Google Goggles Android App Lets You Search with Photos

Google has introduced a new Android application called Google Goggles. No, they’re not Google’s version of the dreaded “beer goggles”, but rather a way you can search by taking a photo. Here’s a snippet from Google’s blog:

In a nutshell, Goggles lets users search for objects using images rather than words. Simply take a picture with your phone’s camera, and if we recognize the item, Goggles returns relevant search results. Right now Goggles identifies landmarks, works of art, and products (among other things), and in all cases its ability to “see further” is rooted in powerful computing, pervasive connectivity, and the cloud.

That’s pretty frickin’ cool. I’m sure the app is a bit limited at this time, but I’m also sure that it will become more useful with each passing month. Being able to snap a photo of a product or a place with a mobile phone and getting more information on it via search is just amazingly powerful. Hopefully Google will extend Goggle to other platforms…or someone will finally make the Android phone of my dreams. Either way, I’m anxious to try this product out!


Author: RPadTV

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  1. I have actually been able to use this once or twice at work in the last two days. Though Dunkin Donuts doesn't come up on it when I tried to show a co-worker a demo of it….

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