Conspiracy Theory: EA Setting Up EA Sports MMA to Fail?

EA Sports MMA

CrunchGear has posted an…interesting conspiracy theory regarding EA Sports: MMA: “Is EA Sports MMA intentionally going to stink in order for EA Sports to lose the Strikeforce license and later acquire the UFC license?” The conjecture is that EA wants the game to flop so that it can snag the UFC license when the MMA organization’s deal with THQ expires. Here’s more:

Maybe it knows that there’s no way in hell EA Sports MMA is going to outsell UFC Undisputed, and it’s cool with that. Why? THQ’s license agreement with UFC runs out next year (I guess it was for two games). EA, which has a tremendous amount of money at its disposal, could then go to UFC and say, “Look, we’re EA. We’re big time. Undisputed did well, but with our muscle at your disposal, we’ll make a UFC game so incredibly huge that you’d be a fool to stick with THQ. Also, here’s several truckloads of money to help sweeten the deal.”

Although some of the points are valid, the theory is pretty shoddy. Yes, EA Sports MMA will probably not be as popular as UFC Undisputed. Yes, EA would love to have the UFC license. However, that doesn’t mean it wants to game to fail. That would be idiotic. It would be far more productive to make a good game that gets strong reviews and bring that to UFC. EA could say, “Look, we made a great game without you, but together we could eclipse your success with THQ.”

The notion that EA would purposely want a game to fail seems monumentally stupid to me. What do you make of this conspiracy theory?


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5 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory: EA Setting Up EA Sports MMA to Fail?”

  1. It doesnt hold any water. There is zero reason for EA to want to invest money in a bad game, especially when they are currently closing down production houses like Pandemic. You interpretation makes a lot more sense Ray. I would even go a step farther and use this game to innovate some gameplay mechanics, try something to make it stand out control wise over the THQ product. You want the only reason for your game not to sell better to be the lack of the UFC name.

  2. I believe in the "several truckloads of money to sweeten the deal" theory. I'm pretty sure that EA's company motto is: "Any problem can be solved with a dump truck full of cash."

    Seriously, it's written on a plaque that is hung on a wall inside their headquarters. Go look it up.


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