Apple Introduces New Unibody MacBook for $999

Apple has unveiled a new 13-inch unibody MacBook for $999. The laptop is available today. Here are some highlights from Apple:

  • Durable Unibody Enclosure: Just 1.08-inches thin and 4.7 pounds, MacBook features a sleek, sturdy unibody design that slips easily into your bag or backpack.
  • Built-in 7-Hours Battery: The new built-in battery lasts up to 7 hours on a single charge.
  • Brilliant LED-backlit Display: Your photos, videos, games, and websites come alive on the new power-efficient, 13-inch LED-backlit widescreen display.
  • Glass Multi-Touch Trackpad: The spacious new trackpad gives you plenty of room to navigate and supports two-finger scroll, right-click, and Multi-Touch gestures.

Macbook unibody 2

This product will do some killer numbers. It has all the sexiness of the Mac at a sub-$1,000 price point. Other notebook manufacturers should be scared. The new MacBook will sell like crazy. I also love the timing of the announcement — just days away from the launch of Windows 7. Ha!

What do you think of the new MacBook? I think it’s the hotness!!! But perhaps you disagree. I wanna know!

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40 thoughts on “Apple Introduces New Unibody MacBook for $999”

  1. sleek. Mac always has the best looking products and their OS is revolutionary. I like never having to worry about my home computers. If only my work computer didn't need so much love.

    Side note. my work computer is a mac but when you run windows on bootcamp you are not immune to the many problems. Windows slowly degrades on every computer

  2. I bought my MacBook in Feb or March of this year. Got the 13 inch unibody that has a replaceable battery. I don't know if I like the built in batteries. I don't have a choice though…I'm buying a new Mac when D3 is released.

  3. *sigh* I was planning to upgrade my Dell lappie — which has served me really well — with Intel's second-gen SSD drive and Windows 7. That'll have to wait because of the job thing, which will give the MacBook more time to invade my mind.

  4. Ray you forgot to mention the new 27" iMac with the quad core i7!!! I think I just peed a little with excitement. if only I had $2500 bucks

  5. @Shockwave562 I thought about writing that one up, but I'm far more interested in mobile products. I used to test and review laptops for Computer Shopper and PC Magazine.

  6. wtf? and i just got my dell netbook mini! and this sexy looking thing shows up!


    windows 7 is great but not awesome. at least msoft realized that crap vista was total crap. hogging up too much memory

  7. i'm done with desktop machines. i like having a portable machine.

    27inch machine is pretty neat though. I thought the 24 was great and maybe a bit too big. Can't wait to see a 27inch.

  8. ya I've considered selling my 24" imac and old macbook and getting one new macbook with the aluminum body.

    my only concern is that I use my imac which I upgraded to 1.5TB as a media hub for my whole house. I'd have to set up external drives to dock my laptop if I wanted to access that content through my PS3 and 360 and such

  9. @smartguy

    that's a good idea but itunes is finnicky about that. If you have some media loaded on an external drive it doesn't like it when you take the laptop mobile in my experience. sometimes it will act like it can't find your media and you need to manually search for it when you hook the notebook up

    by the way. did you get your 37 points last night?

  10. I like a laptop but I still need my desktop for speed and storage and games (though not so much these days). It can rip through a movie like nobody's business. The price of desktop components have drop so much lately its ridiculous.

    Also a while back I found a "LAPTOP" at the Engineering company I work at. I asked my boss about it and he said it was his first laptop and it cost nearly $6,000. It is as large as a suitcase. It is an HP with no model number (but I assume its 1). The keyboard is literally a full keyboard that unclips. The monitor is green and about 4inches. It has 2 5.25" floppy drives and a power cord that runs out the back. No hard drives no batteries. It weighs about 40lbs. Just thought it was intersting how far they have come.

  11. @shockwave

    I have no problem with my capsule.

    No. Came close to it. My friend happened to pick up Eddie Royal and he was starting the Broncos D. Double points….twice…..Now i have to listen to the endless rants of me and my team being garbage. (i would be doing the same to him though)

  12. @smartguy out of curiosity how do you have your capsule set up? does it have to be hooked up to a laptop to steam media or can you just do it wifi? I have rivet to stream to my PS3 and 360 since that seems to be the only way to get my media from Mac to both PS3 and 360.

  13. tough break. Eddie had an amazing game. that was the first (and second) TD return since 2000 for the Broncos. well overdue

  14. @shockwave

    On the stand next to my cable modem. I stream music from the device. Not sure bout video. I think the latest OS update allows for it though. If not, it definitely works with apple tv.

  15. @smartguy

    ok last couple questions – do you have media local on your laptop? for instance for me I could have all my music on the capsule and on my laptop. but I'd want all my movies and TV shows on the capsule only. do you stream to your PS3 with the capsule?

  16. I think what I might end up doing is have 2 external HDDs with the info on it. I'll probably plug one in to the PS3 since 500 gigs doesn't cover my media. I usually only watch those TV shows and Movies on my main TV anyway.

    That way I can have an external HDD for my laptop that I can hook up in case I want to play Movies and such on there (which I never really do) but it would be nice for streaming to my Apple TV in another room… hmmm

  17. This is a nice option. I became a MaAC user 3 years ago when my Vaio told me it had soemthing more deadly than the average House diagnosis and I responded by throwing it like a hat (Don't trow da Vaio!). I had a macbook, and then upgraded when I shorted out my keyboard with a cream soda. The MacBook Pro is a wonderful, delay and disease free machine but the setup I wanted for everything was about 2600. It's nice to know if I lose control of a Mr. Pibb or something, that I could get a nice repacement for less than a nice night in the Ebbets Club at Citifield!

  18. btw, if the CEO reeds this — is there a way to register and get avatars, etc? I'm a little confused about the account scenario! We also need an offtopic forum to discuss Snoop Dog, RAW GM, etc.!

  19. @ shockwave

    I have 2 externals as well. 1 for the capsule and 1 for media. To get itunes to read the media off the external, hold shift when you click to open iTunes. it will then ask you where you want to retrieve the library from.

    Basically, you copy all your iTunes folder to the external and do that. It loads a bit slower thatn having it on the disk, but if I brought mt external to your house, your iTunes would be my iTunes. Movies and all.

  20. @N8R That is exactly what I needed to know. Thank you. I needed 2 different libraries depending on if I'm on the Road or at home. you are a life saver man. Time to put my iMac and Macbook on Ebay

  21. @ Shockwave

    You could always donate one of them to me for such advice. (kidding)

    It is a tad slower when putting new content on the external though. Not "crippling" slow, but slower. I got one of those HDDs that will fit in my shirt pocket for media and use only that for iTunes.

    @ topic

    My wife wants a Macbook bad. She has a Gateway she hates. She's fed up with Windows as a whole. If I can get the cash together, this may be her Christmas present.

  22. @Smartguy

    I am running out of wrestler's mugshots. I still got the Big Show, Booker T, Ric Flair, and UFC champ Brock Lesner. When those are gone, I'll have to switch the theme.

    I might stick with Luger for a while though.

  23. @N8R, well the macbook only has Tiger on it so it practically is going to be donated. with 2gigs of ram and a 256 GB HDD I'm sure I can only get 300 or 400 bucks for it if I'm Lucky.

    24" iMac should be a better story though. not many have 1.5TB HDDs so it's a good computer at 4 gigs Ram and about 3 ghz dual. should go for 1200 or 1300 I imagine

  24. @ Shockwave

    I can handle $350 in the next month or so. My email's on the "About" page listed at the top here. Click on my real name and send me an email if you want to keep it in house.

  25. sounds good N8R. I'll email you on the specs and get you some photos. the battery is brand new which is nice. the white plastic is not so new however it likes scratches. I'll email you

  26. @ Shockwave

    I'm with it. I'm waiting on a sizable check that should be here in the next month. Whatever form of payment is good with you, should be alright with us.

  27. cool man, I'll email you some details as I don't have it with me. It is in good condition though overall. I think you'll be happy with it. I'll talk to you soon

  28. @ Smartguy

    Sorry. it went to my spam folder but I got it now.

    It's pretty cool that I can say wrestlers carried my governor at one point in his career.

  29. @N8R

    I have been spammed! DAMN

    I thought it was amazing how big Andre was compared to Arnold. I don't consider Arnold small.

  30. @ Smartguy

    Dude, all of those wrestlers are huge, the camera doesn't pick it up as much because their always standing next to each other.

    I was at the Ironman match between The Rock and HHH. At one point, they came into the crowd right by my seats. The Rock was first and I was amazed that he was like 3 times thicker than me (I'm 6'3" at 160-180 lbs). Then HHH came by… that dude is MASSIVE.

  31. @RPad You are in production and DON'T already own a Mac…that I finding surprising indeed. I bought a MacBook Unibody in April and love it. This is a great price point for a VERY solid MacBook thought I think they should have announced this in August to get the Back to School rush. Just my opinion.

  32. @TheJediRevan I used to be a Mac guy in the '90s, but it got expensive. When Apple slashed the price of the unibody MacBook Pro, it got my attention. Though I'm really not sure I need to replace my trusty Dell XPS 1330.

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