Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Dragon Age’s Bi Elf Assassin

Zevran is getting some major airtime, as Jimmy Kimmel did a spot on Dragon Age: Origins‘ bisexual elf assassin. Even though the game is being used as a joke, I’m psyched that a BioWare product is getting mentioned on network television.

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11 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Talks About Dragon Age’s Bi Elf Assassin”

  1. ROFL "Point now kiss me with tongue"

    Even though it was an achievement I still didn't go for Zevran as a dude. couldn't bring myself to do it even though he was coming on to me like a drunk prom date.

    On another note is it possible to have 2 lovers in that game? I finally got morrigan on my last play through but I still couldn't get any dialogue from Leliana that was suggestive.

  2. I'm currently "Sharing" with both Leliana and Morrigan. I've been told to break it off with the other one by each of them, but I've been putting it off and nothing's come of it. It's kinda funny honestly cause I'd never do something like that in real life, but this is my "jerk" playthrough…

  3. I am currently engagaing in a "Girl" playthrough on Mass Effect for some hot Chick/Blue Chick action. Haven't hit upon Dragon Age yet… though he does sound mighty creepy.

  4. @Brokeback mountain joke – I say everything in #5 as I stare longingly at Zevram's coat in my closet.

    Seriously though, that movie, while excellent, made me feel dirty…. and not just cause I witnessed Heath Ledger spit in his palm and then mount the next Prince of Persia. I spent the whole movie wondering if this was really something I should be watching. The relationship between the two was far to intimate to just casually follow, and to go deeper then that felt like a complete betrayal of everything they were risking by being together.

    On a less philisophical note… Anne Hathaway's boobs were nice (had to bring that back to safe hetero ground).

  5. I was never into Liara. The whole bookish innocence wore thin on me quickly. Ash was more my type. Reminded me of my wife. Smart, funny, sarcastic tomboy with a sensitive side……except with borderline xenophobia. Although I'm not sure that's racism so much as it's "They're the enemy." Ash was probably the best written character in that game, honestly.

  6. @Shockwave562 You can actually do three romances with a female character, but you have to be careful with how you trigger them. Leliana's is a little glitched.

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