Scooter + Roller Luggage = Airport Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Trolley Scooter

Micro Mobility’s scooter luggage seems like a good idea on paper. It combines carry-on luggage with a scooter that can help you zip through the airport. In reality, I think it’s a horrendous idea. I can easily picture a college fraternity kid knocking down an old lady at an airport or an old man overestimating his scooting prowess, throwing out a hip. While there are things this product can potentially help, I think its capacity for evil is much greater.

Then again, this thing might be useful at E3. I can store press kits in the luggage and perform hit-and-runs on company mascots I despise. Hmmm….


Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “Scooter + Roller Luggage = Airport Lawsuit Waiting to Happen”

  1. Can someone here create a visual illustration of the last sentence in this article. That is the funniest thing I've read all day.

    Granted, I read financial statements and profit & loss reports all day long, but don't let that detract from the compliment.


  2. All it needs is a Pair of Aviators, And Two Speakers belting out "Danger Zone" as you speed by pedestrians.

  3. @Iceman Maybe I can film it at E3 2010.

    @N8R Ha! "Danger Zone" totally works. I'd probably used the "Imperial March". Terminator and Conan music also works.

    @N8R I love the bell idea, as if to say, "Idiot coming through!!!"

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