Another Case for Why the Apple iPad Will Succeed

Similar to this interesting analogy of the iPad being the Wii of personal computing is developer Ethan Nicholas’ view on Apple’s upcoming (and divisive) product. While some of you don’t like that fact that the iPad lives in a tightly controlled environment and is limited to the functions deemed acceptable by Apple, Nicholas believes this is why the system will appeal to a certain group of users. In a guest column for TechCrunch he wrote:

The iPad is a computer for people who don’t like computers. People who don’t like the idea of upgrading their 3D drivers, or adjusting their screen resolution, or installing new memory. Who don’t understand why their computer gets slower and slower the longer they own it, who have 25 icons in their system tray and have to wait ten minutes for their system to boot up every day.

It’s an excellent point that a lot of tech enthusiasts don’t consider. People forget that the iPhone didn’t succeed because of its power; it was a success because it harnessed the power of a smartphone with an incredibly refined interface that anyone could use. While the iPad is certainly more limited than a thin-and-light laptop, it’s also completely simple to use and maintain.

Now that I’ve had more time to think about it, I’m pretty sure Apple will sell millions of these things. Between people that want a simple (but powerful) computing device, tech hipsters that have to show off at Internet cafes, and Apple fanboys that will buy anything Steve Jobs sells, the iPad has a great chance at being another massive hit for Apple.

What do you think? Is the iPad Apple’s latest “insanely great” device? Or is it the second coming of Newton?


Author: RPadTV