Sony Unveils MAG Beta Stats and Official Box Art

MAG boxZipper Interactive senior community manager and jiu-jitsu master Jeremy Dunham has revealed some interesting stats on the MAG beta and unveiled the official box art. First up are the beta stats:

  • More than 42,000 matches were played over the course of the full public beta (August 17 – December 5).
  • During October’s beta period alone nearly 534,000+ miles were traveled in-game by MAG players each week.
  • During the final month of the Beta 4 and 4.5 periods (November 9 – December 5):
  • Of the more than 65,000 players that logged on, 17,000 of them qualified for Squad Leader, 3500 people qualified for Platoon Leader, 1100 folks made it all the way to OIC, and 206 dedicated warriors made it all the way to the level 60 experience cap.
  • Nearly 18 million kills were made and an excess of 700 million shots were fired.
  • The Top 3 most played maps all belonged to the Sabotage mode. They were, in order, Syr Darya Uplink, Darien Network, and Copper Hills Relay.

Hit the break for the box art. Considering my bias for Japanese box art, I’m surprised that I like MAG’s cover so much.

MAG box art


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  1. Wow that's a lot of number for something that NEVER worked. I tried to get onto it after getting my Beta code form Qore, but it would never connect or say server not available. It made me completely write off MAG as a game I'd like to try.

  2. This game is a beast. This IS war! Makes Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 look like child's play. Feels like you are playing an MMO, Strategy, and FPS game. Zipper has done it again, all they need to do is make Socom 4.

  3. @Smartguy

    It is more realistic, but you do have a health count, you start at 100 HP, it you take 2 or 3 shots from an assault rifle you will die, 1 hit for a sniper rifle kills(unless the guy is wearing a helmet or heavy armor), and 8-9 shots to kill someone with a submachine gun. And the large machine guns are varied. But you definitely can run and gun all the time, you have to pick your shots and conserve ammo.

  4. It is actually squad chat, because i have been in games in which 100+ people had mics. Not pleasant at all.

  5. I know this is going to sound somewhat crazy, but I would greatly prefer game developers to not have both single and multi-player in the same game or on the same disk.

    This game MAG, and Counter-Strike are good examples because if you are going to focus on the multi-player, then it should be just that. Why bother wasting time and effort to make a short or half-assed single player game if all people want to do is deathmatch with friends or strangers?

    On the flip side, games like Bioshock and Metroid (Prime) are all about the single player experience. Why would you bother taking up precious space on a disk making a multi-player component when you can add another level or game mechanic to the single-player game and make it better?

    In my ideal world, a game like Modern Warefare 2 would come in two flavors: Single player for $39.99 and Multi-player for $29.99. If you want to buy both at the same time, then you get a $10 discount and it will cost you $59.98. Of course, the single-player game will be much more fleshed-out and longer since the multi-player aspect of the game would be gone and free up disk space. This way, gamers could decide how they want to play the game. It won't force people who only want to play multi-player to buy a campaign mode and vice versa.

    I know, I know; the development costs. Well, I'm not a developer so I wouldn't know the pros and cons of what I propose, but I'm sure one of you guys would have a better perspective on this than I do. Would it be cheaper or more expensive to do it this way? Wouldn't they sell more units since each individual unit is cheaper?


  6. @ Iceman

    I see where you're coming from and it totally sounds plausible. With certain games like GTA (where both the single and multiplayer run the same maps) I don't think it's as plausible. But a game like MW2… the only real hurdle I kinda see is piracy.

    Bet the offline (single player) component would get pirated (mainly for PC… but Xbox as well) to all hell. Whereas, cracked servers suck and the online counterpart would probably get bought more often. That said, I would think it would be more lucrative to combine them (as the norm) because people will just buy the whole disc for more instead of just buying the online and robbing the offline.

    But… I like the theory.

  7. @ Iceman

    BUT… digi distro might change the game to the point where your theory might make even more sense.

  8. i'm still appalled that Sony will delete PSN store materials from your PS3 if you xfer files to your other PS3.

  9. I think that is one of the keys to digital distribution survival… being able to store your content and transfer it as you see fit. If I have a bunch of downloaded stuff on my 360 or PS3, I should be able to transfer all of my content onto a flash drive or hard drive and play it from another machine. This is essential with the 360 since the refurbished machine you get back after it RROdies is not your original.

    Fat chance of that happening thanks to all the DRM and anti-piracy hoopla going on.



  10. good point iceman. however that would eliminate the need for consoles altogether if you meant play on any platform you choose.

    i am in full agreement though about moving stuff however and whenever you want.

  11. @Smartguy;

    Thanks for the compliment. By "another machine", I actually meant "another machine of the same type", not "take content from Mass Effect on the 360 and be able to play it on a PC". I mean, there's pipe dream and then there's "Palin Land", and I'm not that far gone yet.


  12. @ Smartguy

    Iphone apps are not DRM free… you indeed can only load them to 5 devices (I think). Either that, or you can only run your account from 5 registered iTunes Apps and only load the iPhone?Touch Apps on one.

    Regardless of how I'm screwing it up… iPhone apps have DRM. That is the best model put forth. I'd be down with anti-copying measures if I can still take just the game to a friends house. iPhone/Touch doesn't matter much because it fits in your pocket, but once it gets bigger… I don't like any of the options plausible that aren't copying the file.

    Maybe all consoles could come with HDD's that will fit in your pocket. I have a WD HDD for my music only that's 250GB and will fit in my shirt pocket. They will definitely get smaller as time goes on. Just the other day I saw a 4GB mp3 player that literally fits in your ear.

  13. I really don't know how much absence of DRM keeps people from buying legitimate software. Iphones are jailbroken so they can be open sourced. People boycott games with invasive DRM.

    I think this all leads down to us needing to rework copyright laws. That is a long discussion for tomorrow perhaps. Gotta keep Ray's page pumping with divisive comments, radical notions, and make believe!

    Go Steelers??

  14. @N8R;

    Tough break, man. Don't take this the wrong way, but I really think that you are going to lose that bet you made with me.

    I'll see if I can pick out a good Dolphins "gloating" pic.


  15. I’m kinda skeptical on this one. I appreciate what they’re trying to accomplish here, but It’s a pain in the ass to get 4 people that don’t know each other to work together in most multiplayer games.

  16. Awww, then what am I going to do with the pic I have of Flipper bending Ben Roethlisberger over?


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