Today’s Poll: Would You Pay $30 for a Movie Rental?

In a move with potentially huge ramifications for the movie business, four major studios have agreed to launch a premium video-on-demand service with DirecTV. The service, called Home Premiere, will cost $30 for movies that were in theaters two months ago. Here are more details from Variety:

Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox are the first studios that have agreed to launch Home Premiere as the official brand under which the industry will offer up movies to rent for $30 two months after their theatrical bows for a viewing period of two to three days, depending on the distributor.

If the service is popular and similar deals are made with other providers, movie theaters stand to lose a lot of business. This also makes things more difficult for Netflix, Amazon, Apple iTunes, and other digital movie rental services.

While $30 seems like a lot of money, it’s actually a decent deal. Movie theater tickets costs more than $10 each, food at theaters is incredibly overpriced, and there are often idiots at theaters (talkers, people that leave on their phones, etc.). For a family outing or a parents’ night out (babysitters cost $), Home Premiere could be a lot cheaper than the movies. It also offers the convenience of privacy and eating your own food.

What do you ladies and gents think of Home Premiere? Would you be interested in the service or one like it? Kindly take today’s poll and discuss!

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Amy Adams to Play Lois Lane in Superman Reboot

Warner Bros. has announced that Amy Adams will be playing Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman movie. This is a brilliant casting decision. Adams is known for being able to play delightfully airy characters (Enchanted) and edgier characters (The Fighter).  I can totally see Adams deftly switching from an obnoxiously aggressive newspaper journalist to a damsel in distress.

I fully expect Adams to be the best Lois Lane ever. Margot Kidder did a fantastic job in the original Superman films, but Adams has already proven to be a more capable actress. Kate Bosworth was completely tepid in Superman Returns; if Adams is breathing, she’ll surpass that performance. As long as she has a good script to work with, I have no doubt that Amy Adams will take Lois Lane to new heights.

What do you think of Amy Adams playing Lois Lane? Do you think she’ll kill it? Or will she pull a Kate Bosworth?


Official Captain America Movie Trailer is Awesome

I totally marked out over this Captain America trailer. It was cool seeing Howard Stark (Iron Man’s dad) being part of the Super Soldier Program. Seeing the skinny version of Steve Rogers was neat. The quick glimpse of the Red Skull was well done. I loved seeing Cap in costume and my heart soared watching his shield fly through the air. I had my doubts about Chris Evans, but as a comic-book nerd I’m sold on the movie.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer. Check it out when you have a moment.

Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman Looks Like a Stripper

I am so not digging this photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman. Apparently, this is how the most prominent Amazon in the world will look in David E. Kelley’s pilot for NBC. Wonder Woman is supposed to be majestic. This is someone that can have normal conversations with gods, serve the world as a diplomat, and slow Darkseid down with a left hook. The picture reminds me of a stripper I saw at Crazy Horse 2 in Las Vegas.

What do you ladies and gents think of this interpretation of Wonder Woman? Cool and modern? Or skank stripper?


Wolverine Declawed By Aronofsky and Japan Tragedy

Things aren’t looking good for the next Wolverine movie. Director Darren Aronofsky has bailed on the film, claiming that the movie would have kept him away from his family for almost a year. Shooting was supposed to kick off in Japan, but that might not be possible considering the catastrophic events that have hit the country.

The movie is pretty much in limbo considering that it doesn’t have a director or a filming location. What do you think will happen to the Wolverine movie? Any suggestions for a director? Do you think the movie will be filmed in Japan? Or will it be relocated to Vancouver (a city that has played countless other cities)?