Today’s Poll: Are You Buying a New Console on Black Friday?

Console Wars!!!
Console Wars!!!

There are a lot of great gaming deals to be had this week and I was wondering if any of you are planning to bring home a new system on the busiest shopping day of the year. So….

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Are You Buying a New Console on Black Friday?”

  1. i really really want a pspgo. im just waiting for the price to drop.


    do u recommend the pspgo?

  2. I have the PSPgo and I love it. I have about 10 full games on it as well. You really get the feel of what a fully digital age can or probably will be like. I LOVE swtiching out of Dissidia, and going right in GOW Chains of Olympus. Game switching is easy, I'm just waiting till they release a 32gb micro so I can dl movie to that instead of the internal HDD.

  3. @smartguy

    lucky you. i have to share everything with my gf. right now, she's playing fallout 3(when im supposed to be leveling up my warrior elf in dragon age), while im stuck here watching rocko's modern life and kablam in youtube.

  4. @rbee

    she's been bogarting my PS3 for Lego Batman for the last 2 months. I'd get her the PS3, but the xbox is $100 cheaper and a friend of mine is giving me his extra hdd. Win.

  5. @Sandrock;

    Can't you find a used Wii on Amazon or Ebay for around $150? I hope you remember to factor in the extra remotes, Motion Plus, Nunchucks and all the other crap necessary to play on Nintendo's white wunderkind.

    As for me, I'm planning on getting a PS3 after we put our down payment on our new home (possibly January or February of next year). After we move in, I'm going to splurge (what little I have left) on a kick-ass home entertainment center-plex! I haven't figured out if I should just get the new PS3 Slim or find a good, old 60gb backwards compatible PS3 fat (I'll upgrade the HD myself if I get the 60gb one). I am a big fan of backwards compatibility and less clutter from way too many home theater components. Also I hear that the PS3 slim is not as good as a Blu-Ray player as the older PS3. Tough choice.


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