AT&T Knows it Sucks in NYC and SF, Vows to Stop Sucking

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AT&T president & CEO of mobility and consumer markets Ralph de la Vega knows that the company’s mobile service in urban areas is pathetic. He recently acknowledged that the company’s service in New York City and San Francisco is lacking and vowed to improve it. BoyGeniusReport has…er…reported:

AT&T’s very own Ralph de la Vega says that Manhattan and San Francisco’s Financial District “are performing at levels below our standards.” In our own experiences, it seems much worse than that, but we’re happy to finally hear it being acknowledged and addressed. He also says that these issues are going to get fixed. “In both of those markets, I am very confident that you’re going to see significant progress.” Thanks for finally coming out and openly saying it, AT&T, instead of hiding behind figures like “our network covers 97% of the population.”

I remember attending a Giants game at AT&T Park with a friend armed with an iPhone. I found it hilarious that she dropped four calls over nine innings. AT&T can’t even provide decent coverage in its own ballpark! While I’d love to use my iPhone as something other than a glorified iPod Touch, I can’t deal with AT&T’s shoddy service in cities. I’m interested to see if it can improve its network in 2010…or if Verizon and T-Mobile get the iPhone, as many analysts have claimed.


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  1. @Rpad – Grouping together really hurts the signal big time. I went to a Broncos game a couple of hours early when they played the pats this year and had perfect service until the stadium filled up about game time. My signal completely disappeared. Yikes

  2. I love the venomous bile-launching at AT&T, Mr. Padilla. Someone or something needs to take that company down a peg or two.

    However, it would be delicoously ironic if AT&T offered you a well-paying job in their cellular network department. Would you accept, try to make the company better, and stop bashing them, or would you just give them the finger during the job interview?


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