Verizon Rolls Out “iDon’t, Droid Does” Campaign, Targets iPhone

Verizon is getting ready to position the Motorola Droid (the phone codenamed Sholes) as it’s anti-iPhone. Following up its clever “There’s a Map for That” campaign is the “iDon’t, Droid Does” TV spot. Check it out the commercial below.

As much as I dig Google Android and detest AT&T, I really don’t think the Motorola Droid (coming in November) has a chance in hell against the iPhone. While I really like the OS, the hardware has been lacking — particularly in the CPU department. Unless it happens to be a phone that isn’t Sholes, I’m not expecting anything difference from the Droid.

With the iPhone having years to gain mind and market share — not to mention the luxury of having a $99 option to boost the installed base — going up against it with one model is a difficult quest. While I think a Verizon + Motorola victory is impossible, it’s another solid step for Google Android, which many analysts say will own a significant percentage of the mobile-phone market within two to three years.

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14 thoughts on “Verizon Rolls Out “iDon’t, Droid Does” Campaign, Targets iPhone”

  1. iThink Motorola has parts that fail to easily. iHad one until the mic broke. iCould hear people but they couldn't hear me.

    iSmell (what The Rock is cookin')

  2. Depends on the phone really. Motorola used to be lauded for its build quality, but the company slipped (on several levels). The reviewers are saying that the Cliq is well made. Let's see about the Droid.

    Also, when the phone comes out, I'm tempted to go to a Verizon store, stand in front of the Droid display, wave at people, and say, "These are not the Droids you're looking for." I'm pretty sure I could amuse myself for three hours by doing this.

  3. That's a good idea. I'll picket with a sign that says "Droids are stealing our jobs." in a Star Fleet Command uniform.

  4. @ R Pad

    I'd be with it. Unfortunantelt, I don't actually have a Star Fleet Uniform (but I want one). The only costumes I have are Superman, Indiana Jones, and Troy Polomalu.

    I could possibly have my wife make me a Star Trek get-up!

  5. I think all the plans that Verizon lumps on you for buying an "enchanced multimedia phone" will hurt the sales more than the quality of the handset.

  6. @Smartguy Verizon's smartphone plans are definitely a little more expensive than the competition's. The company justifies it by offering the best national coverage in the country. For some customers — people that travel a lot of business or pleasure — this is extremely important. For others, local coverage is all that matters.

  7. @Ray

    10 dollars for 20mb per month for someone who just wants a qwerty to text is ridiculous. I know plenty of people who buy blackberrys and the such just to text. Can't do that with Verizon. Garbage.

  8. @Smartguy Sure, but in the case of the Motorola Droid, that example doesn't apply. A customer that wants the Droid will need more than 20MB per month. Android is an Internet heavy OS.

  9. @rpad I think the "these aren't the droids you are looking for" idea is great. would love to see that one on video here someday.

    on the topic of the article, you are right i think, that it will be tough to go up against the many sizes and models of iphone with just one product. google android will do well against the iphone, but i don't really believe that anything coming out in the near future has the ability to stand up against the iphone. it just offers too much more in a simpler better designed package.

    the commercial is very well thought out, well written, and overall just well done. very cool looking. and that does count.

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