Coffee Talk #39: Gamer Girl Hot

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Erin AndrewsThere are certain things a woman can do that make her 20 to 30 percent more attractive than she already is. Female sportscasters are a great example of this. A cute female sportscaster will automatically be promoted to beautiful. A beautiful one elevated to goddess. (See ESPN’s Erin Andrews.) It’s called being “sportscaster hot”.

Female gamers benefit from this “gamer girl hot” phenomenon too. Is it shallow? Maybe…but I am of the opinion that elevating gamer girls is a good thing. On a practical level, it’s a common interest. For the sake of changing the image of what a gamer is, it’s fantastic to show that there are hardcore gamer women out there. In my mind, any woman that’s an avid gamer should be considered attractive because she has an awesome hobby.

Ginger Reyes

My big weakness is female bass players. I had a huge crush on D’arcy Wretzky for years — she was definitely a cutie, but playing bass made her sexy. Ginger Reyes is another beautiful woman that’s too-hot-to-walk-the-Earth because she plays bass. Paz Lenchantin is either my dream girl or too much woman for my brain to process — she plays bass and videogames!

Are there any sportscasters, gamers, bass players, actresses, or singers that you find more attractive because of what they do? Please list any gals or guys that pop in your head.

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  1. Songwriters are my weakness. Lately, I've been crushing on Taylor Swift mainly because she's so humble yet has an extraordinary talent.

    She also fits in to that vein where if she had a different band, her songs could be rock or punk or even jazz. The fact that she writes her songs is what kills me though.

  2. On the plus side, I think it's far less shallow than saying "I like girls with a badonkadonk".

    At least the hotness reflects their personality. If women are gonna hate on us for that… then we just lose altogether.

  3. ray, you have to explain who these bass players are

    no one knows who that d'arcy chick is, cept for n8r

    what does it for me though? Having the same interests as i do, so yeah gaming would be a plus

    i like when girls are intellegent, yet can also be childish, and when they can take a joke, and be willing to poke fun at me as well.

    but if i could find a bills fan, im marrying somebody

    i like when women are funny, and childish and can play with me yet not be lost

  4. @ Thundercracker

    The first 2 bassists he mentioned both have ties with Smashing Pumpkins. Paz Lenchantin is from A Perfect Circle (you know, Maynard from Tool's other band).

  5. @ R Pad

    But sometimes it fizzles. When I first got with my wife, she could hang pretty well with me in Tekken. The last real game she played was either Twilight Princess or Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

    Now, all she plays is Facebook apps. Especially Farmville (I hate Farmville).

  6. Actually, not being a gamer can be a turn off for me. I really get mad when people start talking down to me because I enjoy playing games. I have my hobbies and if they aren't your cup of tee, then go have your tee and let me enjoy mine.

    /end rant

  7. @ Sandrock

    It was the cup too, but I'm just messing with ya. Typos happen to the best of us.

    There's also the fact that the news won't shut up about Tiger Woods.

  8. is there a point to those facebook apps?

    whats the incentive?


    a perfect what?

    maynard has a second band?


  9. @tiger woods

    jesus christ, who the hell cares?

    dude cheated on his wife, he should take rays advice and get a divorce and start slutting it up

  10. @ Thundercracker

    That's what I'm saying! Farmville literally takes days as you wait for stuff to grow.

    I imagine it's as fun as watching things grow.

  11. i think i hate the cafe thing more than the farmville…

    its just that ive been cursed with a mind which requires some sort of reward which might incentivize me into doing something before ill go through with them

    so, i plant these trees? and then a few days later, i pick the fruit?, and then i get points? can the points be used for anything? No, so im just wasting my time?

    this is where i generally say "yeah, im just not gonna do that"

    my gf will be late to school in order to pick fruit….

  12. I don't know about gamer hot, to me it's always been a term for a girl who's like a 7 but she plays games so she's hotter.

    My girl is probably the hottest gamer chick I know but she likes to play more simplified games like shooters, or Uncharted. I gotta admit though when I met her she confessed to beating Halo on Legendary which definitely turned me on.

    I agree with Sandrock though, I've dated girls who just don't understand games at all and it can really piss me off when they say things like "are you winning" "are you playing your little game" and stuff like that.

  13. I'll tell you who's not sportscaster hot and that's the chick on Monday Night Football that sounds like a dude

  14. @Shockwave562

    The shooter stereotype for female gamers is creepy to me. Wouldn't want one like the one in "The Guild", but being able to play coop in shooters is very appealing to me.

  15. My wife is mostly into RPG's, Platformers and Puzzle games. But she'll dabble in shooters like Metroid from time to time. One of my best video game purchases ever was my copy of Oblivion because we both have the full 1250/1250 in it and both put in well over 200 hours a piece.

  16. @N8R – haha, I meant the chick on the field man

    @Sandrock – Ya when I say shooters it is very general but she just seems to like very simple games with basic controls such as move, shoot, grenade, you know? Uncharted 2 is a perfect example of a simple game she liked. Although to her credit she did beat it on hard

  17. look, i make the money, if a girl cant deal with the fact that i like electronic gadgets and games, i believe she can just go to hell

    plenty of ladies wanna get with this

    i just wanted to be "that guy" for a second

  18. First off, I can't stand TOOL. I just don't get it, and even then…I can't stand the way it sounds. It's obviously music not for me.


    Gaming girls are alright. I tend to find a hardcore gaming girl annoying…or a girl who is hardcore into geek culture annoying. In real life they aren't as annoying as the personalities you see on something like G4, but they come close. This is just my exposure to them through meeting other players who played WoW, I meet at school, at parties, etc. I know there are exceptions to every rule though. Maybe I'm just running into the exceptions?

    A somewhat gamer girl or even a moderate gamer is perfect for me at least now that I am older I guess. My girlfriend played WoW for 2 years and loves her DS, Wii and Lego games. That's fine for me.

  19. whats the proper etiquette for what one should say when someone shows them a picture of their wife or their kid?

    if someone shows you a picture of their wife, is it ok to say "wow, id hit that"

    i just prefer that people refrain from showing me pictures of their significant others, and i especially despise looking at pictures of their spoiled, often teratismic, progeny

    the same goes here, i wont elaborate too much on how hot my gf is, or what she does that i find hot, because, who the hell cares? i dont really care about how hot people think their wives are, why would i be so presumptuous as to believe that shockwave would find it fascinating that my gf really loves tiger woods and is quite procificent with an analog stick

    there ya go n8r, i set you up…knock em down, buddy

  20. @smartguy

    i think we are in the same boat, except for the fact that i disagree with your opinion on the band tool…but i respect the fact that you have feelings, and would further discuss them with you if prompted

  21. @ Thundercracker

    My wife's analog stick skills compliment my d-pad skills. I'm also a better button masher.

    @ Smartguy

    I find Tool more jazzy than most rock bands. Jazz people want to sit and absorb music while thinking about it. Me, I want to at least tap my foot. Foot tapping can be difficult when hit with off meter changes (like Tool does).

    That's why I prefer old jazz as opposed to new jazz when stuck on desert islands with nothing but jazz. I'll take Chuck Berry over any of it, any day.

  22. @N8R

    Chuck Berry is the man. As far as just absorbing music, I've really started liking this Francis Dunnery fellow. Just an easy listen.


    thanks for the feelings bump. haha.

    Whenever someone shows me a pic of anything I don't care about I tend to just say "Yeah" or "That's nice". Then quickly change the subject or ask that person a hard question. I find it is better that way so I don't have to tell that person that his kids or her kids are ugly. Or that no, I don't care how you decorated your backyard.

  23. i just saw one of those progressive commercials. I think that girl is hot. Might be just me though.

  24. i dont know what there is to not like about tool, but then again ive been a fan since i was 13 years old, and that can lead to blind bias


    see what i mean?

  25. @thundercracker

    w/o being too heavy on the details like N8R is when it comes to music…I don't like the singing voice or the rhythm in any song they do. I just don't like their sound.

  26. @smartguy

    the picayune reported yesterday that the saints are not going to bring reggie bush back next year

    i hope he goes somewhere and gets more than 9.3 touches per game

    mike bell is killing my fantasy team (also own pierre)

  27. @ Thumdercracker

    I really can't say anything negative about them. But for some reason, I just can't make it through a whole album. I saw them in '97 at Lollapalooza and still wasn't too flattered. But then DEVO came on and I rushed the stage.

    My nerd-cred just went up… didn't it. It's hard to get nerdier than Devo.

  28. i will say that tool isnt a band that youll listen to at a party, its more music that you listen to while driving alone

    but i also LOVE pink floyd, and they arent for everyone either

  29. @N8R, Thunder – If you think of the wife's vvibrating plastic joystick ike a flight simulator, I can land that shit in O'hare during Christmas with my eyes closed.

  30. Jason Cole reported that. He has been Bush hating since before he was drafted. Cole isn't part of the Picayune. Bush will be a Saint

  31. @larcenous

    im jealous…to use your analogy, id be more like those pilots in shanksville pennsylvania

    too early for a 9/11 joke?

    i meant no harm

  32. I don't know of any women who like games. My wife don't like games but she don't have a problem with me gaming. A woman would be more attractive to me if she gamed, but I don't know one.

  33. @Thunder – it's never to early. If we laughed more as a country I think we would all be better off.

  34. @smartguy

    yeah that reggie bush thing came on my fantasy page, most of the time those links are to picayune articles, you were right though, that was in fact jason cole

  35. my gf is the cutest gamer girl i know :D. but we argue a lot on who gets to use what or even play what. if i wanted to play on my ps3, she gets a hold of it first. if i wanted to play dragon age, she wants me to play mgs3.

  36. @rbee90: I feel your pain on that one. My wife and I have 2 360's (she one hers at work), so we don't have to argue over consoles. But we do argue over who gets to play what at times. She does understand that if I have to do a review that I have to finish it before she can play it. Otherwise it's a bit of a free for all around here. Basically whoever puts it in their disc tray first, wins.

  37. @nightshade

    wel, at least you guys 2 consoles, and you guys are first come first serve. if im playing and she just randomly wakes up or she finishes her homework, she would bug me a lot, poke me, pat my head, hit my back. but she doesn't do it if im in the middle of a boss fight or im near at the end of a game though. but asides from that, she would be like "babe, its my turn, get your ass off the chair, and put uncharted 2 in the ps3 NAW!!!"

  38. @ rbee

    Ar that point, I'd try to work out a deal for "favors".

    "Well baby, there is ONE way to get me off the game."

    I've literally been in situations where my friends on Live will be like "Why'd you just suddenly get offline without saying goodbye in the middle of our match last night?"

    and my honest response was

    "My girl came in here dripping wet wearing nothing but a towel."

  39. @topic;

    I don't know why but I've always found that a black-haired stripper wearing glasses is uber hot for some reason. Maybe it's because I find intelligent whores who are up front about it refreshing?


    It sounds like you need another PS3 to solve your problems. Get her one for Christmas. It's a way better value than jewelry.


  40. @N8R

    haha, that happens a lot here too. especially if she's bored watching me play or something. thats normal right? right??

  41. As I said yesterday….sometimes you gotta know when to put down the controller. If your friends don't understand, it's because they're probably single.

  42. @ rbee

    I think so… but I'm a total nerd. I lost track of the norm a long time ago. I've taken sociology classes as well as continue my own sociological studies… but normal is subjective.

    @ Nightshade

    I also learned a long time ago that what other people do or don't understand is none of my concern. Unless of course they're my kids. In which case… that's also subjective.

  43. I have my own team of seriously cute gamer chicks.

    Famous ones tho:

    Zooey Deschanel (Gaming might be the only way to make her more awesome than she already is)

    Megan Fox (tho I still think she's over rated)

    Kristin Bell

    Mila Kunis

    I know there's a bunch of others, but I forget.

  44. Side note: How the hell do I change my avatar? For the life of me I can't find a "Control Panel" type page…

  45. @iceman

    i would, if i had a job. but as for now, im just going to school. my gf has a part time job at a skate shop, and she works there 2 days a week. but yeah, she doesnt want to buy another console cause "its not practical". she's a conservative anarchist. and yeah, im cool with it. and were living in my parent's house and we dont have to pay any rent at all.

  46. @Leyke – I would much rather have the red/blonde chick (much better red) from the 70s show then Mila Klunis.

  47. I think that there are degrees to Gamer Girl Hotness, Like Casual Gamer Girls-(plays frogger, Bomberman, and runs around on Halo just punching people) those are great. But when you meet a good looking full fledged Gamer Girl (Played through every Zelda Game, Plays Gears of War on a daily basis, Is stoked for Alan Wake and, Suggests new game to you on a daily basis) Its like winning the Lottery and Striking Oil at the same time, Or its like going to my local Blockbuster.

  48. @rbee – conservative anarchist? That sounds confusing.

    Rbee – Hun, what's for dinner?

    Woman – As long as it's cheap and not planned in advance, I could give a rip.

    Rbee – Pho?

    Woman – You're planning again!

    Rbee – right… so no Pho?

  49. @Larcenous: I'm friends with a guy who used to play drums in my band who would probably consider himself the Conservative Anarchist type. Basically, he's a Ron Paul supporter, but I think it's really only because he's sure that it would destroy the government. We don't talk politics when we hang out…..

  50. @Nightshade – One of the reasons I voted for Obama is because I wanted to see him get all ghetto after some middle of the night Bombing/terrorist act. Completely stupid, but honest to god truth.

    Camera opens on White House Press Room. Some form of terrorism has just taken place. Current Time: 3am. White House Press Core is slowly making it's way towards their seats.

    Obama walks in sporting grey sweatpants and a wifebeater, an afro pic stuck out of his unkempt hair. "I don't know who the f*ck did this, but I am tellin all ya motherf*ckers in here right now, we gonna find 'em. Wake my ass up in the middle of the night with this shit."

    He stops for a moment and rubs his eyes, cocking his head slightly to the side. "Will someone get me a goddamned cup of coffee. If I am going to be up then I might as well be up. Dirty, stupid ass, terrorist bomb blowing up pieces of…."

  51. @Leyke – oh she had to be a gamer… I was just mentioning her cause I'd put it in the pooper… :)

    Haha… oh I had to go there…

  52. @larcenous

    hahahahaha. that was awesome, but no, she's financially conservative, but other than that, she doesn't believe in government and politics(she calls it poliTRICKS,clever huh?) she doesnt break rules that much, she usually bends them. and yes, we love pho, we just went to this new pho place a couple of blocks away from where she works last night, and man we hated it there, the waitresses dont know any english word at all, instead of giving me seafood pho, they gave me meatballs, and i was craving for shrimp last night. man, i was so pissed.

  53. @rbee – we just went to a pho place that close to work for lunch today. I skipped out on the soup, but grabbed this awesome charbroiled chicken and crushed rice. God that hit the spot.

  54. @Word Association – bored at work… last 30 mins.

    First thing that pops into your head:

    Wooden Airplane! Go!

  55. @ R Pad

    Thanks, I'm here all week (seriously… all week).

    @ off topic rant

    So, I just got done watching the Breakfast Club for 9,642,971,845th time in my life and I realized that a burning question has always haunted me…

    What happened that following Monday? Sure, I have my speculation, but that's all it is. Claire said she wouldn't speak to any of them especially walk down the hall with Bender… but then she gave him the earring at the end.

    I think the sequel should come out and have it be the 25th or 30th reunion. That movie (with the original cast) would sell a gazillion tickets.

  56. @ray

    never too old to slut it up, look at clooney

    but yeah, hes got kids, and i understand that

  57. @Breakfast Club squeakuel – I don't think there is a sequel you could do. Personally, I think they are trapped in a time loop, ddoomed forever to repeat the same Saturday in Detention ala Groundhog's Day. There are a few ways out of it…

    a) Anthony Michael Hall discovers his Dead Zone powers and using them in combination with an item of a personal nature from each of the main characters (i.e. tape from Emilio, the cigarette from Judd, Alley Sheedy's Earing, AMH's flare gun, Weird Chick's Dandruff Painting) creates a time paradox that flings them through a Sliders like portal. Along the way they meet up with Scott Backula and a sitcom ensues.

    b) Dick Vernon reveals himself to actually be the Devil (hence the Beast Fingers!) and reveals that they are forced to relive the same day over and over because they are dead and this is Shermer Illnois version of Hell. Judd Nelson is eventually offered a place at Dick's side, only to go through an Anakin Skywalker type fall and then eventual rise as he fights Emilio on the balcony of the library.

    Everything else is just kind of variations on a theme.

  58. @ Larcenous

    That was Molly Ringwald's earring and Ally Sheedy was the weird chick (and it was probably the best performance of her life).

    It was also probably AMH's best performance ever. The whole "F**k you Claire… yada yada flare gun… yada yada I can't get an F" speech was absolutely brilliant.

  59. Actually, I just found out that John Hughes died in August… that might make my sequel dream suck.

  60. @N8R – Always get the names screwed up.

    on a side note, working on that cucumber sauce recipe for you… apparently the wife makes it up as she goes along… so getting the actual measurements is a work in progress. Haven't forgotten about it though.

  61. @Smartguy – that's how she works!

    @N8R – what's even funnier about messing up those names is the fact that I had to look up the wiki to remember the Principal's name lol.

  62. Did anyone watch 'Bones' last night? It was about a guy named Steve and a guy named Billy who were fighting over the Punky Pong title.

  63. @Sandrock – in both the very literal and existensial sense!

    My wife normally takes a receipe and then tweeks it to her own taste. The ones she comes up with herself are very much born out of the "hrmm let's see what this does" vein. The only thing that gets true measurements are baked goods… and that's because if you don't measure, it doesn't rise/fall/bake through/taste good.

  64. @Slickyfarts (and anyone else for that matter);

    Do you think it's reasonable (or silly) to buy games for a console you don't have, but intend to buy in the near future becasue of the good deals on the games taking place now?


  65. My wife and I finally watched the new Star Trek movie last night. We really liked it. There's a lot of really bad science in there though, which tends to drive me a little bit crazy because I watch too much of the science channel for my own good sometimes….especially the space stuff.

  66. @Nightshade – I really liked it as well. I think the moment the title comes on the screen though I kinda throw out the bad science argument. All that goes into the "suspension of disbelief" bin after I bring out my "Happy fun time goggles".

  67. @Larcenous: I try to shut off my brain, but I can't do it sometimes. The whole backstory involving Romulus made my head spin for about 5 different reasons all at once.

  68. @Nightshade – I was willing to forgive them just because they had the balls to do what they did to Vulcan just to prove their point. JJ Abrams made a fan out of me. Not a big Star Trek fan overall, but god damn if I am not looking forward to the next one.

    BTW, anyone else waiting for New Spock to push someone against a wall and try to open their skull with his finger?

  69. im like the john nash of this site….except i have made no breakthroughs in the field of governmental dynamics

    im just crazy

  70. Speaking of JJ Abrams, Lost is back for the final season Feb. 2!

    However, if it comes on and sees it shadow, it won't be on for another 6 weeks.

  71. @N8R – wow a groundhog's day joke. lol.

    Started Lost a couple of weeks ago on Netflix, only about 6-7 episodes in though. Need to start watching again… but the games have just been too good.

  72. Zachary Quinto's resemblance to a young Lenard Nemoy is amazing. When I heard he got the role for Spock I was pretty impressed. I find his character to be the one redeeming quality to Heroes.

    I found myself wishing that Scotty had had a bigger part in the movie. Simon Pegg is awesome. Shaun of the Dead FTW!!!

  73. @Nightshade – I said the same thing about him. The resemblence is almost uncanny. Scotty also should have had a bigger role… I think he was far and away the show stealer as far as his quick lines.

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