AT&T Releases iPhone App to Gather Data on its Crap Service

AT&T’s overpriced and mediocre (in many metropolitan areas) service is a joke. Adding a new punchline to the joke is the Mark the Spot iPhone application, which uses the iPhone’s GPS to notify AT&T of dropped calls, failed calls, no coverage, data failure, and poor voice quality.

ATT Mark the Spot

Hopefully AT&T will use the collected data to make its network suck less.

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12 thoughts on “AT&T Releases iPhone App to Gather Data on its Crap Service”

  1. I get the feeling that this'll be just like when Internet Explorer encounters a problem and it give you the option of "reporting the problem" to Microsoft, in that it's a feature that's there simply to make me THINK I'm giving feedback but in actuality will simply go to a giant circular folder in the sky never to be heard from again.

  2. lol Agreed. It is another way for AT&T to milk their customers out of their money.

    I am actually glad I am on the NOW network. no problems since i got my Palm Pre!

  3. I bet this app fails to send data half the time….just like all of the other web based apps.

    GG AT&T.

  4. LOL! @ Smartguy

    That would be hilarious if you were reporting a problem and the "Unable to connect" message popped up.


  5. Talk about sticking your finger in the dyke…it's going to start more problems than solve. Way to go AT&T.

  6. As a happy iPhone owner and .. shall we say complacent AT&T user, I'll download this app since it's free, and I'll use it as necessary (though, surprisingly, my experiences with AT&T aren't nearly as bad as some of my friends), and then I'll write to Santa and tell him that I've been a good boy, and tell him that for Christmas all I want is for AT&T to use this information and build up their network accordingly, and to offer lower prices. And also a Playstation 3, or a pony.

  7. @lookatthis guy – Ya I'm with you, I think I love my iPhone more than I love any one carrier. I gripe about AT&T but being second best is no small feat. even if second best is a long way off first

    I'm satisfied with ATT for now but I think they should be aware that should the network not improve I'll happily move along to Verizon when they get the iPhone.

  8. FYI I've had Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and I've complained about them all. I happily switched from Verizon and the Razr to get an iPhone when it launched and I've never regretted that decision. I only regret the decision Verizon made to ignore guys at Apple.

  9. I have Verizon, and it's by far the best network I've ever had. Cingular would drop calls constantly. With T-Mobile I couldn't get a reception in my own home. I've had no issue with Verizon at all, except that they don't have a calling plan small enough for me. We end up paying for a lot more minutes than we'll ever use, and we're on the cheapest family plan.

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