Vaping Diaries #235: OneUp Vapor Dustin Chang Interview (ECC 2014)

OneUp Vapor is one of the most popular e-liquid brands at one of the vape shops I frequent (the excellent Vape Source in Koreatown). Whenever I drop by, I almost always see someone pick up a bottle of OneUp Vapor’s Jamba Drink e-liquid. At ECC 2014, I dropped by the company’s booth and chatting with sales & marketing exec Dustin Chang. He told me how the company got started and spoke about the OneUp Vapor style of making e-liquids. Dustin also went over several of the company’s flavors and gave details on two upcoming OneUp Vapor e-liquids.

At the show, the company launched its newest flavor — Strawberry Churros and Ice Cream. OneUp Vapor’s Churros and Ice Cream is already a hit and I’m sure that adding strawberry to the mix will delight vapers looking for a fruity dessert e-liquid. Check out the video above to learn more about OneUp Vapor, hear more about some of its popular flavors, and see what’s coming next.

OneUp Vapor Dustin Chang ECC 2014