The New Alice in Wonderland Trailer is Scary Awesome

The visuals for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland are creepy and appealing at the same time. Plus, Anne Hathaway is just ridiculously gorgeous. I can’t wait for this one! Thanks to Karen for tweeting this!

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  1. Might be just me…but I don't remember the Mad Hatter being that much of a character. He had his part and that was about it.

    Perhaps too much Johnny Depp? Perhaps…

  2. @Ray – I hold the same opinion of Favreau that I have of Chris Nolan – mainly, until he screws up, I trust him implicitly. He did a fantastic job on the first one, and I expect nothing less from the second. There were questions about Heath Ledger from the Joker until everyone actually got to sit in on the movie, and at least Mickey's accent is cool. He gets the benefit of the doubt until otherwise.

  3. War Machine was bad ass though. And RDJ as Tony Stark is the star of the show once again.

    "You complete me" *swoop*

  4. @LarcenousLaugh I loved the first 2/3 of Iron Man. The boss fight sucked because Iron Man's villains suck as action-movie stars. At least they didn't go with Fin Fang Foom and The Mandarin.

  5. I think the new Russell Crowe movie will be good. Robin Hood, but told from the part of it during the crusades….did I mention it's directed by Ridley Scott? Win.

  6. @N8R I loved when they made Iron Man an alcoholic. His substance struggled made him way more interesting. I also like how he's used as one of Marvel's technologists, along with Reed Richards. He was also a brilliant foil for Captain America in Civil War. He's useful as a complementary character because he's rich and has strong opinions. As a classic "good guy vs. bad guy" character, he's weak because his rogues suck.

  7. @N8R The film worked because Downey was perfect for the role and they made the armor cool. As fun as Spidey swinging around Manhattan worked, I thought Iron Man flying around Los Angeles was even cooler.

  8. @ R Pad

    I agree, I agree, and I totally agree.

    The casting as a whole was pretty good. I definitely liked Iron Man better than Spiderman and I liked Spiderman.

    A few things about Spiderman irked me though. The first and foremost being the lack of web cartridges. How many times in the comics would Spidey be fighting it out with somebody and he runs out of webbing? Or, he'd have to double the strength of it for someone like Rhino? That added so much to his accident prone demeanor that the film just neglected to notice.

    But in the case of Iron Man, they took a character I was never particularly fond of and made it cool as hell.

    I also kinda like anything jeff Bridges is in. I have since The Vanishing. The guy's brilliant. The Dude abides.

  9. @N8R Yeah, the lack of web cartridges definitely sucked and took away from the science nerd aspect of Spider-Man.

    Also, don't forget the hyphen. I remember LOL-ing at a fight between Spider-Man and Electro when he chided him for forgetting the hyphen. He also asked Electro if he was AC or DC.

  10. @ R Pad

    I've actually done quite a bit of research on a personal hero of mine, Nikola Tesla. With that in mind, I could say with certainty that Electro HAD to be AC. DC would be like sticking a 9-volt on your tongue. Uncomfortable, yet pretty far from lethal. Edison used to electrocute elephants in public with AC in a means to sell his "safer" DC technology (more history nerd stuff).

    Funny thing is, my spell check accepted Spiderman as opposed to the correct Spider-Man. After looking at numerous old covers, indeed, all of them had the hyphen. What's REALLY funny, is that the same spell check wouldn't accept Edison. Misspelling Spider-Man is more important than the guy behind the light bulb according to either Apple or Firefox (I'm not sure which spellcheck overrides the other).

  11. @LarcenousLaugh I saw the trailer on Apple’s site. Love that Gary Shandling is in it! Mickey Rourke playing a lame-ass villain (Iron Man’s villains generally suck) is blah. War Machine at the end was cool.

  12. @Smartguy – technically its a sequel to the Disney telling. So I guess they added more Johnny Depp cause MO’DEPP = MO’MONEY. Looks pretty neat/burtonesque regardless.

  13. @N8R – the idea for the trilogy was originally to portray the Mandarin as in the background of everything ala Blofeld through the first two movies to reveal him as the villain of the third. They hinted at him with the terrorist organization from Iron Man 1, it was called “The Ten Rings”.

    @Smartguy – it did look pretty cool. Will have to see as it gets closer to release.

  14. @ R Pad

    Let me rephrase that:

    I was hoping they would start the Mandarin saga.

    True, it’s long and sordid… but it is probably the highlight of Iron man’s non-Avengers escapades.

    Truth be told, Iron man was always a weak character until the movie. The film shone new light on what Iron Man was and could be (in my opinion).

  15. The Spidey movies are such a mixed bag for me. Raimi started really well, sequeled better, and then completely dropped the ball with 3. I don’t know whether it was studio pressure for more marketable bad guys in a single movie, but I would have written it alot differently.

    LL’s Spider-man 3 – We continue with the now out in the open but still in the closet Harry/Peter fight, but we stick Harry in the Goblin suit like Big Daddy Willem and don’t completely reveal to Spidey what’s going on. Keeping the Sandman villain – I probably would have given Haden Church some Wel-fukin-butrin to perk his ass up but w/e – but dropping the emo “I killed Uncle Ben and I am sorry for it” story line, we keep Spidey jumping between the two till the middle of the movie. Cue Symbiote. Spidey goes all gangsta with the black suit, taking on both villains, ends up capturing Sandman and nearly killing Harry due to the rage-ahol. Seeing that he is no longer in control, we skip the smary “Dancing Spider” fiasco, and end with him in the church, tearing off the suit. It drips down on to someone beefier ala the Real Eddie Brock bring 3 to a close with 4 set up. [This is simply a rough outline, obviously MJ would be involved as well as a set up at work with brock. This would all add to the tension Peter was feeling with the two baddies breathing down h is neck, sending him deeper into the sym.]

    4 – All Venom. Start out slow, showing how the symbiote allows for no spidey sense, and really spell out the position it put peter in. Throw Aunt May and MJ under the bus for Peter to save and just keep building until we arrive back at the church. Cue epic fight, and Go.

    See… not so hard really lol.

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