AT&T Sues Verizon Over “There’s a Map for That” Commercials

Verizon has been kicking out some pretty clever television commercials that poke fun at rival AT&T’s deficiencies. Between the “iDon’t” and “There’s a Maps for That” (seen below) spots, Verizon has attacked the iPhone’s shortcomings and the AT&T network’s inferior coverage. AT&T has had enough and is doing the American thing by suing its rival. According to GigaOm:

AT&T today filed suit against Verizon for its “There’s a Map for That” advertising campaign. The AT&T complaint alleges that the Verizon ads use misleading maps that show wide areas of the country where AT&T doesn’t have 3G coverage, and implies that in those areas AT&T has no coverage at all. The two companies had been back and forth since Oct. 7 on the ads, with Verizon apparently tweaking them a bit, and adding some fine print, but AT&T isn’t satisfied. So it wants them taken off the air and Verizon to pay for any losses incurred by AT&T as a result of the ad being successful.

Can’t we all just get along?


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5 thoughts on “AT&T Sues Verizon Over “There’s a Map for That” Commercials”

  1. They can't possibly win this. The ads say 3G coverage on them. ATT is just drawing more attention to themselves by going to court to say that "yes our network lacks sufficient 3G coverage but we have voice in alot of areas". That is Verizon's commercial. Unless ATT is pulling a play from the MPAA and RIAA playbook…by that logic they are suing on the grounds that anyone who has seen the ad would have bought att if they hadn't.

  2. Take note apple. get out of this ridiculous ATT contract and move your phone. I'll go with you

  3. @Shockwave – agree. I'm lucky that atleast in Florida, the signal coverage isn't that bad, but it could be a lot better.

  4. Smartguy is right, they clearly say 3G coverage under the ATT maps. I will be interested to see how this one goes down. (Go verizon)

    @shockwave562 I dont know that I would necessarily get an iphone if it did move to verizon, but it would be a much better deal than ATT can offer me and it would help persuade me at least a little. perhaps one day……

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