NPD Hardware Sales Figures for September 2009

NPD Group has issued its console hardware sales data for September 2009. How big of a difference did Sony’s PlayStation 3 price cut make? Was Microsoft able to do some damage control? Did the Wii — which still continues to dominate the field — continue its slide? Let’s find out!

Console Wars!!!
Console Wars!!!
  • Nintendo DS: 524,200
  • PlayStation 3: 491,800
  • Wii: 462,800
  • Xbox 360: 352,600
  • PSP: 190,400
  • PlayStation 2: 146,000

Ah, there’s nothing like a price cut to make the console wars more interesting, eh? The $100 price reduction and the introduction of the PS3 Slim helped Sony achieve some nice numbers. It will be interesting to see if it can hang onto the momentum for the rest of 2009. Although the Wii’s pace has cooled off, it’s still selling well and adding to a huge installed base. The Nintendo DS? That portable console has yet to encounter any kryptonite.

What do you guys and dolls make of the September numbers?!? Is this the start of Sony’s big comeback? Or it it just a temporary thing, like some Microsoft executives suggest?

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14 thoughts on “NPD Hardware Sales Figures for September 2009”

  1. As expected. Looks like everyone did well but with the PS3 now at $299 I can see Sony leading in console sales for a long time. The PS3 is a steal at $299 compared to the Elite when it comes to who gives more bang for the buck. The slim still has Blu-Ray and built in wi-fi and standard upgradable HDDs.

  2. Dang, is the DS really that popular, or are there just a bunch of bad DS owners? Also, 140,000 unit difference is a lot. Maybe now Microsoft will feel enough pressure to finally take Sony seriously here in the US. Monopolies suck, and Nintendo and Microsoft have been sitting way to comfortably here in the US. Still not interested in a PS3, but the competition should be healthy. (Finally)

  3. @R-Pad

    I have one, but it seems that the Wii is the one the casual market is most interested in. Plus, I'm always hearing, "My kid broke his DS again.", from parent at work and in the family. It would be interesting to see how many DS sells a return costumers.

  4. @Sandrock323 In general, Nintendo hardware is well made. Unfortunately its demo skews young and lots of idiot kids don't know how to take care of their things.

  5. I was one of those statistics that bought a PS3 when the price dropped. I am very glad I did.

  6. Very nice sales spike for the PS3. I've heard thaty since its relaunch that it's sold close to 2 million units. Great times are ahead for Sony especially with the holidays coming around. Microsoft should make some ground with the MW2 sku, but $400 is a lot to spend on the holidays. I expect the PS3 250GB sku to sell a lot given it's only $50 more than the 120GB sku.

  7. all i can say is

    EXPECTED…god, that word is so overrated…it brings out the thrill on things..

  8. Ultimately the price cuts helped everybody. I doubt Sony will sell half a million units in the US every month going forward, as I'm sure there were a lot of fence sitters that jumped at the new price point. But I'm sure everyone will do fairly well leading up to the holiday.

  9. But then I see my youngest brother's DS and remember how futile it is to make a sturdy piece of hardware, because there is just no saving a console/handheld from that inevitable fate. :(

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