Coffee Talk #34: A Blue Lantern Thanksgiving Thank You

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Blue LanternI wanted to use today’s Coffee Talk to give each and every one of you a big Thanksgiving thank you for visiting October was a really difficult month for me. I lost my job, a dear friend passed away, I couldn’t get the knee surgery I was planning to have, and there were several days where I struggled to walk around my small apartment. You guys and gals were a huge part of helping me make it through the month. “Seeing” you in the comments section every day helped me stay positive and happy. You’re awesome and I thank you for being part of my everyday online life.

Now I have to geek it up a bit so things aren’t too sappy. You peeps are my Green Lantern Corps to my Blue Lantern. My blue power ring can do a great many things, but only if there are Green Lanterns close by. Hope (Blue Lanterns) needs will (Green Lanterns). Ha! Is that sufficiently nerdy?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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52 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #34: A Blue Lantern Thanksgiving Thank You”

  1. this post made me excited for DC universe online. i was planning to be one of the joker's henchmen, but now i want to be hal jordan's sidekick.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    … and I'd either want to roll with Mala… or be whatever species Martian Manhunter is (Martian?).

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    I'm looking forward to stuffing my face later tonight with all the Thanksgiving goodness haha

    @Rpad Hope all goes well in the next few months.

  4. heres to everyone finding new friends, earning their trust, and then killing them off and stealing their land!

    oh the hypocrisy!

  5. I want to take this moment to especially thank Thundercracker.

    Last night, I was playing 1 vs 100 and one of the questions was "What was the name of Cassandra's band in the movie Wayne's World?"

    If it wasn't for all the trivia and me keeping myself on my trivia toes (he asked that exact question once) I may not have known. Because of Thundercracker, I got the instant answer bonus.

    They also had 80's trivia last night and I totally pwned.

  6. @Ray – you rock! Hopefully this coming month will be much better.

    @Everyone else – Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

  7. just went to gamestop black friday, got assassins creed 2, demons souls and dragon age

    i really wanted to find the buzz! bundle, but literally no one has it

  8. @ Thundercracker

    I read about one of those services on the bathroom wall at the truck stop… I just didn't believe it.

  9. just got back from wal mart and gamestop. got borderlands for ps3, gladiator, troy, and braveheart for blu ray. awesome deals.

  10. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to Mr. Padilla and all! Couldn't make it here yesterday as I was busy catching up on sleep, quality time with the wife, and Elder Scrolls IV; Oblivion. It was a near perfect day.

    @Mr. Padilla;

    Thank you for your sappy appreciation for all of us. Your welcome. I have to say that you put my "nerd cred" to shame as I am not that well versed with the DC Universe. Would I get ragged on terribly if I mentioned that I have no idea about who or what the "Blue Lanterns" is/are? I am familiar with the Green Lantern and a little bit less with the Green Lantern corps, but I just hope that my nerd ranking will not take too much of a hit with this one.

    Well, at least it is as good thing that Wikipedia is just a mouse click away.


  11. @iceman

    im sorta nerdy, and i used to collect comic books, still dont know anything about blue lanterns, other than the ones they have at k mart when crap is on sale

    i havent bought a comic book since 1993 though

  12. @iceman

    also, the dolphins are going down this week

    naw, im totally kidding…my buffalo bills are shooting up that draftboard, although i doubt well catch the browns…

    ill give you an idea why the bills are perpetually mediocre…jim kelly is going to buy a minority stake in the team, and hes suggested that hed like to take tim tebow in the first round.

    i love jim kelly, but if we draft tebow, im going to officially be a tennessee titans fan

  13. @n8r

    yeah, ironically truck stop bathroom stalls were also the centerpiece of the ps3 marketing strategy for the first few years

  14. @thundercracker

    Tebow wouldn't be a bad pick. You have no quarterback. He's a great leader. He has all of the intangibles to win. He's not as reliant as Vince Young to make plays with his legs.

    I'll say this: He's better than Matt Stafford and Jay Cutler.

  15. @ Thundercracker

    There's a good chance that the Bills will be getting Michael Vick next year. He's not getting along so well with Philly. Vick + T.O. = Pretty damn fierce.

    Don't feel bad, I only scored a 36 on Feticritic.

  16. @Thundercracker;

    Who am I to trample over your delusions of grander? If you want to believe the fallacy of the Dolphins' defeat at the hands of the Bills, then that is your prerogative. I'll let Ricky Williams do the talking for me on Sunday… or rather running… all over the field… all day long.

    Who is going to stop Ricky? Kawika Mitchell? No. Marcus Buggs? He's out too, isn't he? What about Paul Posluszny? What? He's out too? Damn shame, Thundercracker. The match up is not looking favorable for you against the one-man workhorse that scored THREE touchdowns last week against the Panthers. Sure, that's not a big deal since the Panthers suck, but hey, I'll be the first to admit that the Dolphins' offensive line could definitely use the practice.

    I have Ricky on two of my three fantasy teams, so it will be an even sweeter delight watching him trample the Bill's defense into a fine, powdery pulp.

    /end trash talk

    May the best team win, good sir!


  17. @iceman

    poz is actually playing, hes an idp of mine, and hes gotten me no less than 9 tackles in the last 4 weeks

    dont forget leodis mckelvin and keith ellison, both out for the year

    and no matter if you win or not, you were 1 and 15 2 years ago ;)

  18. @smartguy

    tebow would be a bad pick

    we already have a dude who cant make all the throws. Hes gonna find out that running away from players in the SEC is a little different than trying to run away from nfl linebackers. Id rather have mccoy or claussen next year


    ok, theres NO chance the bills will get vick next year, lee evans has already shot that idea down, he wouldnt fit with our offense

    and Terrell is only signed to a one year deal….hes going to new england or indy next year, hes wants to win one, and i hope he goes to indy so i can root for him along the way

  19. @ Thundercracker


    If history indeed repeats itself, T.O. won't be able to get along with any team.

    I think rebuilding is exactly what the Bills should be thinking about as well as getting more press attention.

  20. @thundercracker

    a winner is a winner. Tebow is a winner and arguably the best player ever in college football. he can make the throws. I don't think he'll be as dumb as Vince Young and Vick when it comes to relying on his legs too much.

    McCoy would be a good pick. I wonder if he'd sign with you though?

  21. why wouldnt he sign with us? Because we are mediocre? Any team drafting in the top 10 is gonna be mediocre you know…..cept for new england (they have oaklands first pick)

    but they dont need a qb

  22. Yeah, New England has the Manchurian Quarterback.

    Watch, Tom Brady is going to go in to politics after he retires.

  23. Not at all. I think McCoy will try and pull an Eli and say he won't play for such and such team and force a trade. He just strikes me as that kind of classless person. Mostly because it is small market. I still can't believe the Saints landed Drew Brees. I guess a thanks is in order for Saban.

    It really depends on who Buffalo gets as a head coach and GM. I think if you get a coach who isn't known as a quarterbacks coach, then you'll try and get a QB via free agency.

  24. @N8R

    I don't know if he will. Will he do it on the Federal level? State? Local?

    I don't see him doing Federal. He has money, fame, hot wife, probably a hot girlfriend and some children….or a child.

    John Runyan is running for the House though.

  25. @ Smartguy

    Oh, I think he's going federal (eventually). He'll be like the Reagan of the new millennium. He'll win too.

    If you pay attention, he's already being groomed. Think about it.

  26. @ Smartguy

    Well, yeah dude. Everyone who stands a real chance has been groomed since early in their career.

    It's why Ron Paul doesn't REALLY stand a chance even if the Republicans are starting to recognize that he exists now. Another example… Pat Buchanan. Never stood a chance of making past a primary.

    Reagan (as an example) was attending meetings when Nixon was in office. The Kennedys… well, that's obvious.

  27. @N8R

    McCain is a good manchurian candidate. Brainwashed as a POW.

    Obama is a good manchurian candidate, owned by foreign govt and corporations.

    Ron Paul ftw.

  28. i like that ron paul calls himself a republican, i mean cmon ron

    did anyone see bruno? lets just say ron paul makes an appearance in that movie, i dont like sasha for going after him though, it would have been funnier to get one of those puritanical republican jerkoffs

  29. not saying all republicans are jerkoffs, just the ones who preach about their own moralities right before getting caught with a dude in an airport bathroom

  30. @Smartguy, N8R, & Thundercracker;

    Wow, here I was thinking that I was the only one. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Paul at a Campaign for Liberty summit in Orlando. He even signed my Revolution Manifesto. Hearing him speak in person and to a huge crowd of people is amazing. I highly recommend it. You won't be disappointed. You guys have to read "End the Fed". It is one of the greatest books I have ever read (and I read a lot). I am buying a copy of the book for everyone I love this Christmas. I hope the book opens the eyes of those around me. I haven't had much luck convincing them of the dangers of bad monetary policy.


  31. Looks like this site is close to being in theory.

    @ Iceman

    I've been preaching against the Fed for years now. However, most people look at me like I'm crazy and have a bomb.

    Damn you Woodrow Wilson.

  32. @n8r

    the left wing crazies like alex brown and his nutcase army believe the same thing about the fed…its the only good argument ive heard them make

  33. @ Thundercracker

    I believe in the left wing stance on abortion. I think it should be legal for several reasons. I would also LOVE to see Universal Healthcare, I just don't trust our government to do it better than the private sector. I also think global warming is happening, I just don't think man is to blame. I'd also like to see a move toward geothermal power.

    I think the carbon credit thing is a scam for ALOT of money to be made toward the inevitable globalization (nothing we can do about that). I think everyone over 18 or 21 should own a gun. I believe in the flat tax (only fair way to do it). And, I also think we need to worry less about what other countries are trying to do in their country.

    All that said, I obviously don't fit in with any party. I'm truly non-partisan and I re-register my vote depending on the primary. Example: last presidential election, Republicans allowed you to vote for any member of any party in the primary if you were registered Republican (a ploy to change voting districts in my opinion). If you registered Independent, you could vote for Democrats or Independents. If you were Democrat, you could only vote for a Democrat. I (and alot of other people) didn't find that out until we got to the polls.

    I was planning on voting for Paul, but based on my locale and what they aim to do with the district changing (backdoor politics) I was registered Democrat. Oddly, I think I've flip-flopped parties enough times that they ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS) lose my registration card when I get there. They always give me the mail in ballot.

    Can't have free thinkers voting… ya' know.

  34. technically we do have universal healthcare. if you go to a hospital, they must treat you. if you have money, you can go to any doctor. It isn't illegal to go see a doctor. That to me sounds universal.

    I know what you meant though; single payer. The problem with single payer is that most people do not trust the gov't to run something like that. At least I do not.

    Those damn carbon credits are a scam though. Amazing that cap and trade legislation went through and Al Gore started damn near all of these carbon credit bureaus…….Such a convenient(pun) way to stifle an economy and move towards a global standard or better known as globalization.

  35. @ Smartguy

    Is there an echo in here? :lol:

    To Gore's credit, if I lost the presidency the way he did, my next goal would probably be headed toward global domination as well. That is the kind of thing that starts evil masterminds in the comics after all.

    Then again, maybe I'm an evil bastard as well. :twisted:

  36. agreed

    trust me, im no conservative, other than financially (you shouldnt be on section 8 housing and be allowed to buy a lincoln navigator)…

    there are CRAZY people on the extreme ends of each side

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