Vaping Diaries #229: The Stash Box DNA 30 Donny Sirivisut Interview (ECC 2014)

Evolv DNA 30 box mods are all the rage in 2014 and the coolest one I’ve seen — by far — is The Stash Box. Made from aircraft aluminum and utilizing a design that houses an atomizer within the mod’s body, The Stash Box is rugged yet light. Its novel design makes it stand out, while also making the mod extremely functional. While there are several box mods that allow vapers to enjoy the benefits of the excellent DNA 30 chip, I haven’t seen one as unique and stylish as The Stash Box. At ECC 2014, I caught up with the mod’s creator, Donny Sirivisut, to learn more about the mod and its design. Donny also teases some details on his next project — The Smash Box. This collaboration with Mankos Mods will have similar features to The Stash Box, but with a wood body.

Now please excuse me, as I go dream about a custom Stash Box with an RPadTV logo engraved on it….

Stash Box DNA 30 ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries 228: Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen Interview (ECC 2014)

Five Pawns is one of my favorite e-liquid companies in vaping. I enjoy the complexity and layers of many Five Pawns juices and really appreciate how the company pushes the envelope on the juice side of the vaping business. Coming in December 2014 is the company’s Black Flag Fallen. At ECC 2014, Five Pawns founder & president Rodney Jerabek told me about this exciting e-liquid. While he wouldn’t reveal all the details of the ingredients at this time, Rodney spoke about some of the core flavors of Black Flag Fallen, such as espresso and black truffle cream. He also spoke about the black-and-chrome box and bottle design, which retains the Five Pawns style while also standing out. Lastly, Rodney talked about a contest-like bottling program for the first run of Black Flag Fallen. Similar to the phenomenal Castle Long Reserve, a single barrel of Black Flag Fallen produces 134 bottles of e-liquid. In a single batch, 133 bottles of Black Flag Fallen will come in clear glass bottles, while one comes in a frosted black glass bottle. If you happen to snag the black bottle then you’ll get a special treat from Five Pawns. It’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with vaping!

Watch my chat with Rodney to learn more about Black Flag Fallen’s flavor, packaging design, and more.

Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen ECC 2014

Vaping Diaries #227: Return From ECC 2014

I just got back from the 2014 Electronic Cigarette Convention (ECC 2014) and am still on a high from the show. The ECC crew really impressed me with its professionalism at last year’s convention and I was really looking forward to seeing what kind of progress the organizers have made in one year’s time. In a word — wow! ECC 2014 was a fantastic blend of fun and productivity. The show organizers maintained the professionalism and media-friendly practices that I appreciated (immensely) from last year’s show, but grew the event exponentially. ECC 2014 was at least five times bigger than last year’s event (and that’s a really conservative estimate). There was much more of everything — exhibitors, attendees, hardware, juices, raffles, booth babes, and more. A lot of business was conducted during the B2B hours early on Friday and Saturday, while consumers had a blast the entire weekend. Loads of great companies were promoting products and several launched news ones at the show. Vapers got to try lots of great vaping gear and e-liquids, with many walking away with oodles of freebies. This was easily the best vaping convention I’ve ever attended.

As for the content, the RPadTV crew shot more than 30 interviews at ECC 2014. Expect a bunch of chats with mod makers, juice makers, accessory manufacturers, and more. I had lots of fun catching up with old friends (in vaping years) at Five Pawns, Surefire Vapor, Innokin, Poet and more. It was a pleasure making new friends at Boilermaker, Convict Vapor, Witchers Brew, and other great vaping companies. There may or may not be several models thrown in for good measure. The gang worked hard all weekend and I hope you enjoy the interviews from ECC 2014.

Huge thanks to RPadholics Nate and Lawrence for working long hours and beating up their legs in order to get these interviews filmed. Special thanks to ECC’s Dulce Mac for taking care of the crew and me going into the show.