Vaping Diaries 228: Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen Interview (ECC 2014)

Five Pawns is one of my favorite e-liquid companies in vaping. I enjoy the complexity and layers of many Five Pawns juices and really appreciate how the company pushes the envelope on the juice side of the vaping business. Coming in December 2014 is the company’s Black Flag Fallen. At ECC 2014, Five Pawns founder & president Rodney Jerabek told me about this exciting e-liquid. While he wouldn’t reveal all the details of the ingredients at this time, Rodney spoke about some of the core flavors of Black Flag Fallen, such as espresso and black truffle cream. He also spoke about the black-and-chrome box and bottle design, which retains the Five Pawns style while also standing out. Lastly, Rodney talked about a contest-like bottling program for the first run of Black Flag Fallen. Similar to the phenomenal Castle Long Reserve, a single barrel of Black Flag Fallen produces 134 bottles of e-liquid. In a single batch, 133 bottles of Black Flag Fallen will come in clear glass bottles, while one comes in a frosted black glass bottle. If you happen to snag the black bottle then you’ll get a special treat from Five Pawns. It’s likeĀ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with vaping!

Watch my chat with Rodney to learn more about Black Flag Fallen’s flavor, packaging design, and more.

Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen ECC 2014

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2 thoughts on “Vaping Diaries 228: Five Pawns Black Flag Fallen Interview (ECC 2014)”

  1. I have bought most of there ejuice line, I really liked grandmaster& gambit out of the ones I have purchased. I am hoping thIs will be just as good

    1. I’ve been vaping it since Friday and absolutely love it. I don’t think it’s as broadly appealing as Gambit or Grandmaster, but if you’re a coffee guy that likes complexity then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this fine e-liquid.

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