Pachter Says Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming in Early 2010

Due to increasing pressure from Sony’s PlayStation 3, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that Microsoft will announce another price cut for the Xbox 360 to ring in the new year. He told Joystiq:

We think that the PS3 will again outsell the Xbox 360 in November and December, prompting a price cut some time early next year.

Xbox 360 controller

That seems a bit crazy. Microsoft’s most recent price cut went into effect in September — a little over three months ago. I can’t imagine the company slashing prices again a few months later.

What do you think of the predicted price cut? Too soon? Or a smart way to establish who’s the boss (Moan-a! Samanth-a! Angel-a!) in 2010.


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11 thoughts on “Pachter Says Xbox 360 Price Cut Coming in Early 2010”

  1. The PS3 hardware wise has so much more to offer than the Xbox 360…but the software is amazing on the 360 that a price cut I think is going to benefit the hardcore gamers that still on the fence or people who want to have both systems. The PS3 price drop was the reason I picked up the a PS3 even though I have an 360.

  2. If the 360 drops any more in price it will be damn near an impulse buy. Which is a good thing, too, since I gave my brother my "back up" 360 when my original* is in the shop for repairs… again.


    *Original in name only since Microsoft does not return your real original console, but gives you a refurbished replacement… or at least that is what they've done with me.

    P.S.- Only in America can you read an article with both a video game analyst’s prediction of price cutting AND a "Who's the Boss" 80's sitcom reference expertly woven in. Not an easy combination. I salute you, sir.

    P.P.S.- Samantha was the boss since she was the hottest one on the show. She was my first “celebrity crush” back when I was 12. I don’t know what happened now, but she looked a lot better when she was 14.

  3. wait…what's pachter's MAIN job anyway? a cashier at mcdonald's or something? is he even worth looking up to?

  4. What drives me nuts about analysts and predictions is that I feel they look only for short term capital gains (gains realized in less than a year).

    So if the 360 drops below $300 to say $249 and MS comes out and says at E3 they are raising the price of Live (i think this guy said that) how the hell does that help you move consoles? Cutting fifty bucks at point of sale and then jabbing the consumer in the ass with a $50 price hike to play online?

    I like Live, I really do. I will always find a way to get giftcards or whatever to a store so that my subscription can be subsidized. It's hard for them to justify the service costing as much as it does especially when it is peer to peer connections. Quite honestly, I think MS should be held liable for the horrible matchmaking in MW2. I pay to connect p2p, so they should guarantee something.

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