Is the iPad the Wii of Personal Computing?

Woobius CTO Daniel Tenner believes that Apple’s iPad is the personal computer for “everyone else”. Similar to how a lot of casual gamers don’t need or want the cutting edge capabilities of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, there are consumers that will be satisfied with the novelty and modest power of the iPad. Yes, Tenner believes the iPad is the Wii of personal computing and told TechCrunch:

A better comparison is with the Nintendo Wii. While Sony and Microsoft competed in the cut-throat market of consoles for gamers, the Wii also created a new product category: consoles for everyone else. It worked pretty well for them — it turns out that there‚Äôs a lot more non-gamers than gamers, and making a device that appeals to 95% of the population sells better than making one that appeals to only 5%.

A lot of us have been looking at the iPad through nerd-tinted lenses and haven’t thought about what the iPad means to “normal” people. Tenner’s point is interesting, but I’m not sure I buy the comparison. I’m not yet convinced that the iPad has created a new product category. I shall give this more thought (because that’s what geeks do!).

What do you think? Is the iPad the Wii of personal computing?


Author: RPadTV

4 thoughts on “Is the iPad the Wii of Personal Computing?”

  1. I think it is a somewhat fair comparison. I guess this is how you sell a "computer" to those people who don't like computers??

    I think the second gen of this item will get my business. I'm sure by then I will have moved on from my Iphone and will be able to justify buying this.

  2. That comparison makes sense, I just need to be more

    convinced that they are making a new market.

    The statements about the DS and the ipad make the most sense to me, personally.

  3. very good point RPad, if you're trying to sell to people who want to deal with media, photos, word processing, reading, and average gaming this could be an excellent option. although some laptops cost the same price this one is a lot more snazzy.

    On a side note though I don't know how you could have this as your only device. Unless you plan on filling out your iPod library from scratch you wouldn't be able to import (or backup) any files with this device alone. I don't think it does enough on its own.

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