Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer

Yeah, I’m a Harry Potter nerd. I loved the books and some of the movies. Plus, Emma Watson has blossomed into a ridiculous hottie very beautiful woman. With all of that in mind, I was super psyched to see this teaser for The Deathly Hallows.

Check it out and let me know what you think (please)!

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22 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer”

  1. Looks great. I love the series, Bought all the books hard bound for my wife's birthday, I was right behind her in reading them and fell in love with the movies.

    I think they did a wonderful job with the movies as well. My only complaint was Prisoner Of Azkaban, for which the director and anyone else that changed things should be shot. The Dementors were pretty weak too.

  2. @Hrolf Do you have a favorite book in the series? It's interesting, I've found the most people around my age hated book six, but a lot of younger people loved it.

  3. My favorite was Prisoner of Azkaban. thus the hatred for how bad the movie was.

    I really like all the books after the first and second year, they get more complex, and a lot more dark in tone. Book 6 was a fantastic read. I couldnt put it down. I may have read each book in about 3 days if that.

    I would really love to see the world explored more. Im glad that she decided to end the Harry Potter series, but there is just so much more she could write, the other schools and lands would be great to read as well.

    The Preview for Lego harry potter has me more excited then Lego Star Wars, and that really is saying a lot. BIG Star Wars fan here (not 1-3, or the animated craptaculer movie)

  4. @Hrolf See, there were a few things I didn't like about book six. I don't think it was that good as a standalone book. It was much better as a (really long) prologue for book seven. I also thought the way she wrote horcruxes was similar to how stories are written for platform games.

  5. kind of upsetting that this game comes out right after christmas. would have been a good gift for my girlfriend.

  6. @Ray – I agree. 6 and 7 were really just one big Robert Jordian epic. It was the culmination of everything.

  7. I really enjoy this series. Both the books and the moves. Unfortunately having a toddler means I don't get to the theater much anymore, so I still haven't seen the 6th movie. Must rectify that.

    I was working as an assistant manager at a Waldenbooks when the last book came out. Made sure to wear my Slytherin shirt that day.

  8. I had a friend who worked at Borders when Half Blood Prince came out. Around that time, I bought him a shirt that said "Dumbledore dies on page 493: I just saved you $30 and six hours"

    He took it to work and hung it in the back, but never wore it on the floor.

  9. would a movie theater employee be fired for saying "Vader is Luke's father" while tearing tickets?

  10. @ Smartguy

    Considering that he was sleeping with one boss and got the other to play a lesbian prison warden in one of his movies… I doubt it.

  11. @N8R

    Those are facts I never would have been able to use in my equation lol. Was this person involved with Gone Way of the Flesh? (awesome hooker scene in this movie)

  12. @smartguy

    i got kicked out in a movie theater for telling random people the ending of matrix revolutions, and that trinity's gonna die. two staff people grabbed me from behind and kicked me out the back door. at least they were kind enough to make it less embarrassing.

  13. @hrolf

    i thought prisoner of azkaban was the best book i read in the series too. the movie wasnt too bad. although the order of the phoenix bore the crap out of me for some reason.

  14. I think Order of the Phoenix was my least favorite of the series, and that's mainly just cause of all the teenage angst.

    @Hrolf – I think Prisoner was the movie where I told my friend Dave to call the cops on me, cause Hermione was underage but I was going to hit that anyway.

  15. @Larcenous

    dude. i used to be a member of an emma watson fan club comprising of me, my cousin, and a close classmate of mine back then. funny part was we all had emma watson pictures in our wallets, and dreamt the day that emma watson might set foot in our city back in the philippines. good times…

  16. @rbee – awesome. Yeah she's a good looker, and I would definently not be one of those guys that's like "Omg, I'm doing Hermione".

    I used to have a friend in high school who sworn off guys because she was saving herself for Gavin Rosdale. Was a real shame too, she was pretty cute, but you couldn't talk to her for more then 5 minutes without her bringing up Bush. Normally that would be hot, but considering she was talking about the band and their front man and not hers, it wasn't enough to keep a teenage boy interested.

  17. Try listening to a Bush album objectively. The music is usually pretty good. But Gavin Rosdale write the worst lyrics in the history of music. Incoherent rambling crap.

  18. The third move, whoever ruined it, decided to put stuff in different places, which was a huge issue for me. They put useless scenes (choir singing with frogs) in while leaving other scenes out.

    The Dementors, at least in my mind and from the book, were things out of nightmares, and in the third movie they did not look right. Of course, we will all see different things while reading books, but I know at least 8 other people that we went to see the movie with that had the exact same thoughts.

    I also felt as the books moved ahead, there were some video game moments I could see. Not sure if it was intended, or purely coincidence though.

  19. @ Smartguy

    Yes, the singer/guitarist.

    His one boss will be featured in GTWOF 2 along side of Ron Jeremy and others.

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