Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360 Coming 11/10

Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 250GB

Last month, I wrote about Microsoft and Activision releasing a limited edition 250GB Xbox 360 for the release of Modern Warfare 2. According to Amazon, the console will be released on November 10.

Although the quantities are limited, this should help Microsoft compete with Sony’s upcoming 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim. While the Slim is coming in at $50 less, this Xbox 360 bundle comes with an extra controller and a slick, limited edition paint job.

Hit the break for a picture of the Amazon page.

Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 250GB on Amazon

Anyone picking up this bad boy?


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5 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition 250GB Xbox 360 Coming 11/10”

  1. i really want to make this my second xbox 360 and keep this one for personal use only instead of my core 360 in the apartment living room for public use. but i have no money for a console right now, too many other bills :(

  2. @bsukenya I totally feel ya man. There are a ton of games I'd love to play, but I want to establish this site before I start asking PR people for games again. That means I have to buy everything I want to play, which is kind of hard to do when you're starting out and have to save for knee surgery. Ha!

  3. @rpad yeah i would love to get this console, but if i dont get it than i can still afford to get a few games. and on top of that i need a new laptop which will set me back a bit too. im sure not being able to ask the PR people for games anymore is a hard thing to lose, i know i wouldnt want to lose it.

    hope the knee surgery comes soon and goes well, i have really bad legs for my age so i feel your pain!

  4. @bsukenyan Thanks! If all the paperwork comes through and I'm eligible for the Stimulus Package COBRA supplement, then I might be able to get my wheel fixed in November.

  5. @rpad Well hopefully that goes through. im sure my day with knee surgery will come, i should start saving for it now just to be prepared, lol.

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