250GB PlayStation 3 Slim Official — Landing 11/3 for $349.99

Sony has officially announced details on the 250GB PS3 Slim that everyone knew was coming. Here are some tidbits from the press release:

Following the successful launch of the slimmer and lighter PlayStation 3 system with 120GB hard disk drive (HDD), Sony Computer Entertainment America today announced that a new PS3 system with a 250GB HDD will be available on November 3 for $349.99 (MSRP).

The 250GB PS3 system offers the same form factor and functionality as the current 120GB system, which achieved retail sales of 1 million units worldwide in the three weeks since its launch on September 1. Both models will be available at retail this holiday, providing both gamers and gift-givers with the opportunity to choose the PS3 system that’s right for them.

While it’s not as exciting as the GameCom 2009 announcement of the PS3 Slim and price cut, the 250GB model is pretty important. In addition to giving consumers (that don’t know how to replace a hard drive themselves — duh!) more choice, it allows Sony some wiggle room in the future. With two models, price cuts can be manipulated in a clever way. Besides, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has multiple models, so Sony can use two models to compete for different customers (the differences will be more pronounced as future price cuts occur).

PS3 Slim 3

What do you think of the 250GB PS3 Slim’s price? Any of you plan on picking one up in November?

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30 thoughts on “250GB PlayStation 3 Slim Official — Landing 11/3 for $349.99”

  1. still got my launch 60GB w/ b/c so if anything, i'll be looking for a cheap new HDD with more gigs

  2. meh no thanks. think I'd rather buy one for 300 and head to newegg for a 500GB. course I already have a 500 but if I was buying a new PS3 I would highly reccomend this option instead

  3. Yeah if i didn't have a PS3 already i would get it but the cheaper way to go is to get a HDD on your own and swap it out yourself. This is one of the reasons i prefer my PS3 over my xbox 20GB, upgrading memory much cheaper and you get more than 120GB.

  4. Well I've got the 120G HD on my 360 and I'm no where near to filling it up. So I'm not sure that I'd NEED 250G…..but For only $50 more I could certainly justify it.

  5. @Tokz, As a person who uses my PS3 as a home media center I do agree. I have a lot of TV shows, movies and music on my computer so I like the idea of copying those files to my PS3. I can stream them to the 360/PS3 with Rivet on my mac which works pretty well actually.

  6. yeah but until i can play the music i throw onto my HDD in game, i wont bother messing with my 60GB but i guess at least its and option =/

  7. I think this is great news however, It should mean that Xbox needs to get there 250 gig to a mass market sooner than later. I don't care for the COD bundle but I do want that drive

    Also it will hopefully make MS rethink pricing for their HDD. I like that sony isn't gouging on the added HDD

  8. see cornflake my computer is upstairs and my TV is on the main floor with an excellent sound system so I use my 360 and PS3 to stream from my Mac upstairs when I want to jam out. it's pretty awesome actually. but doesn't require a huge HDD. streaming is a little more annoying with video, it can sometimes slow down and fast forward and rewind are a total hassle

  9. when it comes to sharing content on my home network, well, it doesnt happen.. since i'm still at my parent's place, i probably wont put in the effort to figuring it out until i know it will be a permanent setup i.e. my own place.

  10. I hear you there cornflake. We've all been there before.

    @ sandrock the matte is not as fancy as the shiny but I'm sure it's not cheaply put together

  11. @ray

    i know i sound like a pain in the arss but could you make one of the other two tabs the first/open/one that'll show? the category one seems more vague.. my honest intentions are to help make your site more accessible. its all about feng shui lol sorry 0=)

  12. Don't worry, Mr. Padilla, everytime I come on this site, I click a few advertising links. It's the least I can do. Hey, who knows, maybe one day I'll hit a link that will take me to a gently used 60gb PS3 (fat) with a price I can't say no to.


  13. I like it Ray, I prefer that to the categories because I like to know where comments are being made. it's nice to have the others available though

  14. How does the Slim cool itself? I looked at a display unit last night and didn't see any vents. Is the AC adapter external? Whoever has one, give me the info!

  15. it has a big ass 19 spoke/bladed fan that runs uber quiet and consumes less energy than its fat ass brother. i think the AC adapter is still internal though

  16. I saw no vent holes on the machine. Just wondering. Unless some of the back of the machine is aluminum and therefore a heatsink.

  17. i am writing this comment as i am taking a crap.

    if i didn't own a limited edition MGS4 B/C 80 gb ps3 bundle…i would totally buy this…i have 30+ games for my ps3, and my hard drive is still kicking.

  18. I'm gonna be buying this one for my house back home in Orlando, for movies when I come home to visit.

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