevin Dockery got burnt all over the field yesterday, and they're all backups. I don't blame the Saints for picking on those guys all day long. It was clear they had a matchup advantage going in.

    And nobody runs on the Ravens either, but the Giants put up 200 yards on the ground on them last year. They put up 300 yards on Carolina last year too. Giants run the ball like few other teams do, so they should have tried to cram it down their throats. You play to your own strengths.

    @N8R: They don't miss Plax. They've got plenty of good young WR's. Plax wouldn't have been out there trying to cover Lance Moore & Marquis Colston.

  11. @RROD

    Talk about embarrassing?

    Believe it or not, that wasn't the biggest blowout in NFL history. The Bears dominated the Redskins 73-0 in 1940.

  12. @Nightshade

    Saints were missing a starting linebacker and their probowl left tackle. That left tackle should have been exploited by the talent heavy line the Giants have. I guess it all balanced out. I don't think your team is bad though. They just got beat like alot of other teams have by the Saints. Effective passing to the open man. It happens. As far as the running game goes…nah. Saints have been pretty good at run defense for the last two season. Ellis is the man.

  13. @RROD Ya I'm actually pretty excited for co-op. my girlfriend watched me play about an hour or 2 of Uncharted 2 before she decided she wanted to play through the first one, she's probably 2/3 done with it now. looks like I've got my co-op buddy.

    The Titans game was ridiculous. although it added confidence to my Bronco D which shut down the Patriots in the second half last week. I'm looking forward to tonight. Ugly jerseys and all.

  14. @ Nightshade

    … I miss Plax. I have since the Steelers lost him. I think what he did was stupid… but the guy's a solid player.

  15. @RROD. I'm glad I did my first run on normal because now I know some enemy locations and I've learned how to sneak better at certain parts. For someone like me who really struggles with staying unseen in games I thought the sneaking aspect of Uncharted 2 is approachable for anyone. The AI seems to be more aware on hard though

  16. Every team has injuries. The Falcons are mission 1st round draft pick DT Peria Jerry for the year, 2nd round draft pick S William Moore, WR Harry Douglas, and RB Jerrious Norwood and CB Brian Williams got hurt last night.

  17. @Smart guy. 5-0 is pretty nice isn't it? I'll be looking forward to the broncos hopefully moving on to 6-0 tonight. I think San Diego misses Drew Brees more than ever right now

  18. @RROD. if you're going to get injured you've got to do it in the style of Brian Williams last night. shame his backup gave up a TD after his hard work.

  19. @Smartguy: Brees gets the ball out so fast you could put a matador in a LT and he'd still be upright most of the game. Giants should have tried to knock more balls down at the line. Guys like Kiwinuka and Uminyora have big wingspans and Brees is barely taller than me (I'm 5'6" on a tall day).

    Regardless, I was hoping for a better game than that and I think if they match up in the playoffs we'll get a better game. I feel like these are the two NFC teams most likely to get the bye in the playoffs….maybe the Vikings, but I keep hoping Favre will just spontaneously combust so that I don't have to listen to another full offseason on nonsense.

    @N8R: I liked Plax too. I think he got a raw deal considering guys like Donte Stallworth and Leonard Little actually killed people in other states while driving drunk and both got a slap on the wrist. 2 years for not filling out the proper paperwork seems excessive, no? Especially when the gun actually was registered in another state.

  20. @N8R. in San Diego is always one of our hardest games of the year. Although this Year LT has been off an on and Phillip Rivers hasn't gotten the attention he's used to. if the Broncos can keep up their defense (especially 2nd half) then things will be looking good.

    With a victory tonight the Broncos can pretty much claim the division. ours is a sad one this year

  21. @Shockwave

    I always play games on normal first so that I can get the most out of the story. I played Uncharted 2 on normal and I didn't care about the treasures and trophies this go around. I feel that trophies and achievements takes your focus away from the story. I worry about that stuff after I've beaten the game undistracted by that stuff.

  22. I'm pulling for San Diego tonight. I need 37 points from the combination of Rivers, Gate and Jackson.


    do you think you could win a game in the playoffs in the dome?

  23. @ Nightshade

    Why does a pro football player need an unlicensed gun in a night club? NY has strict gun laws for a good reason considering NYC.

    The DUI thing as well as every other conviction on anything has to follow suit with everyone else whose been convicted. If not, a fair trial wouldn't be so fair. The unfortunate fact is, much richer and more important people have also killed people in those states on DUI.

    I think Vick got a raw deal. There were lots of precedents that got ignored when he got sent up. Plax actually got off lightly compared to the fact that people are serving much bigger stretches for the same thing in NY.

  24. @Smartguy: Yep. Remember '07? Giants won 3 road playoff games on the way to the Super Bowl. Not saying it's etched in stone or anything, but they play well on the road. They've got as good a chance as any other team, and there's still no guarantee that the Saints would have that game at home. Everyone loses games throughout the year.

  25. either way smartguy. I'll be surprised if there are 37 points total tonight from both teams. if the Broncos give up 37 points than they'll be giving up almost as many points tonight as they've given up all season. That's highly unlikely

  26. I think the Plaxico sentence was appropriate. He should have known better. His excuses for the transgression were to put it nicely…ridiculous. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he should have gotten a free pass. Truth is, he stood to lose much more than a regular joe. He had a big money job, and a family. Lot to put at risk because of being ignorant.

    Dream game revision: Diablo3 released TODAY

  27. @N8R: not saying it wasn't stupid. I'm just saying that 2 years is excessive. Or maybe Donte Stallworth getting 30 days is too light. Maybe the answer lies in the middle.

  28. @ Shockwave and Smartguy

    I absolutely HATE Phil Rivers. He's really not that good.

    People put that guy on a pedestal for reasons I'll never know. He got lucky a few times… that's it. LT carries that team.

  29. @shockwave

    I was talking fantasy points…but yeah, they'd have to put up over 30 to really get those numbers I need to win my fantasy game. Could happen though. Saints tore through the vaunted Giants D yesterday…..a few weeks ago they tore through the vaunted Eagles D. It's an offense league now with all the rules. Never know. I am pleased that the ugly uniforms are back though.

  30. @N8R, and LT (hate calling him that because only Lawrence Taylor is LT) has been doing pretty bad this year. hence why phillip rivers hasn't been doing that great either. SD has definitely been struggling. if they hadn't been on bye week rest and at home tonight I would have expected us to beat them. but with those two factors they have a good chance. but they don't have a chance at scoring 37 points on our D

  31. @nightshade

    I think part of that was the fact that Stallworth settled with the family and that was considered in the sentencing. With Burress…he knew the law and ignored it so he could protect himself and his bling at a nightclub. These pro athletes always get themselves into so much trouble at nightclubs and stripclubs….maybe they should break away from that lifestyle or risk the consequences.

  32. @Smart guy. ya I don't get in to pretend football much but I know why it's so popular. Still 30 points would be a stretch IMO.

  33. @Ray

    Check this out:http: //

  34. I agree that Plax got a harsh sentence. I don't understand the NFL players fascinations with clubs. Don't they see that that's were it all happens. If I feel I need a gun to go somewhere then I just won't go. If I ever got rich there's no way I'm coming back down by doing something stupid.

  35. @ Smartguy, unfortunately the "lifestyle" is what comes with the money and fame. these guys are raking in tail at places like that. I'm sure you wouldn't be so willing to give that up. oh and just so you know I'm not a night club guy

  36. @nightshade

    Florida vs New York. Different statutes and different sentencing guidelines at the state and parish level. Though I would have expected NY to be way more liberal than Florida.

  37. My fantasy team actually won this week on the strength of Tom Brady's arm and the Packer's D against the Lions. The rest of my team did nothing. I never have a good fantasy football team though. I'm much better in baseball leagues (won my league this year).

  38. @shockwave

    I know thinking certain players are angels is wrong but going out to get "tail" all the time is what leads to their downfalls. Hell, that got Steve McNair killed. Point is for me…going out for some strange all the time and bad stuff going down is not worth me losing my dream job, incredible bank account and possible media job in the future. I'll find one woman or two and just stick with it. Hell you retire at 35 anyway. Plenty of time to get the young stupid ones afterward. Or so McNair thought…

  39. @Smartguy: NYC tends to vote Republican for mayor (Bloomberg, Guliani). But these are Republicans who believe in some liberal ideas usually, like tougher gun laws or more openness towards social standards than you're likely to get from say, a Kentucky Republican.

  40. @ Smartguy

    Dude, gun laws in Florida are crazy. You can legally shoot someone if you feel threatened at all. Somebody's over your shoulder at the ATM… you can pop them. Some airlines hand you pamphlets when you get off the planes basically saying "don't argue with Floridians, they will shoot you".

    NY… they have gang bangers, mafia, and cops doing bigger stretches than Plax for accidentally discharging a firearm. Their lawyers would have a field day if Plax got sent up for less.

  41. Trust me Smartguy I know, we had the same thing happen to Darrent Williams here in Denver. young kid with a lot of potential gunned down after a night of clubbing. I'm not saying it's smart but I think it's easier for us to say what we would do if we had all that talent/money

  42. hindsight is always 20-20. I'm sure if McNair had any idea the consequences he would never have been cheating on his wife with some crazy B#%@

  43. @Smartguy I did check that out. It's funny, the Storm 2 reviews are all over the place. Aside from the browser still sucking, critics can't agree on this phone.

    @Sandrock323 Ha! Well, if most of the peeps are going to talk about football anyway then I should do something for those that don't watch the NFL.

  44. @Ray

    Yeah I wonder if that data plan cost will go up if they include a MIFI capability. If so that could really hurt the sales of the new device. Seriously, most people who buy it won't use the Mifi function. Some people just want a touchscreen phone with the provider who is best in their area.

  45. so the other day when I was playing Uncharted 2 my girlfriend said "who does the voice of Nathan Drake he sounds familiar" I looked it up and it wasn't a famous guy but his name is Nolan North and according to his wiki he has done voices on like 50 games or more. what surprised me however, is that if you have played less than 15-20 of these games you can hardly call yourself a gamer.

    he's on Goldeneye, Fable 2, Halo3 & ODST, Uncharted, Shadow Complex, Saints Row, Gears 2, Lost Planet, Assassin's Creed. it's a crazy list

  46. I wonder how you get in to video game acting. hell, I think I could do better than half the voice work I hear on certain games. bad VO can really ruin an otherwise great story. props to Uncharted 2 for keep the characters very real and funny.

  47. Damn, I can't believe I watched that Falcons game last night instead of Treehouse of Horror.

  48. @Everyone Okay guys, I have to run off for an errand in Hollywood. Hopefully when I return, there will be more than 125 comments and Google will have reinstated my AdSense account. (Only one of these is a real possibility.)

  49. seems quiet today for 125 but I'll contribute to what I can Ray.

    As far as adsense goes, I think that's crap. While the users here may have gone a little crazy with the clicks I don't consider that your fault. They could have at least warned you that you were abusing the service before pulling it away

  50. wow, this site is totally dead when i miss work and sleep in

    how bout those crazy buffalo bills?

  51. he didn't say exactly Thunder but I assume Google things he was asking us to click a ridiculous number of times… which just isn't the case. although every time you go to a website Google charges that company money so it's something they probably monitor very closely for clicks

  52. @smartguy

    thats funny, i have rivers gates and jackson on my yahoo league too

    cept i just need 13 points to win

    you should get 37 no problem though

  53. Wing Commander Universe + MMO awesomeness + Customizable Ships = An MMO I would play over Star Wars The Old Republic.

  54. oh yeah jedi revan

    totally forgot the topic

    while i cant think of a ultimate game, i sure can think of an ultimate movie

    transformers g1 movie, set in 1985, cartoon accurate, not worried about toy sales, with the correct voiceovers, no megan fox and NO robots who speak in cliche racial stereotypes

  55. @Thundercracker

    How could you use Reggie Bush correctly? He's only good for checkdowns and passes in the backfield and anybody can do that.

  56. @rrod

    theres a huge market for that, i say the same thing about chris johnson in tennesee, if you get these guys in open space, on a linebacker, forget about it. Reggie bush is not a guy you can expect to get the tough yardage, but he can murder you in the open field

  57. @shockwave

    dude, you arent thinking 4th dimensionally

    ok, that made no sense, but what i mean to say is that im not sure you understand how fantasy football works. If rivers throws a td pass to gates,i get 12 points, because i own both. You get points for passing yards, rac yards, tds. So if rivers gets his usual 300 yards and 2 tds, we will be fine. He needs rivers to score 20, gates to score 10 and jackson to score 10. Which is pretty easy,

    Colston scored me 39 points on his own this week, and shaub got me 37

  58. @rrod

    leahy would, and he wouldnt understand if you thought that was a total rip off

  59. @rrod

    not every running back has 4.2 speed.

    i know you hate reggie, but he IS kinda elusive…

    and for that matter, the falcons havent EVER used norwood like should have. If they had norword and turner in the game every play, and used norwood on little screen plays or over the middle more often, the defense would have to start paying attention to him and that would open up many opportunities for turner. As of now, they can just stack the box

    theres no reason that the falcons shouldnt have a passing offense thats as good as san diegos, for example

  60. @ RROD, truth be told I barely even play online that much as you know. I would probably not renew my XBL account if it were 100

    @ Thunder – fair enough, forgive me about being a little excited about the Bronco D but I gotta show my support. I'd like to shut those guys out in San Diego. Also, even though it didn't really fit I'll give you the Back to The Future quote

  61. if you guys had ONE more good reciever, youd be so much better

    not saying you guys arent a very good team, but roddy gets doubled every play cause no one is scared of michael jenkins

  62. @ RROD, his comment lacked any true evidence. I think MS probably knows they might lose a lot of XBL Gold accounts if they doubled the cost but who knows. I'd say it's about as likely as Sony charging for the service which sounds unlikely too.

  63. @Thunder

    No…Reggie is good where he is. He picks up the blitz, and demands a linebacker spy at all times. I don't care that he doesn't run between the tackles. This game has changed. Every team needs that guy who can get them a tough yard but with the rule changes hardnosed running backs who are a centerpiece are all but negated. Big time receivers, tight ends and elusive running backs are where it's at.

    Yeah, I think I should get what I need from Rivers and company tonight. I see him doing about 300 yards and three TDs. Broncos are gonna take it on the chin tonight. Division game, Chargers off the bye, in SD, must win for SD…Kyle Orton fails tonight.

  64. @Thundercracker

    Again, every RB in the NFL is dangerous in the open field whether they run by you or through you. Totally agree about how we don't use Norwood enough. Teams are stacking the box and stopping Turner. I hope Norwood don't miss any games with that injury last night.


    It's just another one of Pachter's crazy predictions. I just wanted to know who would still pay that much for it.

  65. I will not be a gold member if the price is raised. As it is now, I won't renew my account unless I get a gift certificate or something to buy the subscription. The Live service is reliable as far as speeds go as in downloading updates and content, but being able to log on to play a MP game is not worth almost 10 dollars per month to me. I can see where they'd consider it since places like ATT and TWC are implementing caps everywhere and raising business rates. Point is, I won't pay for it.

  66. @smartguy

    not sure what you read there, but im a bush supporter…they just have too many mouths to feed in new orleans

    i own reggie in both fantasy leagues and hes sitting on my bench in both leagues. Yesterday since megatron was out, i had to choose between reggie and leon washington. I actually chose correctly for once too!

    Guys like leon and reggie should both be murder in ppr formats, reggie only caught ONE ball last week, even with the td, he only put up 9 points or so

  67. never thought id say that i was a bush supporter

    but to be fair obama winning the nobel prize was pretty jacked up too

  68. @thundercracker

    I meant to direct it to you and RROD. He is a staunch believer in a RB must run between the tackles to be considered good or even successful. I just forgot to break it into two parts. I have to support Reggie.

  69. @Thundercracker

    I don't hate Reggie Bush, I just have a problem with these guys coming in and getting big money only to go bust when some great players still haven't gotten paid yet. Brandon Marshall hasn't gotten paid yet but some college receiver named Crabtree can hold out half the year to get a lot of money and haven't proven anything yet. In 06 all I heard was how stupid the Texans were for passing on Reggie Bush, Vince Young, and Matt Lienart and picking Mario Williams. Now who's stupid?

  70. @Smartguy

    You got me all wrong. I agree with how they use Reggie, it's the only way to use him. My problem is he is not worth the price tag. We can use Norwood the same way you guys use Bush but I would pay Norwood what Bush is getting. Anybody with speed can play that role. But yes, to be considered a good RB you have to be able to get the rushing yards. When people consider which back goes to the hall of fame they look at RUSHING YARDS, not RB pass receptions.

  71. Texans wish they had Reggie. Their defense doesn't stop anyone.

    I agree with the rookie pay being outrageous. It is a double edged sword though. If veterans received more than rookies, teams would primarily be 1st and 2nd year players and veterans would be forced out of the league much sooner. In the end, it is a business.

  72. @ RROD

    There is no way Id pay that much.

    BUT I dont pay over 30 bucks for my gold anyway. I have never payed more then 30 bucks.

  73. @Smartguy

    I know you love Reggie but let's be real. Mario Williams averages 12 or 13 sacks a year. That's outstanding. Mario is just one man on that defense and the best player on that defense. The Saints offensive success is no thanks to Bush. Brees would still light up defenses without him. Bush in NOT the best player on the offense as Mario is the best player on his defense. Get real.

  74. The run deals a few times a year. this last time my wife decided to get on live so we got 4 cards at toys r us for 30 dollars each.

  75. @Shockwave

    I don't know, I'm sure M$ would raise it if they though people would pay for it.

  76. Oh, and not being a follower of every detail of football, can someone explain WTF is up with the Titans sucking so bad this year?

  77. @Hrolf

    So you would really let $100 a year get in the way of you enjoying cross game chat and Netflix? Think about it.

  78. @Hrolf, I guess I'll keep an eye out but I'm not too good at that. R Pad should keep an eye out for those deals for me :)

    also, someone mentioned earlier that the Titans had an easy schedule last year which made them seem better. I don't know if it's that or not but Football is just one of those things you can't predict. even as an avid Bronco fan I would have laughed if someone told me the Broncos would be 5-0 after all the changes in the offseason

  79. @RROD

    This has been Reggie's least productive year as far as TDs go. Going into the Giants game he lead the team in yards from scrimmage. Must be doing something right. Brees is the man. Best player on the team without a doubt. Bush plays a role in the offense. It works. Williams may very well be the best player they have on defense. I don't think he is better than most DEs in the NFL though. That draft class was pretty soft except for Colston.

  80. @ RROD, well beyond that it would be a shame if they raised the price. I don't have many friends with a PS3 so without live a lot of my co-op gaming would go out the window. Although I bet my friends who have XBL wouldn't pay 100 bucks either so we'd all be out if you ask me

  81. @Smartguy

    How is Mario Williams not betten than most DEs when he's getting more sacks than most DEs? Anybody with speed can play Bush's role and you know it.

  82. @ Smartguy. I think you have a point. A player doesn't have to be the best in order to do his job. Take Orton in Denver. far from the best QB in the league and far from the best offensive player the Broncos have but he does his job and doesn't make mistakes. perfect fit

  83. Also, I think Williams was one of the best picks the falcons have had. that and Matt Ryan

  84. the bottom line is that reggie bush, vince young AND mario williams make way too much

    the texans defense is still total garbage…which is good for me cause im a shaub owner and i love shootouts!

  85. the falcons will be much better next year, after they draft a reciever in the first round

  86. @Shockwave

    Who is this Williams that you say we picked? But you are right that Matty Ice was a great pick.

  87. it was, I meant Texans and Matt Ryan for the Falcons. Thanks. I will agree that some of these guys are way overpaid. Rookies are just that. they need to earn some respect in the NFL. I don't care how good you were in college. look at Sanchez and Brady Quinn.

  88. @ RROD

    Yes. while I enjoy being able to watch netflix on a 50 inch plasma, I do have a mac i can stream netflix to. and I have not been able to get to play multiplayer as much as i would like lately so that kind of price increase would kill off having a gold account. even if i could get a card for 50 dollars, at that point, its just not worth it.

    I do not think M$ would do that though.

  89. we got to 125!

    and you still need a second reciever

    you know whos a god damn beast for you guys and who no one ever talks about?

    curtis lofton

    hes an idp of mine on both fantasy teams, and hes been great all year

  90. @Thundercracker

    Yes, Curtis Lofton was a great pick and we could use another receiver but Harry Douglas did good but go hurt so he'll be back next year. We have much bigger holes on defense to be picking a receiver in the 1st round.

  91. @RROD, Ya cutler did expose some weak spots in your D last night, especially during man coverage on deep plays. the core of the team is solid though so it's really just fine tuning at this point

  92. @ Nightshade, thanks. seems worth trying but I'm waiting for the discount bin. that and demon's souls might need to wait until the dreaded summer months next year

  93. @ Shockwave & RROD: I really enjoyed it. Mind you, I listen to metal and really like all Tim Schafer games, so it was clearly right up my alley. Like I said in the review, it felt like this game was meant specifically for me. I can understand if that doesn't translate across the board. But it was a great game none the less.

  94. i asked the guy at toys r us when i got my buy 2 get 1 free if i could exchange a game, and he said yes if its still in the plastic…can i get my money back?

    he didnt really know, but i might try and wait for mw2 to come out and exchange it for that!

  95. that's a good idea thunder. the only thing I could see being a problem is if AA is on sale but I doubt it will be that soon. Damn, I should have done that.

  96. @Thundercracker

    Brutal Legend was my free game(only because Toys R Us didn't have Demon's Souls). I'll get around to playing it eventually.

  97. I think I skipped AA for subject matter alone. I'm not really in to the comic book/super hero thing much. I played the demo and thought it was pretty fun though.

  98. I'm glad someone finally decided to do Batman in stealth. it's half the reason he's a regular guy with super-hero status. I will have to give it a shot. I liked the stealth mechanics of the demo but didn't care much for the brawling stuff

  99. i cant really complain about arkham asylum for free

    im still waiting for legends of wrestlemania to get to me in the mail ( angry emoticon )

  100. My dream game was GTA Vice City. Nothing like cruising around town looking like Don Johnson and rocking out to some 80s music.

    Uncharted 2 has been pretty great though. I have been having to replay a lot of the game so I haven't beaten it yet. People come over and I have been talking about the game so long I have to show them the views, the train sequence, the first helicopter chase, and when that stupid thing startled me when it popped out of the background and looked at me.

  101. @Shockwave562 Yeah, a warning would have been nice, but according to the TOS, it's not necessary. I'm sure they can find several reasons to kill my account, but I thought it was cool as long as I was not clicking on the ads myself. *shrug* I submitted an appeal, but from what I understand it's likely to be ignored.

    @Thundercracker No specific reason was given — just a form letter. Hey…that reminds me of another email I got. Ha!

    @Everyone Man that errand sucked. It should have taken an hour, but the crutches and a few breaks slowed me down. I probably should have taken a cab, but I thought I could hack the subway/walk combo. Almost three months on crutches — so over it!!! Ha!

    I was thrilled to see this many comments when I got back though. There's my silver lining!

  102. I still want to see a Star Control game over X-box live. It can be as simple as controlling planets with ship to ship combat like the first one, or a combination of all of the games. I think if they included planetside battles like Return Fire to make the game more complex, that would be interesting too.

    As for a Drow game, I would like to see such a thing as well, but very GTA inspired. I still dont get why they dont do MORE open sandbox style games set in different times.

  103. @RROD

    Let me take your spin on it. He can get sacks but doesn't play against the run very well. If he isn't the total package he isn't a great DE. Dwight Freeney and Williams are alike. Pass rushers but bad against the run.

    Also AP didn't get the hype coming out of college for 3 reasons:

    1.) Not a USC player.

    2.) Hurt his senior year

    3.) To a lesser extent….he couldn't speak. Not saying he is stupid, but he just had a problem speaking. I think someone was hired by the Vikings and has helped him a bit.

  104. WTB Blogger that isn't a Dark Elf fanboy. ;-) I just hate the Drow more than I hate Balloon Boy Dad. His haircut looks like a retarded child from 1993.

  105. @smartguy

    also reggie led his team to back to back national titles, was the heisman trophy winner, and was a one of the most exciting college players to ever lace up

  106. you guys ever see reggie bush high school footage?

    watch 2:10

    i went to high school with rudi johnson, but this is a whole new level

  107. @rrod

    cant disagree with you too much there

    carson palmer charles woodson and eddie george are really the only 3 winners lately to do anything

    however, barry sanders WOULD like to have a word with you ;)

  108. @Thundercracker

    If Barry Sanders had been playing with a team that had a offensive line like the Cowboys of that era, he would have broken every running back record in the league.

  109. @jedirevan

    ive heard that arguement for 20 years, and let me just say something

    the lions NEVER had a qb, rarely had decent recievers (johnnie morton, herman moore)

    yet barry consistantly ran for 1500-2000 yards against 8 man fronts

    the lions must have had a pretty good line

  110. a better argument is to say that what if barry had dan marino or boomer esiason handing the ball off to him?

    barry sanders was the best college player to ever live, and he sat behind thurman thomas 2 years

  111. coffee talk trivia clue

    this guy was a running back who ran through airports and murdered 2 people

  112. @Thundercracker I'm so lucky I wasn't drinking coffee when I read that question. It would have been all over my computer screen. Ha! I think I'll go make some coffee now.

  113. @RPad

    I love High Elves and their pompousness so I can't, in good conscience, like Drow.

  114. @RPad Fair enough. My bestfriend is a huge fan so I will give you a pass. I still need to read those books. R.A. Salvatore right?

  115. LOL

    I like this article :P

    Warhammer 40,000+PlanetSide+Natural Selection=EPIC MMO Sci-Fi warfare

  116. Drizzt is a total badass. It's just unfortunate the number of "good Drow rangers" he's spawned in D&D *facepalm*

  117. @TheJediRevan I can only recommended 1/3 of them…maybe 1/2. The Dark Elf Trilogy is the best, the Icewind Dale Trilogy started it all, and the books on Jarlaxle/Entreri are very good.

    @Ieyke I thought you would! You had a fun formula, plus I think it's important to implement user ideas and give credit for them. Hopefully it adds to the sense of community. Yeah, it's my name in the url, but this is "our" site.

  118. @Thundercracker

    Tim Brown has to be included on the list of Heisman winners who aren't busts.

    Answer: Orenthal James

    Barry Sanders: He didn't need the Dallas line. He retired right at the cusp of CRUSHING sweetness's record. He would have put it out of place of Emmitt Smith no doubt.

  119. I actually like the Hunter's Blades the best of the Legend Of Drizzt series I've read (which include Dark Elf and Icewind Dale).


    "Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura"+Fallout 3 engine+MMO=Seriously awesome Fantasy/Steampunk ActionMMO

  120. Sorry guys I can no longer participate in the morning coffee talk… My work place turn off the internet because of too many people doing stupid things on the internet. Such as porn, dl music…..etc… Idiots!! But I still read coffee talk in the afternoon when I am bored hehe..

  121. @Shockwave: I’m much more of a Marvel comics guy. But Arkham Asylum was very well done. I like stealth oriented games, and there is something awesome about being Batman, I’ll admit it.

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