Recent Study Links Videogames to Decreased Income

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Economics student Ryan MacLeod (no relation to the Highlander) did some research and found that people that videogames have a negative effect on men’s income. Yeah, I’m not going to take the work of a fourth-year hack at a third-rate school too seriously, but the Telegraph Journal did:

The results of a study by the fourth-year economics student from Mount Allison University have found that playing video games can have a negative effect on income.

The effect is so notable that for every minute a video game is played, MacLeod’s research suggests gamers can expect a 0.4 per cent decrease in income.

MacLeod found two results that were surprising: There is a significant negative effect on income for those playing video games, and second, the effect is seen in men but not in women.

I’d love to see the full study. What is he using for a comparison? People with no hobbies? Anyone that’s enthusiastic about their hobbies will spend money on them. Whether you’re into games, cars, home theater, books, etc., hobbies cost money. For example, I have a friend that loves fixing and tweaking out his cars. I guarantee you that he spends more money on his hobby than I do, but I get way more hours of entertainment per dollar spent.

While I don’t think much of this “study”, I’m sure it’s going to get some play. I’m know some mainstream reporters are going to say gamers are prone to violence and have lower incomes. *sigh*

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3 thoughts on “Recent Study Links Videogames to Decreased Income”

  1. Sounds like Ryan is preparing himself for a dissertation subject. A fun one indeed.

    My first econ professor every was only about 5 years older than I was at the time. He did his dissertation on the effects of going to headstart as it related to your income later in life. Funny thing, he had knocked up his woman in grad school. So while the study seemed ridiculous, at least it was somewhat related to what he was going to be soon dealing with lol. I think Ryan is in the same boat but with games.

  2. This guy is a effing jackass in my book. I could link playing video games to an increase in salary.

    I remember when my mom told me that she was not paying $50 for games because me and my bros wanted almost every game that came out. You know what I did, I got a job. That's right, a job to pay for my gaming habits. I increased my income at 14 to pay for games, this guy is a fucking mook.

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