Apple Working on Second Tablet That’s More Mac Than iPhone?

While it’s fun arguing about the future prospects of the Apple iPad, TechCrunch’s excellent MG Siegler has thrown a huge wrench in the works. According to one of his sources, Apple has another tablet that’s “pretty far along” in development. This one should be quite different from the iPad. Siegler wrote:

From what I’m hearing, Apple is pretty far along on work on second tablet device. A bigger one. And this one may be much more like a Mac than an iPhone.

Some of you (*cough* Smartguy *cough*) are down on the iPad because of its limitations that stem from operating in a closed an environment. This second tablet should keep tech enthusiasts and Mac power-users happy.

That said, it seems unusual that Apple would introduce this product so soon and possibly confuse the market. If the device is “pretty far along” then it’s reasonable to think that it would be launched this year. Considering how new the market is, that’s probably too soon. Why confuse customers and splinter the developer community? The counterargument is that Apple’s competition will soon release competing products that will probably lack the iPad’s refined interface but offer more versatility. Perhaps this second tablet will fend off those products.

What do you think of this rumor? Is Apple going tablet happy? What do you think the second tablet will be called? How long will it take before someone Photoshops a picture of Moses holding two Apple tablets?


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17 thoughts on “Apple Working on Second Tablet That’s More Mac Than iPhone?”

  1. Wow! I'm on time to a discussion for once! I think Apple is on the right track to "revolutionize" mobile computing, if that is what they really want to do with the iPad. I was much more impressed with the iPad after seeing the iWork demonstrations. Of course, it's hardly where it needs to be to really cause people to rethink the way they do things, but I'd say they've got something there. (Again, the ability to play Captain Picard with one of these things AND actually get some work done just leaves me in awe.) I think the hipsters/cultists may argue that if you don't see the iPad "as is" as being able to do that job, then you're an idiot; I would argue, though, that Apple will have to make concessions along the lines you've described in order to fan the embers to get a revolution moving, even if only at the beginning. I can't imagine them releasing this rumored new model within a year of iPad v1, but who knows—I read an article on MacWorld that suggested that the iPhone/iPod Touch was really just a stepping stone to the iPad, which was really Apple's endgame (and goal: to revolutionize [by simplification] mobile computing). Perhaps this is another stone in the path?

    Also, good idea Ray. If/when I get my own iPad, a Moses-holding-tablets image may become my desktop background (strictly speaking, "wallpaper" is a Windows term), or whatever it would be called on a device that technically doesn't have a desktop(?/.)

    (Final note, sorry for going so parentheses happy. Bad habit. Dammit.)

  2. I thought about it a bit more and it wouldn't be that out of place for Apple to do this. If the rumored second device is more for tech enthusiasts and Mac power users then it won't interfere with the crowd that Ipad is aimed at. Kind of like the plastic macbook vs macbook pro or iMac vs MacPro

  3. @lookatthisguy Parenthesis are awesome. I overuse them because of Ultimate Spider-Man.

    @Smartguy But what would it cost? It would be more than the iPad and be cutting into MacBook territory.

  4. @Ray

    I don't think it would cut into MacBook territory anymore than the Air does. I'm sure it will be every bit of 1300.

  5. @lookatthisguy

    I foresee an Air type of device without the physical keyboard. Hell the Air is damn near as thick as the Ipad.

  6. @ lookatthisguy

    Moses holding iPads… I'm on it. I may have Moses bare a striking resemblance to Steve Jobs though.

  7. @Ray, Smartguy

    iPad Pro? I would love to see what Apple could offer that would allow me to do my Keynote presentations with the flexibility that I have when working on it with my MacBook Pro…

  8. @ray I was actually thinking about the moses/tablets photoshop picture a few days ago and told one of my roommates about it. I'm just not good enough with photoshop to actually do it. Hopefully someone (N8R) makes one soon!! lol

  9. The point of releasing the iPad now, instead of waiting till later is that they can get in the market now and gain market share before anyone else can. Doesn't matter if they screw over the early adopters with a better version later this year, as long as they get word of mouth spreading.

  10. Those products will probably be inferior to the iPad. Rushing to beat Apple is not a wise plan. All they will do is help Apple in the end. Instead of people saying the iPad is cool or good, they will say it is the best tablet. That will help them even more in gaining market share with their next (Max?) iPad.

  11. I agree that going to market early with the Apple name is pretty solid in gaining marketshare. Thanks to Iphone more than anything really. However calling the inevitable competition inferior isn't accurate I think. The first tablet that is running Chrome OS and has a USB slot/card slot/or optical drive (it could have all 3) will become a market leader. Especially if it is integrated with a GOBI chip. I really could see Google implementing that chip in their device since they want to sell a device and let you choose a carrier.

  12. No one in my family is tech literate. Having heard their arguments on the iPod and iPhone, it really comes down to the brand name. Using i(whatever) also helps people make the connection between the products. Those who don't make educated guesses about what product are best, most people I've ever met, go by what they heard from others. I'm still amazed at half the crap people tell me will be in the (next) patch for MW2 any they always say their friend heard it from someone reliable.

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