No NPD Console Data Today *sniff* *sniff*

Puss in Boots from Shrek

NPD Group’s sales data for September 2009 has been delayed. My theory is that September was simply too powerful a month for the company to handle (Christopher Reeve and I were born in the glorious month). Another guess is that a game publisher attacked NPD with a virus to delay some embarrassing sales info from being revealed.

The world will have to wait until Monday to see how effective Sony’s PS3 price cut was, who won in the war between The Beatles: Rock Band and Guitar Hero 5, and how many people plopped down $60 for Halo 3: ODST.

Since we don’t have numbers to talk about today, any guesses in regards to the three items I mentioned above?

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7 thoughts on “No NPD Console Data Today *sniff* *sniff*”

  1. Halo: ODST was helluva fun…too bad, im not that much of a multiplayer guy…i only tried firefight thrice? or 4 times?…i thought the campaign would be longer, and after all that, i was glad that i rented it from gamefly…it was a good game, but not worth my $60…and while waiting for uncharted 2, i played the damn japanese version of final fantasy 8. Since 8 was my favorite of all ps1 final fantasies, i just had to buy it. the city of galbadia is being under attack and i dont know wtf they are saying, lol

  2. FFVIII is the best….or maybe tied with IV. glad someone else thinks that 8 was the best on PS1 though.

  3. hands down 8 is the best ps1 final fantasy ever. the GF's, character design and story made it the best for me. as for the last gen obviously it's 10. im pretending square never made 10-2, gayest final fantasy ever. hope 13 will live up to the hype.

  4. X-2 had a reason to be flimsy..all female cast or female lead rather. (makes you nervous for 13 huh?)

    I think 12 was the gayest of them all last gen. Vaan was rather ambiguous. At least in x2 they were all females like I said. What's his excuse huh?

    Squall was awesome…I don't know if I prefer him or Cecil though.

  5. @Ray

    Haha. Yeah I think Cecil is the right answer. He was great. I bought the game when it was redone and put out on the DS. Amazing. If people want a real good final fantasy experience, get that. A bit hardcore but not as much as 3. I still think it was great the square redid those games.

    choose a spell then: Merton or Ultima. I know which one used to whip me good.

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