Online Import Store NCSX Sells…Michael Jackson Packing Tape?!?

Michael Jackson packing tape

I’ve purchased quite a few videogames from National Console Support (NCSX), but the online retailer has gone from rare and quirky Japanese games to…Michael Jackson packing tape?!? It’s true! Ignition’s Shane Bettenhausen pointed this oddity out to me this morning. Here’s the official description:

Japanese manufacturer “Dive” purchased a license to create officially sanctioned Michael Jackson consumer products for the Japanese market and they unleashed a wave of preorder solicitations last night. One such product is the Michael Jackson Packing Tape which may be used to seal cardboard boxes, mailing tubes, and other containers with a little bit of MJ Moon-walking magic.

Each roll of tape holds 50 meters of semi-transparent tape which shows Michael Jackson performing the Moonwalk on nine sequential panels. The first panel features the initial backward thrust followed by shuffle steps, a lean-to, the toe-hold, and concludes with a dip on the final panel. Preorders are welcome to ship in November 2009 at JPY571 or US$7.90 from NCS.

This is just…wow. It’s so wacky that I might have to buy a roll or 12!


Author: RPadTV