3G4 Brings N64 Emulation to the iPhone

NWorksDev has a Nintendo 64 emulator in the works for the iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G. The company claims that the product is being coded by a 14-year old. Those of you that want some N64 action but thought this mobile N64 gaming system was too bulky might want to look into this app. Engadget reported:

Compatible with the iPhone 3GS and the iPod Touch 3G, this bad boy appears to be rendering down the graphics (as one would expect) but all in all it seems to be running pretty smoothly. Of course, this is a work in progress: the developer (who claims to be 14 years old) says that he has to overcome duplicate button registers, delayed presses, and some crashing — and he has yet to implement the L, R, and Z keys.

I’m still floored that this program is being developed by a 14-year old. I’m pretty sure my biggest accomplishment at 14 was winning some dinky tennis tournament. Making an N64 emulator for iPhone is a much greater feat. Anyway, I’d totally be down for some N64 action on my iPhone. Mario Tennis 4 life!!!


Author: RPadTV


3 thoughts on “3G4 Brings N64 Emulation to the iPhone”

  1. I smell a bunch of illegalities here. However cool it mat be, I seriously doubt Apple is gonna let this hit the App Store.

  2. N8R

    Yeah, wouldn't work anyway. I have yet to seriously find a developer who can use the accelerometer worth a damn on the Iphone. You have to tilt the damn thing away from your face or stare at the back of the unit in order to play Katamari and most other games. I bought Isniper for .99 and it's the same. Tilt so far you can't see. Horrible.

  3. @ Smartguy

    Yeah, I turn the accelerometer off for iSniper. I use it for racing and physics games and that's about it.

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