Vaping Diaries #5: Why I Love the World of Vaping

In addition to it being a healthier alternative than smoking tobacco (my opinion, not an endorsement), there are two reasons why I’m really into vaping — the community and the vendors. I touched upon the community aspect a bit inĀ Coffee Talk #527. In general, the vapers that post in forums like ECF are really supportive. They’re all former cigarette smokers that are happy to help others find the best way to avoid tobacco cigs. They welcome newcomers and help people learn about the different gear available. Given the vast number of choices out there, vaping can be daunting, but there are many vapers that are more than happy to help others learn.

One of the biggest differences between the vaping crowd and the tech crowd is that “noobs” aren’t looked down upon. Let’s use mobile phones for example. If someone posts about how much they enjoy Symbian phones, there are thousands of Android and iOS users just waiting to tear him or her down. In the vaping world, if someone enjoys e-cigs like Safe Cig or V2, they’re not looked down upon. Yes, they’re considered “beginner” devices, but it doesn’t matter if these people don’t want to move onto advanced devices like the ProVari or mechanical mods. The important thing is that they found something that helps them avoid tobacco cigarettes.

Then there are the vendors. Many of the companies involved in vaping are small businesses. Yes, they’re trying to make money, but they’re trying to do so by promoting a positive hobby. I love underdogs, so I love that these businesses are competing against huge tobacco companies. As a (really) small business owner myself, I feel good about supporting these kinds of companies. There’s just something about purchasing from mom-and-pop companies that makes me happy.

Buying a game from GameStop is nothing more than a clinical experience for me. Supporting a shop like The Vapor Spot gives me good vibes. As far as publishers go, I feel nothing when buying a game released by Activision, EA, etc. When I buy a tank from Valley View Vapes or e-juice from Orb Vapor, I get warm fuzzies.

So yeah, for me vaping is a much better option than smoking tobacco. As I learned more about the world of vaping, it becameĀ way more fun than I ever thought it would be. And that’s largely because of the wonderful community and excellent vendors involved. I love these guys (and dolls)!

Author: RPadTV