Coffee Talk #49: Favorite Games of 2009 #2 Civilization Revolution

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As I mentioned last week, I’ll be counting down my five favorite games of 2009 in this week’s Coffee Talk columns and I’d love for you to join me! Let me know what your favorite games of the year were in the comments section. Remember, this isn’t about what games you thought were “best”. I want to know what you had the most fun with in 2009.

Civ iPhone

#2 Civilization Revolution — I picked up this iPhone game as an impulse purchase when it was on sale for $2.99. It quickly became one of the best gaming values I’ve had in years. There’s nothing fancy or complex about Civilization Revolution — it offers classic Civ gameplay on your iPhone…which is more than enough for hundreds of hours of entertainment.

Whether I’m flying across the Pacific Ocean, dealing with jet lag in Yokohama, or simply can’t sleep at home, it’s so easy to pass the time with this game. The only problem is that it’s so addictive that it’s easy to lose track of time and miss important things. Ha! That said, I’m amazed that I’ve gotten hundreds of hours of gameplay for only three bucks! Civilization Revolution rules!!!

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  1. Without a doubt I will give it to Arkham Asylum. The game really surprised me. In fact, it is the only game that I did every single thing possible in the game. What really made this title special was the voice talent used and story told. They used all the voices from the excellent animated series.

    It also didn't hurt that Batman was an ass-whipping machine.

  2. @rpad since you like that game so much, i'll give it a whirl.

    #2 uncharted 2 – this game is just like a never ending rollercoaster ride. its like riding the knott's berry farm silver bullet, then down disney's small world ride, den goes back up. it is just a mind blowing single player experience. the story is deep, the voice overs just make the characters so REAL! so yeah, it is an awesome game.

  3. my #2 is Uncharted 2. – The original was nothing to write home about. If anything I had my doubts about Uncharted 2. Never before have I seen a sequel improved in so many ways over a title that preceded it in the same generation. Naughty Dog did everything in their power to make the best Action/Adventure game possible and they've succeeded. Also, thanks to some of the hard work at the studio this is easily the best looking game I've played in 09. I look forward to having more adventures with Nathan Drake in the future.

    If anyone was waiting to get a PS3 for a certain game to come out this was it.

  4. Previously, on the coffee talk top five of '09 countdown….

    #5: Brutal Legend

    #4: Madden NFL 10/FIFA Soccer 10 (tie)

    #3: Assassin's Creed 2

    Meanwhile, behind the facade of this innocent looking web blog…..

    #2: Batman: Arkham Asylum

    I'm more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy, but the Batman is probably the one DC character that I find intriguing. Plus he's got possibly the coolest rogues gallery of villains as well. But since there had never been a good Batman game before, I certainly wasn't expecting a game this good or this engaging. Rocksteady fully captured what it meant to be the Dark Knight with this game. I can't recommend this game highly enough to anyone who likes comic books, video games, or both.

  5. #2 inFAMOUS

    I absolutely love this game. I found all of the shards twice, played through it 3 times. I still get a kick out of using my powers to scare people or blow up the gas stations or flip cars. Everything about this game was a blast, and I am excited for a second one. Also I honestly loved the M Knight Shyamalan ending.

  6. @ Nightshade

    As a whole universe/world, I prefer Marvel too… BUT, "Preacher" is seriously one of the best series I've ever read. Watchmen is up there too. I'm currently reading Sandman, and that's looking to be pretty awesome as well.

    All that said, DC DEFINITELY has some intriguing characters who are Batman (who's story has actually changed multiple times over 60-70 years. For most of that time, Batman was a little homoerotic).

  7. Your number 2 game of this year is an iPhone game. Now, that is impressive. I'm afraid to even pick this game up because of it's addictive factor. I'm scared that my wife or I will start playing it and neglect house-hold duties and work.


  8. 5. mw2

    4. killzone/infamous

    3. dragon age-thats all ive played this month….

    2. assassins creed 2

  9. 5. GH:World Tour

    4. Saints Row II

    3. Scribblenauts

    My number 2 game is Fallout 3, believe me, I had trouble picking my number 2 and number 1. Fallout has given me so many hours of enjoyment, and the series is one I have played every game and beaten (even the horrid Tactics)

  10. @ R Pad

    I'd need something that could hit the speakers. One well placed EMP would do the trick for me.

  11. #5 – inFamous

    #4 – WoW

    #3 – Borderlands

    #2 – Uncharted 2 – there is one reason this game did not make number 1, and if you haven't guessed which game did already, then you'll find out tomorrow.

    Naughty Dog did everything right with this one. I did not have very high hopes going into this one, I didn't play much of the first one, and, as always, the shooting/aiming mechanic has never been a strong suit. So I tried out the Multiplayer Beta when it was unlocked for everyone (despite having a code from inFamous) and was completely impressed. I had not had so much fun in a deathmatch/co-op environment before, and I felt that if I was able to perform admirablly in the multi aspect, then I should do myself a favor and just get the game.

    I love the Indiana Jones-esque story, I love the set pieces, I love the shooting. My step-son was drawn into it after seeing me play some Plunder matches as well, and he made me promise that I would finish the story when he came back up for chirstmas. Very rarely does a game come along that hits all the buttons so right. This year… I was lucky enough to play two. This one… and #1.

  12. @ Small World

    Actually, if I could just get in to the booth and change the music… my whoa's would be cured. Let's face it, those dolls wouldn't be half as annoying if they were singing N.W.A.'s F**k The Police or Rammstein or something like that.

  13. @topic

    Halo Wars had an epic "story" with beautiful cutscenes. The only problem was it was it used normal RTS story telling techniques. That aside, the controls where great, the armies where well balanced, and the easy resource management kept the your attention focused on the battle 70-80% of the time. Probably the best multiplayer RTS I've ever played. Hopefully, Bonfire Entertainment and Robot Entertainment do well so that we can continue to see great games out of those two new studios.


    Any idea what a FFXIII First Edition is? Apparently there will be a FFXIV beta code in it.

  14. @N8R – actually Batman's is one of the few stories in comics to remain fairly constant as far as his origin. While the early years were a bit homoerotic, or even NAMBLA-erotic, there were some good stories that carried over. The best rogues gallery in the history of ever – EVAR – is a great help as well.

  15. @ N8R

    LOVE the music choice.

    lol I was thinking Cradle Of Filth or King Diamond would be nice too.

  16. @Hrolf – hahaha. Hearing them sing King Diamond would be completely hilarious. I would probably fall out of the boat if that falsetto came over the PA, especially if you managed to throw facepaint on the dolls as well.

    @Small World – Billy Joel "We didn't start the fire" or Billy Idol "Cradle of Love"

  17. @ Larcenous

    NAMBLA-erotic :lol: is a better word.

    It really wasn't until the Tim Burton films that Batman's demeanor changed. But your correct in the origin (DC specific) not changing. Superman left krypton like 30 different ways. Superman would still whoop his ass though.

    @ everyone else

    If you don't know what NAMBLA is… DON'T GOOGLE IT! BAD IDEA!

  18. yeah, don't google NAMBLA, especially if you are at work. Just watch the southpark episode about it.

  19. @ Hrolf

    My heart belongs to Gwar. But you would have to change the dolls (or what's being done to the dolls) if your going to incorporate the Scumdogs.

  20. My #2 is Modern Warfare 2. What I love about the COD series is that it's the only online shooter that doesn't require teamwork. Almost all other shooters require teamwork to be successful but in MW2 all I need is for my team to stay out of my way.

  21. i like n8r's rammstein idea personally…how bout the sanford and son themesong on a loop?

    @totally unrelated

    RIP chris henry…you didnt play for my team, but im sorry you passed away before you could turn your life around, im totally rooting for the bengals this week

  22. @A Small World: I'd pay to see Ray going all Nolan Ryan on that place.

    @Comics: I'm really not as up on my comics as I used to be. When it got to the point I needed to buy 10 $2 books every month to follow one storyline, I kinda gave up on the habit. That being said, I have something like over 200 X-Men books laying around here somewhere. Oldest one I have is #27, first appearance of The Banshee. I used to have #s12-16, (first appearances by The Juggernaut (bitch) and the Sentinels), but they disappeared on me.

    @Music: Using Cradle of Filth's "Her Ghost in the Fog" for the boss music in one of the Brutal Legend stage battles was epic!!

  23. @rrod

    i love mw2 as well, but i just suck so bad at it…my k/d ratio is at 1.05

    the original mw my k/d was 1.6 or so with 120000 kills, i was good at that game..the new one is way too camper/ "noob" friendly

  24. @Shockwave

    It's taking everything I have in me to not debate about what you said about Uncharted 1.

    "The original was nothing to write home about."

  25. @N8R – Batman:Year One. Between that and The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller single handedly reshaped Batman from possible pedophile to "The most dangerous man on the planet earth." B:YO and TDKR served as the inspiration for not only Burton's Bats, but also for Nolan's.

    Take those and then add Batman: The Animated Series and it completely reshaped the character. I will probably dive whole heartedly into this tomorrow with my #1, but that series alone completely redefined the character.

  26. @Thundercracker

    Agreed. I used to be a run-n-gunner in COD4 and WAW but MW2 has way to many nooks & crannies, window, corners, tall grass, bushes, and stairs to be successful at run-n-gunning. You will always get shot in the back. I camp quite a bit now. The game forces you to, if you want you kill streaks.

  27. @larcenous

    dont forget the killing joke…which is by far my favorite batman graphic novel

    frank miller is the dude

  28. @Nightshade – that's why I use wiki. I would love to spend the time reading all the comics I could get my hands on, but it would take me forever to get around to it. Speaking of which…

    @N8R – I have actually downloaded the PDF's for Preacher from my email to my desktop. At this rate, I should have them started in the next month.

  29. @LarcenousLaugh

    Since you're a huge Batman fan, I read yesterday that Batman: AA 2 is rumored to release in the summer of next year. If this is true it concerns me of the quality of the sequel that they can come up with in only 1 year. Your thoughts?

  30. @Thunder – Killing Joke was excellent, but not as character shaping for Bats himself. I loved his response to the joke at the end, when both he and the joker just sat there and laughed.

  31. @ Larcenous

    A drummer I worked with got me in to Preacher. He lent me the first 2 books and I couldn't put them down. As soon as I finished each of them, I was immediately on the phone with him to get the next installments.

    How many do you have so i know what to send next?

  32. @Thunder: Yeah, I'd heard. I have a hard time feeling sympathy for the guy based on his past history. It's easy to say, "He was trying to turn his life around," but clearly he put himself in a bad position again. This time it was fatal. If he'd been killed by an event that didn't stink of more bad judgment on his part, I'd probably feel differently.

  33. @ Batman fans

    Which series was it where the Joker raped Batgirl and killed Robin? That one was sick.

  34. @larcenous

    yeah im more into villians, and the joker is the best comic book villian ever..or so i thinks

    i love doctor doom as well, and apocalypse, thanos, magneto

    damn, this discussion is making me want to go back to collecting comics

  35. @Thundercracker

    Yeah, quite unfortunate. He lived an uncharmed life that's for sure. Very terrible to be killed in a domestic dispute with the wife to be.

  36. @Thunder – yeah it's been all over the news. While sad, jumping into the back of a moving truck wasn't the smartest of ideas.

    @RROD – I hadn't heard the time frame yet. Concerning… only slightly. The time frame could work if they weren't planning any major structual overhalls. The engine is already refined for it, though it would be nice to see some additional animations and a bit of a sharper combat camera for the free flow fights. I was a huge fan of both the combat and predator systems, so I don't see much that needs to change there.

    I am willing to grant them the same respect I give Chris Nolan – I trust you until you mess it up. Chris hasn't done that yet, and Rocksteady delievered a thriller. I'll wait to see some more beyond the first teaser to really start getting up in a wind about it though.

  37. @nightshade

    i hear you, and im not pretending to be a chris henry fan now, i just feel bad seeing ocho almost brought to tears because a teammate and a friend lived his life like a total jackass

    i got to see him play at west virginia, he was an amazing talent…and an amazing idiot

  38. @RROD – I may have been a bit harsh. I did enjoy playing Uncharted just not nearly as much as Uncharted 2.

  39. @N8R – Joker killed Jason Todd in Death in the Family, the fans actually voted for him to die. I don't remember him raping Batgirl though, Barbara was already in a wheel chair, and I don't think they had introduced another at that time. It's Mr. J though, so it's nothing I would put past him.

    @Thunder – he is certainly one of my favorites, if only because he completely understands his role in the world. He is the antithesis to Bats, his opposite on the moral scale, and he completely defines himself by his adversary. It lets them get away with an awful, awful lot. I think one of my favorite quotes was from one of the Villain United stories.

    "When bad guys want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."

  40. @#49 –

    Actual quote – In the mini-series Underworld Unleashed, the Trickster remarks, "When super-villains want to scare each other, they tell Joker stories."

  41. hmmm, I beat Uncharted 1 well before there were trophies. do I have to play it again to get them?

  42. @Thunder: Frankly, I'm more surprised this hadn't happened to him sooner. It's always sad to see talented people waste that talent, but I've kinda grown pretty detached from it. That'll happen after your favorite pro wrestler for over a decade kills his wife, son and himself, and then the star WR on your favorite football team shoots himself in the leg at a NYC nightclub. At this point, All I root for is the logos on the hats, not the names on the back.

  43. blue collar football teams=win

    n8r knows what im talking about…i hate the steelers, but i respect their work ethic

  44. @Shockwave

    I hear you man. I don't know how Naughty Dog can top Uncharted 2. I think they have nowhere to go but down after Uncharted 2. I hope they can prove me wrong. I just don't see how it can possibly be better.

  45. @ Larcenous

    After some research, I believe I was thinking of Killing Joke. He had her mostly naked but ended up shooting her in the spine.

  46. @ Thundercracker

    Most of the coaches and coordinators in the league have been through the Steeler camp at one point. Just about every team has someone who was with the Steelers at one point.

  47. i realise that you try to be funny, but i also appreciate the knowledge you drop on occasion

  48. im still pissed the bills let go of dick lebeau

    the fact that hes not in the hall of fame makes me ill

  49. lol

    we also let bill pollian get away from us

    who then went on to architect the indianapolis colts

  50. Football comment:

    I wish either the Saints or the Colts have a perfect season and go on to win the Super Bowl just to shut up those 72 Dolphins. I can't stand Mercury Morris.

  51. @nightshade

    i dont think anyone is taking points away for immaturity, if they are, i totally need to ace the final

  52. yeah n8r he was, but he has been for the last few years

    the veterans committee is dragging their collective ass on that one..i agree he will be eventually though

  53. @everyone

    just remembered the killing joke wasnt frank miller….it was alan moore, i think?

    sorry, im old and confused

  54. yeah i kind of hate my hours because by the time i start to blog on here, im so damn tired, im not able to construct any clever, pithy comments…

    i dont even deserve a magnet (sob)

    lol jk

    you guys have a wonderful morning

  55. @Killing Joke – yup Alan Moore. Joker shoots Barbara while she was at home (he shows up at the door in an awesome hawiian shirt) and takes pictures of her naked while she is laying on the floor bleeding. He uses those to try and break Gordon, to show that even one bady can take someone as high and moral, and make them just like him.

    @thunder – thanks. My wife tends to laugh at me and gives me the "You know you're cute, right hunny" whenever I tend to geek out.

  56. I love the old and confused description. You should change your gravatar to Grandpa Simpson.

    @AA sequel

    I agree, until they mess it up, let them hammer away at it.


    Only way Naughty D can top UC2 is to either have UC3 have an even more epic storyline (very plausible) or to come up with a new IP that uses some of the elements they employed in UC2. I am a total fan of the action game/platformer. They do it the best. Previous to UC2 I would have said Soul Reaver 2 was the best action/platformer to date.

    Damnit, will someone please make another LoK game!!?? Ray, make one of your connections get on this.

  57. my #2 would have to be Wolfenstein. I don't remember this game scoring very well, and I seem to remember a lot of comments about how it added nothing new, etc. But I loved this game. If I am a fanboy for anything it is the Wolfenstein series. The original game is the reason I play video games today, and I have been playing that game on PC almost since the year it came out (it came out when I was 4, I started playing it when I was 6). I owe my video gaming life to the series, and I personally thought that this was a fun Wolfenstein game to play. The graphics were cool, the veil puzzles made me think, and overall it was just a blast to play. I had more fun with this one than I did when Return to Castle Wolfenstein came out for the xbox1.

  58. @RROD;

    Awww, I'm hoping the Colts and the Saints loose a game this year so the Dolphins can keep their perfect crown. And yes, Murcury Morris can be irritating at times. Although his annoyance can be balanced out with Larry Csonka's humility.


  59. @Iceman

    I never had a problem with the 72 Phins. Not until they open their mouths. Recently Bob Griese said that they both should lose a game to get the monkey off of their backs. That was his expert analysis and opinion. Professional football players as a team should throw a game.

    how in the hell does that help? let's say one of them wins the big dance…won't there be an even bigger monkey then knowing they threw the only game they lost??

  60. @Ray

    Thanks. You know, I have been to every restaurant he mentions in that article. In fact, Middendorf's the restaurant in Manchac he mentions, is my grandfather's favorite place. Just a good slice of what things are here I guess. Some things were a bit too much, but 90% was very accurate.

  61. @72perfection – I think it would diminish it if they threw it, cause then the question would always be "could they?" If they lose, they lose. I would not be upset at all if Peyton and company managed to do it, he is the perfect sportsman for that kind of honor, and I would be most surprised if both managed to get all the way to the bowl only to have to fight it out for it. That would be impressive and the bowl of the century.

  62. I have to respectfully disagree. I think Brees is the better sportsman. The guy is amazing. I met him at a fundraiser season before last..what a stand up guy.

    i also have met Lance Moore and Darren Sharper at House of Blues. Lance Moore does not drink.

  63. I really believe that the Colts will lose a game in the playoffs. They have a history of that happening to them. The Saints, on the other hand, are just scary- plain and simple. It's frightening and somewhat mesmerizing how they can simply will to win games by any means necessary.

    Well, frightening if you're not a Saints fan, anyway.


  64. @Smartguy – well you met him, so I guess that counts for something. My vote is for Peyton though. He is the non-douche Dan Marino of this generation.

  65. @Larcenous

    I have also met Peyton Manning. He and his father used to do a football camp for kids at the university close to my house. The Manning family is a very nice family….they only pick hot women lol.

    When Peyton played highschool football at Newman…it was the only time I can remember a local highschool game being put on local tv live. Mannings own NOLA until Brees came along.

  66. @Smartguy – I am sure they are still good for a free beignet whenever they roll into town.

  67. @Larcenous

    Maybe. Peyton probably gets at least 10 endorsement checks in the mail each day. Since we are talking about the Mannings…I wonder if Archie is upset that his third son never made it to the pros?

  68. I started downloading RE5 off of Windows Live last night. When I finish downloading it tonight, I'll post a quick synopsis about how it currently compares to other digital download services. (mainly steam as that is what I have the most access to.)

  69. A SMALL WORLD IS EFFIN' FANTASTIC! me and my band back in the philippines did a punk cover on the song. then this other band copied our damn cover. effers.

  70. @larcenous

    i am merely a casual batman fan

    i am overwhelmed and thoroughly (sp?) impressed by your knowledge

    when it comes to batman, your schwartz is certainly bigger than mine

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