PSA: December Xbox Live Deals of the Week


Microsoft marketing tool Major Nelson revealed the upcoming Xbox Live deals of the week for December. They are:

Week of December 14:
Lips: Coldplay Track Pack for 240 Microsoft Points
December 21 through December 27:
Shadow Complex for 800 points
Week of December 28:
The Maw for 400 Microsoft Points

If you haven’t tried Shadow Complex, it’s worth playing if you like old-school 2D shooters like Contra and Metroid. As a karaoke aficionado, I’m always down for more Lips tracks. I haven’t tried The Maw, but a few of my friends are pretty high on it. Most importantly, saving money is always a good thing, so take advantage of these sales if you have the means.


Author: RPadTV

9 thoughts on “PSA: December Xbox Live Deals of the Week”

  1. Being kind of an MS Points newb… what does 800 points equal in real world spendable dollars. I have been itching to try shadow complex and the cheap deal may just make me buy it.

  2. i just like his songs for karaoke, and some alice cooper tracks too! i never cry is now my all time favorite song for karaoke, sang my ass off last weekend with the family

  3. I like Billy Joel, he's got a lot of good songs.

    @Larcenous – I think that's about $10 get it. I would have paid 40 for that game if it had come out on disc

  4. Yeah, I have been waiting on some kind of deal. As crappy as it sounds, I haven't wanted to put a ton of money into downloadable stuff on the Xbox out of RROD fear. Even though it's not mine, my roommate having had issues with it before really kind of messes with the head.

  5. I did the demo for shadow complex, didn't like the aiming "into" the screen part. The up, down and horizontal controls were just ok.

  6. @LarcenousLaugh That's a totally legitimate concern. I have a few friends that always go PS3 for multiplatform games because they're certain that their Xbox 360 will eventually crap out.

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