Vaping Diaries #118: Vapor Bombz Omega Steve Nguyen Interview

The Vapor Bombz Omega is a made-in-the-USA rebuildable dripping atomizer with some powerful features. At ECC 2013, I chatted with Vapor Bombz Omega designer Steve Nguyen to learn more about this RDA. In the interview above, he talks about the product’s features and design. The Vapor Bombz Omega is a versatile RDA that’s suitable for flavor fiends and cloud chasers alike. Thanks to its easy-to-use airflow adjustment, vapers that like both styles of vaping can quickly change the Vapor Bombz Omega’s performance to provide the kind of vape they want at the time.

I enjoyed this interview on several levels. Steve was very honest about what the Vapor Bombz Omega is and isn’t. Thanks to this interview, I bumped into my buddy Marie Alvarez for this fun clip.

Vaping Diaries #117: How to Properly Pronounce Innokin

Like many vaping reviewers, I’ve been very impressed by Innokin products. Unlike many vaping reviewers, I actually pronounce the company’s name correctly. This is something that has always bugged me; some of the most popular reviewers on YouTube butcher the pronunciation of Innokin. At ECC 2013, I caught up with Innokin deputy manager/vice president Haoran “George” Xia to get the official word on how to properly pronounce Innokin.

To me, it always seemed obvious that the company name was a play on the word innovation. For some reason, some reviewers (*cough* Phil Busardo *cough*) pronounce it In-NO-kin. You don’t in-NO-vate anything. Cool products aren’t in-NO-vative.

So consider this a public service announcement to all the YouTube reviewers that have been mangling the pronunciation of Innokin. Please say the company’s name right in your videos.

Vaping Diaries #116: Mr. Good Vape Gary Riddle Interview

Here’s an ECC 2013 interview with Mr. Good Vape co-owner Gary Riddle. The company was part of the massive Vape Revolution booth at the show. Mr. Good Vape makes some interesting dessert-type flavors and uses playful branding. In the interview, Riddle talks about how the company got started, goes through lineup of flavors, and talks about the two new juices launched at the show. One unique feature of the new Mr. Good Vape e-liquids is that they’re tooled to taste great in cartomizers and rebuildable atomizers.

On a side note, RPadholic N8R had to stop me several times from saying Dr. Feelgood instead of Mr. Good Vape.

Vaping Diaries #115: NicQuid James Weaver Interview

Here’s an ECC 2013 interview with James Weaver, vice president of sales for NicQuid. Weaver talks about how the company got started, NicQuid’s approach to making e-liquids, some of the most popular favorites in the NicQuid lineup, and more. The video is also proof that I should get 10 percent of any wholesale referrals from sales made through RPad.TV. *joke*

Check out the clip to learn about NicQuid and Continue reading “Vaping Diaries #115: NicQuid James Weaver Interview”

Vaping Diaries #114: Nosty Inc Ross Deramos Interview

Here’s an ECC 2013 interview with Ross Deramos, owner of Nosty Inc. In addition to making popular e-liquids — many of which feature Filipino flavors — the company works in event promotion and fashion. In the interview, Ross talks about Nosty’s background, its current juice lineup, and upcoming flavors (more Pinoy e-liquids!).

On a side note, while RPadholic N8R was filming the interview, he was determined to buy Nosty’s Sexxxxx e-liquid. That way he could tell his wife that he paid for sex. Bwahahahahaha!!! (And also, I’m jealous that I didn’t think of that joke during the interview.)

As a Filipino-American, I was jazzed about Nosty’s success and am excited for more juices inspired by flavors from the Philippines. I’m also excited for Nosty’s fall clothing lineup. I need new shirts to wear on camera. Ha! (And also, *hint* *hint* *hint* to Ross)

Vaping Diaries #113: Innokin at ECC 2013 (iTaste VTR, Cool Fire)

Here’s a quick rundown of Innokin’s ECC 2013 lineup. The company showed off several products that will be available in the next few months. The highly anticipated iTaste VTR box mod hits first, with an October release date. The unit’s heft surprised me; it feels like a solid device that’s considerably heavier than its sister product, the iTaste MVP 2. The massive iTaste 134 will soon be joined by smaller siblings. The iTaste 134 Mini will be available in 18350 and 18490 sizes. Innokin showed off prototypes of the Cool Fire series. The Cool Fire 1 is a simple vaping device for people seeking a stylish and easy-to-use setup. The Cool Fire 2 looks like a hand grenade (don’t being it to the airport!) and uses a variable-wattage scrolling wheel similar to the one on the iTaste 134. I was particularly fond of the Cool Fire 2, simply because it looks like a frickin’ grenade!

Check out the video above to see Innokin’s upcoming products. I’m going to dream about using the Cool Fire 2 while listening to that Bruno Mars song.

Vaping Diaries #112: Poet Electronic Nectar Randy Freer Interview

Out of all the e-liquid companies I chatted with at ECC 2013, POET (Pursuit of Excellent Taste) was one of the most impressive. The company takes a complex and culinary approach to making e-liquids. POET juices are not single-note flavors, but complex blends of multiple tastes. For example, POET CEO Randy Freer described his Americano Ciambella as his “morning drive.” It features maple, coffee, and tobacco flavors, as if you were munching on a maple bar, sipping a cup of joe, and smoking a cigarette during a commute.

In the video interview above, Randy talks about the company’s start, his philosophy on juice making, the POET lineup, and what’s next for the POET. I tasted several new e-liquids at ECC 2013 and POET’s were some of the most memorable. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this new company develops.